Friday, June 29, 2012

The ObamaCare Deception

ObamaCare was passed through Congress with the violation of Congressional rules by using reconciliation measure, which has only been used for minor bills and budgets. The Senate had 60 Democrats support it so that it was filibuster proof. Several Democrats were offered deals or were bought off and was passed on December 24, 2009, on Christmas Eve. It was passed through the House 219-212 without a single Republican supporting it on a Sunday, March 21, 2010. The Progressives had the ball rolling for the passage of this abomination of a Bill and the beginning of the end of the Constitution had begun, with one branch of Government under their control.

On November 2, 2010, Americans showed their outrage at this heinous political assault committed against them and our Constitution by the Left, by giving the Democrats at all levels of local, State and Federal Government, one of the biggest defeats that they have ever had. Even their beloved Ted Kennedy's seat was given by the voters to a Republican, Scott Brown.

President Barack Hussein Obama quickly signed the law on March 23, 2010. He passed this law continuously stating that it was not a tax - now a known lie. This branch of Government was given to the Progressives with the 2008 election by the American people.

Yesterday, on June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court, with the deciding vote given by Chief Justice John Roberts, sustained ObamaCare validity as a tax. The court was evenly divided by four to four by Conservatives and Progressives. Chief Justice Roberts a Conservative, appointed by President George W. Bush, then surprisingly supported it, obviously becoming a Progressive himself at that moment or having been a stealth liberal all along. His decision is final and cannot be furthered argued but it shows to what length the Progressives have gone to to destroy this concept of our Nation and the Constitution.

The Government has become a behemoth on to itself and it is not what the 'founding fathers' ever intended it to be. Is this the end of our Great Republic? Who knows, only time will tell.

Live free.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vatican asserts authority over 'feminist' US nuns

Social Justice and any other marxist agenda should never have been adopted by these nuns. The Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ is what they should be teaching. Progressives are trying to destroy everything it can touch in this country. The great deciever will always try to corrupt by sugar coating his lies.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Disturbing Blog

A Police Officer's Pension

This is from an email that I wrote Rush Limbaugh today:

Rush Limbaugh,

I'm a Police Officer very near the end of my career with over twenty years of service. I also honorably served in the military for 10 years. I am a Conservative and always have been. I understand what you are saying about the public sector unions. There was a time when our department did not have a union or collective bargaining and the politicians in charge took advantage of it. The job was the job and they did what they wanted to do with us whenever they wanted to. They could change your starting hours at anytime or your schedule or where you worked. The standards were much lower. The unions and collective bargaining helped bring the standards up and our profession has improved remarkably.

These types of professions are filled with many dangers and in both I've almost lost my life, have suffered numerous injuries and have had close friends who have laid down theirs, for our fellow citizens freedom and security. I have to admit that our Government does build nice memorials for us. We ensure that our society and way of life continues.

I won't get anything from the military since I did not stay long enough. Our city and state have made it that we will not receive any social security since we are receiving our pension. The pension will be a percentage of what I make. It starts at 50% after twenty years of service with 2% for every year after. We pay for our own health insurance if we retire before 30 years of service and only pay a small part after until we are eligible for medicare. The final amount that we get will not change much over the years and it is what my wife and I will depend to live on. Let's say that if I retire at $20,000 a year, then that is what I will get if I'm lucky to live another ten or twenty years each year with a small cost of living increase. It does not compound like the politicians pensions. What do you think that will be worth then? So I have a pension, a house that is underwater, some small savings and some VA benefits perhaps.

Police Officers and Firemen in our city put in 9% into our pension and will get no social security. Our city made a mutually agreeable contract with us. We have kept our part of the bargain and now when it comes to the municipality to keep their end it is now a problem. It never has been before. What do we do to those about to retire or those that already are retired? The politicians that made these contracts

I don't think that you understand that when we choose to go into these professions we do not do it for financial reasons. Military, Police and Fire Fighting are not careers that lead to much money. We all swear an oath to the Constitution and we love it's principles more then the air that we breathe. It is a very hard way of life but I don't complain about it. I have done things with my life that people go to the movies to see. I'm proud of my service and have always striven to match or excel those that have come before me.

I understand that the economy has tanked. I'm not happy that it did but I recall that we were always laughed at us when everybody was making money hand over fist. I remember that all my friends that I grew up with, went to jobs or professions in the private sector. They would always asked why I and the rest did those types of jobs that we had. I could only tell them that I loved my country and loved the Constitution. I have sworn an oath and will always honor it. I have noticed that the Progressives have put in place policies through the years to cause these failures in our economy. I feel that we are now the next target for them to try to destroy. Why not? It will only bring about one of their objective, making everyone equal in poverty.

So once we get rid of the public sector unions for cops and firemen, where do we go next? Do we go after the military people who put in 20 years for their pensions? They make more then those that will just get social security. I think that will be the next target. Who then do we target next? Do we go further into class warfare like Obama and his ilk want to? How would you feel if the contract that you made for your radio show were to be cancelled and any money owed to you not paid?

What will happen when Romney becomes President? The economy will start improving. What happens next to those in our professions? We are usually lumped in with lawyers also. I mean that nobody wants a cop around or a Fireman until they NEED one and then we can't get there fast enough. I don't think that we are the problem to what ills our society.

I understand everything that you say about unions and they should never have made their bed with the Democrat Party. It is wrong and maybe some of these issues will get fixed. I have mixed issues with this entire topic but more so because I have skin in the game. In the end, no matter what happens the job will be the job. Somebody will always be there to keep our society chugging along.

God Bless,

Adrian Gregorio Jr

PS. Love your show and will continue to listen to it. I don't always agree with everything that you say but I will always defend your Right to say it.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

I feel your pain.

LEFT Behind

Are the rest of the Progdolytes abandoning Dear Leader Obama?

E Tu Brute

Is the MSM starting to defect from Dear Leader Obama?

Gun-toting toddler

They're starting so fast in Chicagostan.

Chicago more dangerous then Baghdad?

Gerald D. Skoning, a typical Progressive MSM propagandist, writes a story that hits somewhere in the ballpark but misses it's target. The violence in Chicagostan is rising quickly as the tribes (gangs) continue to take advantage of the Police's weakness cause by inept Democrat politicians in this city. Over 1100 police officers have retired in the last two years and many plan to this year, but there is no Police hiring to just replenish them. The title to this piece indicate the MSM's desire the Progressives continued mantra to blame President G. W. Bush for all that ills this nation. Gerald continues to carry the water for his Dear Leader Obama.

Gerald does finally start to reference Chicagostan's violence to that of Afghanistan, much like I have been doing for months. He talks about how things are done in Afghanistan and Baghdad (Progdilyte, Baghdad is over, we won it and Obama took the photo op for it). He can stay on target, as he continues this drive-by hit piece.

Like a typical Liberal POS, Gerald finally puts into the story's real target. He blames all that is happening on the Second Amendment of the Constitution. He entertains the notion that this problem can be solved by blaming an inanimate object, a gun. He does not mention that Chicagostan and the Peoples Democratic Republic of Illinois has some of the strongest anti-gun laws in the nation. This State still denies US citizens their Rights to carry guns. He is FAIL in mentioning that the criminal laugh with disdain at these laws and they continue to arm themselves.

I am glad that the fish wraps are finally starting to talk about this problem other then to just giving a weekly score list of the casualties but when will they tell the truth.

Tribal warfare continues in Chicagostan

As the tribes continue Chicagostans decent into anarchy, 2 are killed and 15 wounded.

Tribes start this weekends violence in Chicagostan

Nine are shot and one dies, succumbing to his wounds.