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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tiny Dancer 9.5 screws Firefighters

It's amazing how much they are screwing those who put their lives on the line and the sheople of Chicagostan keep accepting it. It appears that nobody cares how bloody the streets of the city is getting as the tribes run rampant with an undersized Police Department after Tiny Dancer 9.5 stripped the force of patrol and detective stations. More cops on the street!!! LOL, I always enjoyed funny math. You take away from the total and you get more? It must work in Progdolyte world. How will the Fire Department work with diminished resources? Why can't Democrats ever honor their contracts?

What Democrats do best

Raise taxes!

Democrats continue the ruin of Illinois

The Illinois Progdolytes cannot afford to lose their control of Illinois. It is a very sad State and it will continue to degrade.

Rage in the Illinois House

Illinois House Rep Mike Bost (R, Murphysboro)

Gov, Scott Walker (R)

Chicagostan, what gives?

Salute to Kevin Hillery

What happened to the Tea Party?

Ted Cruz is the Tea Party endorsed Republican candidate that is running for the U.S. Senate.

Please support:

Westside of Chicagostan

Observe one of the tribes of the westside of Chicagostan. These domestic terrorist have had this neighborhood under it's evil grip for over half a century. I'll always keep you in my prayers, fellow Fillmore Rangers. We were never able to stop it but we kept it contained as best as we could. If you were ever going to be the Police, then this is where you go. There are many other really tough places in Chicagostan, but none as notorious as the Fillmore District.

This is not my father's party.

Jo Ann Nardelli has decided that what she has seen the Democrat Party was in conflict with her Catholic beliefs. This article explains her spiritual journey as she finally realizes the truth about the party of death. I guess all the failed socialist programs, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and mandatory government healthcare weren't enough.

There are also many other Democrats who call themselves Catholics. Are we reading the same Bible? Does the Word of God translate differently to Democrats? Is the Catholic Church supporting abortion or homosexuality? The Catholic Church has been very quiet for a long time about this, as well as people who say that they're Catholics. Perhaps American Catholics need to do the soul searching like Jo Ann Nardelli did. Will they follow the lies being spread by the great deceiver and his tool, the Democrat Party?

I pray to God that they have the deceit taken away from their souls and that they embrace our Lord, Jesus Christ.

God Bless you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


For Greator Glory

Que viva los Cristeros!!!

Mexico's war against the Catholic Church.

Sidenote: This rebellion was partially funded by the Knights of Columbus from both Mexico and the United States.

Memorial Day Weekend in Chicagostan

Six killed and at least 40 others wounded. The tribes have a very different way to celebrate this weekend.

Bloodshed in Chicagostan last weekend

The world was paying attention to what the Useful Occupidiots were doing in Chicagostan but little to nothing was mentioned about the continued violence by the tribes.

Memorial Day with Paratroopers in Afghanistan 2012

For Love of Country

Once again, Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers, USMC, stands at a post that was never asked of him. He does it to salute the bikers who come every year to honor those who paid the price for our freedom. He has been standing that post since 2002. This year he was joined by two fellow Marines. He goes there to honor those who support our Veterans. The American people are so fortunate to have such wonderful people that are willing to pay the Price to protect our Constitution and our way of life. Thank you for what you do but it should be us, that should salute you.


Obama's Socialism FAIL : Solyndra

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Progressive Era

History of English in 10 Minutes

Absolutely Brilliant!!!

Eat Cat food or Suicide?

The Progdolyte Propagandist Elites from the New York Times now realize what Useful Idiots that they have been fro the Progressives. In this highly amusing video that they made in order for America to feel sorry for them, we find little sympathy for them. You, NYT employees are part of the problem for all your outrageous leftist propaganda that has destroyed the values of our Nation. You should be ashamed for your hypocritical attitude about what is now happening to you after it has been happening to so many of us for years.

