Sunday, November 21, 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Benjamin Franklin said that, "they that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty".

The Progressives are using the pretext of the Islamic Terrorists attacks on our nation to further clamp down with their fascist policies on our most modern mode of travel. They are assaulting our freedoms on every front that they can as they have transformed our Government into an instrument of tyranny.

They are slowly using each failed terrorist attempts that they conduct overseas in order to get a little bit of control over us. They are finding that overall American tolerance to their intrusive procedures conducted in the name of travel safety has been to compliant to their directions. These procedures have not made us any safer since they have yet to find any grandmother, nun, or three year old child carrying out a Islamic Terrorist attack or operation.

The Islamic Terrorists are extremely happy of their successful operations which have brought about their intended goals of empowering a useful ally, the Progressives, in their continued plans. They know that a divided enemy will be weaker when overall support for their destruction has been eliminated.

The Progressives unfortunately view the Islamic Terrorist as less of a threat then they are and just another tool in their plans to control our society. This has been successful in the manipulation of Americans who use this form of travel. This has not made us one level or any bit safer as the incompetent Transportation Security Agency(TSA), who are nothing but low waged hires who have little or no training. The TSA are not a well trained police force. They are becoming the Governments 'brownshirts'.

The TSA are now conducting physical searches of individual Americans for things that Islamic terrorists have done overseas. The Progressives assault on our liberties by their forcing their political correctness on us by pursuing their useless values of profiling. They have taken a horrid but infrequent use of racial profiling as the based for a really dangerous social policy that now acts as another form of governmental control.

Read about this young lady's experience as she tried to enter an airport in Grand Rapid, Michigan:

Read here about how the TSA treated this disabled American:

Read what the TSA is doing to Americans:

Watch as the thugs in Obama's TSA strip search a child:

When will enough be enough? Are we living in Communist China or Cuba? When did we let our government become our tyrannical masters?

The Islamic Terrorists have conducted all their operations overseas and the Progressives have reacted by clamping down further on our values and freedoms here. These draconian measures that the TSA is conducting on our soil are not being done overseas where the attempts were made. Why isn't the TSA performing these strict measures on foreign flights on planes coming into this country? The terrorists are using these foreign airports as staging areas for their attacks.

There is some hope America. There are Patriots who will be conducting the National Opt-Out Day this Thanksgiving Day, the airlines busiest travel day. Read about what these Patriots will be doing:

Look at the lines that are forming now at O'hare:

What will the Government do if the next Islamic Terrorist attack comes in the form of explosives shoved up their rectums? Will the TSA start looking up all our bums in the name of travel safety?

Freedom loving Americans are now losing a form of travel with which has helped make this nation great and will be forced to find other slower methods. The Government should start reading the Constitution again and begin to adhere to it.



The automobile will be the last bastion of freedom until the 'Global Warming' crowd take those away from us.

God Bless you America. It's not too late to turn this around.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


The Conservative Ascendency continues with the victory by Tea Party Conservative Joe Walsh against the three term Democrat Melissa Beanfor Illinois 8th Congressional District. The Tea Party victory in this country has shown the world that we will not fall for the idiocy of Socialism so easily and will bring back this country to it's Constitutional principles.

You can read about this story further from the disappointed MSM at the Sun-Times.

Slowly Illinois is shaking the filth that the Democrats have placed over their eyes.


Obama-god falls to Earth

Poor Dude, Obama, is finding out that being a god is alot harder then he thought it would be. So many of his followers are leaving his flocks. The sheople are no longer content with all his false promises. The sycophants of the MSM now mock their creation. It is sad to see the man-god fall so. Not.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You

To every veteran of the United States military, thank you for your service. You helped protect my freedom with your willingness to stand the thin green line. You have helped the greatest nation that this world has ever witnessed, continue to be the shining beacon of liberty and freedom. You Americans, there are none finer.

God Bless You.

Friday, November 5, 2010

American Conservative Ascendancy

Conservatism is in the ascendancy. The Progressives and their MSM propaganda machine will try to spin what happened in November 2, 2010 anyway they want. They cannot deny the truth. It happened and will continue to happen. This country was made by the People for the People and given our Rights by our Creator. We are taking control away from the elitists and proving that we will not let the public servants become our masters. This week we have witnessed what is the tip of the iceberg.
God Bless you America.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Voter Intimidation

This is how our comrade from Illinois, Jan Shakowsky, wants her fellow Democrats to bring out the vote for her losing side. The Chicago way of intimidating voters. This hasn't been a very effective method at my house. I guess that an American Flag and a TEA Party flag in the front intimidates them.

Apology for Obama

Chris Matthews is now taking his new role as an Obama apologist. Poor Andrea Mitchell cannot believe what her former Obama sycophant is saying about her savior. So is this the Hope and Change that the American people wanted? Chris doesn't think so.!


Can you feel the FEAR OF LIBERTY? The Progressives and their propaganda machine, the MSM do. We will not go down the road of slow tyranny. We are going to start to tear down 80 years of Progressive policies which have started to turn our nation into a Socialist Utopia. So sorry, Liberals. We are bringing our country back to the rule of the Constitution. We believe that what we have here is a collection of the finest people from around the world who believe in American Exceptionalism. November 2, 2010 will be a date that will go down in history. Our descendants will speak freely about the people who refused to let our Liberties slip away.

God Bless you all.