Monday, October 31, 2011

The Art of Che

To be a Drone

Utopia. The foolish dream of Progressives. The Left has been preaching this delusion for over 150 years now. It is their religion as they believe in it blindly. This video preaches what their fantasy is.

Here is a lovely video about collective democracy from North Korea.

Here is a happy day in China.

Collective joy in Vietnam.

Finally Cuba.

The Drones

Progressives goal of the takeover of the Drones. Karl Marx would be pleased.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I am a 1%-er!

To the socialist shitbirds protesting here in Chicago and elsewhere,calling themselves the 99% and any who support them:

I am the 1%.
I entered the Army at 17, because I was a wild child and my parents worried that only harm would befall me on the streets of Chicago.
I worked several jobs and continued in the Army Reserves and National Guard to pay for college.
I then served again and when I got out I served this city as a Patrolman.
Now, only 1% of the US population ever serve in the military. This 1% never whines - we work, raise families, contribute to society everyday. We have defended all the Rights that you enjoy, even if we don't agree with them. We love America.
I am a 1%-er!
God Bless and live free.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Massive Deceleration Trauma

Dozens of U.S. paratroopers injured after parachute jump during mock battle goes horrifically wrong

  • Reports 13 paratroopers suffered head, spine and pelvic injuries during the training exercise


Last updated at 7:28 PM on 7th October 2011

Dozens of U.S. Army paratroopers have been hurt during a massive airborne drop in Germany.

Sixteen of the 47 injured men are still in hospital, two of them in intensive care after the jump involving 1,000 soldiers went terribly wrong. They suffered head, spine and pelvic injuries.

The exercise pitted soldiers from the Vicenza, Italy-based 173rd Airborne Brigade in a mock-battle scenario with Slovakian soldiers and American troops from the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team over the Hohenfels training area in Bavaria, southern Germany.

It is unclear what precisley happened to cause the numerous injuries.

Officers at the clinic where the soldiers were treated said some of the injuries appeared related to parachutes drifting into nearby trees.

Most of the injuries occurred during the first wave of the morning drop, which involved about 650 soldiers.

Officers at the clinic where the soldiers were treated said some of the injuries appeared related to parachutes drifting into nearby trees.

Polish troops also took part in the exercise but none of them were hurt.

The victims suffered a variety of broken bones and spinal injuries and every one of them required hospital treatment.

They were ferried to a local hospital in a fleet of ambulances.

A German civilian who witnessed the drop told Radio Bavaria: 'I’ve never seen so many parachutes in the sky. It was incredible sight, but I had no inkling that anything was wrong. I didn’t see any chutes tangled or men appearing to drop too fast.'

But the military said that they would not be staging an inquiry into what happened because the injury rate was “acceptable”.

Civilian spokeswoman for the Joint multinational Training Command, which is under U.S. Army command, Denver Makle, said as the numbers injured 'was within expected margins' an investigation was not necessary.

Speaking to The Local, a German website, she added: 'Airborne operations are always dangerous. There is very little margin for error.'

She explained an injury rate of up to 3 per cent is normal in this type of exercise.

The units involved will continue their training, which is one part of an exercise involving thousands of soldiers from 10 countries.

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Deceleration = inital speed - final speed / total time taken.

Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani and the Berlin Wall

Please continue praying for Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani as he bravely champions the cause of our Lord Christ's love.

Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani and the Berlin Wall

by Karen Lugo

In the day of heroes, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and John Paul II all had a voice in defying Communism as President Reagan issued the challenge: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” This trio of Western leaders labored for years, conspiring in the cause of freedom and inserting their agenda of liberty into every crack as Soviet Communism crumbled owing to corruption, demoralization and economic decay. When Reagan drove the cleaving spike into that hideous barrier between the two Germanies, symbolic of both separation and domination, he did so with great confidence. Not only did he call on the timeless truths of capitalism and self-determination, he spoke with the voice of authority earned by the stalwart soldiers of the Solidarity movement in Poland.

While it is Lech Walesa who is best known for uniting workers behind the Polish Solidarity movement, one of history’s most courageous freedom activists, Father Jerzy Popieluszko, prepared the way. The priest united thousands in the cause of freedom and was an unwavering source of inspiration for dissidents. Tortured by Communist thugs for his efforts, his perseverance fanned the revolution against the Soviets in Poland and ultimately fueled the many revolts that broke up the Soviet Bloc.

Much like Walesa and Popieluszko, today Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani faces execution for refusing to recant his Christian faith. He and his attorney have steadfastly rejected every opportunity to save themselves. For their refusal to bow to the threats of death and reprisal, all of us in the West owe them more than just the passing interest of a three-minute news spot. For those of us who said we regretted the weak Western support mustered for the Green Revolution in Iran, we cannot squander this opportunity to support a hero of conscience in that struggle.

American president and leader of the free world Barack Obama finally uttered a late and obligatory statement “condemning the conviction of the pastor” and offering the platitude that faith is a universal human right. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has started a petition and Speaker of the House John Boehner is reportedly “distressed” by reports of Youcef’s death sentence. In all, American leaders are pathetically short on passion and conviction at a time when there is opportunity to save a life and weigh in on the side of freedom fighters in Iran. In fact, beyond Iran, the insurgents in Syria would benefit from a display of concrete American support for defiance of a brutal Islamist regime.

The religious community also falls far short with weak and perfunctory complaints. Pastor Rick Warren has gone to Twitter to ask his followers to protest Nadarkhani's possible execution and Southern Baptist leader Richard Land has called the verdict "a clear violation of the universal human right of religious freedom.” These generic statements of dismay could easily apply to anything from concern about prayers on school grounds to the defacement of a church. Nothing about them reflects the urgency desperately needed from the free world’s spiritual leaders in defense of religious freedom and in response to an opportunity to spotlight the plight of persecuted Christians.

Where is the summons to concrete action? How many Christian or Jewish leaders are urging rolling fasts, marches and/or prayer vigils? What Western organizations are leading the charge to demand the pastor’s release, as they did for American reporter Roxana Saberi? And how many around the world resolved to make the life of young Iranian woman Neda Soltan count when she was gunned down in the streets of Tehran while marching for freedom?

This is the time for the citizens of the free world to fill the void left by Reagan, Thatcher and John Paul II. We may not have the visionary leadership we once did, but we still have the same sustaining belief in inalienable rights and religious freedom.

Consider what the life of one like Popieluszko can mean to an entire nation – and then what that nation’s example of stubborn resistance can mean to the destruction of an entire evil empire. This is time for more than banal statements complaining of violations of universal religious human rights.

There is no certainty that Youcef is still alive, but the charges against him have been shifted to the “crime” of being a Zionist, with rape thrown in for good measure. The American Center for Law and Justice has been most reliable in pressing for accurate updates and bringing the account of Youcef’s persecution to concerned Americans.

We can do more than wring our hands, sign petitions and issue pathetic platitudes. We need to call on our churches and pastors to organize a coordinated campaign of solid support for this pastor who stands for us all in demanding freedom to declare his faith.