Where were you when these things were happening to the rest of America and you sat in your lofty towers looking down on us? You should be ashamed about this video. Do you know how many of us would love to get just a portion of what you will get? Even from your worst deal? Cry me a river, Progdolytes, and see you on the unemployment lines.

Rush Limbaugh puts this story in the way that it should be. Too funny:

It kind off sucks to have people look down their noses at you after a lifetime of doing it to others NYT staff.

New Technology to help stop violence in Chicagostan?

Why not? Chicago Police manpower is at an all time low and it doesn't look like Tiny Dancer plans on hiring more. Why not try policing on the cheap?

Muslims throw stones at Catholics in France

Chicago Sets Heat Record : 97 degrees

Chicagostan's streak of shootings continue

1 killed and 8 wounded in separate shootings. Memorial Day weekend is not over, yet.

President Jimmy Carter Smiles

It appears that Barak Hussien Obama is on his way to winning the title of America's worst President.


The Progressives will always have a problem calling American Service People heroes because they died defending Capitalism against Americas enemies throughout the world.

Looking at You

I was reading this article that I found on the Drudge Report that had me feeling like I was reading a horror/sci-fiction story. It states how the Government is monitoring what we write on the internet by using certain key words that they have made a list of. I read through the list and many of these words can be written by anyone so that is the pretext that the Government can use to look at anyone who writes anything on the internet. George Orwell was so correct. I've link the article to this Posts title. Here is the list:

Oh, dogs are barking alot. I'm hearing some commotion outside of my home. Wait, there's a hard knock on my door. I'm going to answer it and get back to this post soon. I hope.

Overlords Meet in the US

The Silence of the Nuns

This is an email that I wrote to Carol Marin about her article:

Carol Marin,

That was a nice propaganda hit piece on the Catholic Church. It's sad, what Progressives have done to this country and now the Catholic Church, with it's untruthful doctrine of 'Social Justice'. What you don't realize is that it is becoming increasingly clear that what you're doing is obvious to everyone, more and more. Roman Catholics follow the teachings of the Bible not some twisted marxist ideology that is disguised with honey and called 'Social Justice'. The Catholics who believe in that filth should really think about walking away and practicing something contrary. They should really embrace the book that they truly believe, 'the communist manifesto'. The obsession that you write about in your article, that the Pope and the bishops have about contraceptives, abortion and homosexuality are not theirs. It is the will of God and he has stated it so in the Bible.

I really thought that line, "church that has yet to heal from the scandal of sexual predators protected by the very hierarchy that is now going after the nuns. "was poorly done and no sources, proof or facts provided.

Carol, I will pray for them and for you. I pray that the truth of our Lord is revealed to you. There is nothing mentioned about 'Social Justice' in the Bible or any other warped Progressive philosophy. You and the nuns should perhaps read the beauty of the Bible and read what the Lord truly tells us. You should not be misguided by the lies of Satan, for he is always the deceiver. One day when we stand in front of God we will all have to face him. I hope that these nuns and everyone who believe this nonsense can honestly tell him why they turned away from the Word. The nuns do not need to teach 'Social Justice' to the Holy See, to 'Hear'. They need to 'Listen' to Jesus Christ and the Word.

Yours in Christ,

Adrian Gregorio Jr

P.S. You wonder why people are reading newspaper less and less. I think that they are tired of the lies and the propaganda. I really hope that the newspaper's internet sites become pay for viewing as it will probably end up like the print version.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

MSM ignores Catholic Suit on ObamaCare

A popular propaganda trick employed by the Progressive's MSM is to ignore news as a technique. If nobody knows about something then it surely doesn't exist. It is a shameful act done by the Left on the Catholic Church as it leads the fight against the abomination known as ObamaCare. Even though the Catholic church has remained quiet while Obama has been busy destroying this nation, it is now on striking back on a classic Leftist favorite, separation of Church and State.

The MSM doesn't realize that while they try to ignore this grave issue, that they have been rendered useless since it is being ignored by the American People. Why do you think that so many newspapers are going bankrupt and viewership of the major networks are at a all-time low? The American people are tired of the lies being spewed by the propagandists from the Government.

25 Shot, one killed, in Chicagostan

The tribes continue their attacks as diminished city forces attempt to quell the violence.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Glorious Cause

The Constitution is the vehicle with which the 'founding fathers' established Capitalism. We revolted from a failed monarchical system in order to pursue our Rights as a free people. It guarantees us the ability to do what nobody else in the world can do, freely attempt to reach our goals but does not punish us with equal poverty. Progressives like Obama will only rule over us as elected monarchs, but we can change it this year if we vote for Romney, who understands and believes in the free-market. How much longer can the American people listen to the President, who has only disdain for the one thing that has made this nation the best and most powerful in the history of our world? November of 2012, we have to continue this wonderful experiment, this glorious cause.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

This weekend, many of us are taking these three days to travel and visit with our long distance love ones. We will have great reunions, pick nicks and outings. You'll see many US Flags flying everywhere.

How many of us will pause and think about why we are actually celebrating this weekend? We have take a moment and stop and think why we're actually enjoying this weekend. We have to thank so many people who are no longer with us for sacrificing their lives for not only this weekend but for our Freedoms. These people have done this for us since before the beginning of our Nation.

They have done it for our Constitution, which is a plan, a diagram for our Freedoms and the opportunities that it provides each and everyone of us. These wonderful people died defending us from an unjust monarchy, a rebellion, fascism, communism, Islamofascism and tyrants the world over so that we could all benefit from the fruits of the Constitution, capitalism.

The Constitution provides a ripe environment that lets capitalism grow. This has brought about the greatest change to the world and we have been it's leader. The prosperity that we have had has been because of this system. I want us to take a moment this weekend to reflect on this simple fact. American men and women have paid the ultimate price to protect our Constitution, capitalism and our way of life. This wonderful nation would never have been a reality without their sacrifice. Capitalism would not have brought us more in a mere couple of centuries then our entire existence.

Thank You and God Bless.

Please also take a moment to say a prayer for those people who have a terrible wound to their hearts as many have perished in our War on Terror. May the Lord's gentle hand bring ease to these hearts full of pain and sorrow. That they know that we will not forget their sacrifice and will live the rest of our lives in their honor. Amen.

Choom Gang : Preezy

Preezy Obama

Chicagostan Cheats it's Heroes

Illinois : Nonstop Corruption

Pension Games

Illinois Motto : Both Parties Steal

Illinois Politicians looking after #1, themselves

Illinois Politicians Pensions

Ours will never look like these.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Ascendancy in Space

The SpaceX Dragon flies!!! Historic space flight made by a private American Company.

Shallow Hal Corner

There are some professions that I like to watch and beach bunnies is one of them. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wasteful Spending

Populorum Progressio

In God's plan, every man is born to seek self-fulfillment, for every human life is called to some task by God. At birth a human being possesses certain aptitudes and abilities in germinal form, and these qualities are to be cultivated so that they may bear fruit. By developing these traits through formal education of personal effort, the individual works his way toward the goal set for him by the Creator.

Endowed with intellect and free will, each man is responsible for his self-fulfillment even as he is for his salvation. He is helped, and sometimes hindered, by his teachers and those around him; yet whatever be the outside influences exerted on him, he is the chief architect of his own success or failure. Utilizing only his talent and willpower, each man can grow in humanity, enhance his personal worth, and perfect himself.

The Catholic Worker Movement

This organization is part of the Social Justice movement which appears to be a Progressives doctrine in socializing our society from within. Is this a bastardizing the Catholic Faith by infusing it's spiritual Christian ideals with Marxism?

Wraparound Strategy

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Chicagostan

MSM says that 52% of Chicagostanis like Rahm's performance as mayor. They did not that he may not be doing that great of a job in law enforcement.

Google deletes Conservative Blog : The New York Conservative

Google has decided that it can restrict the 1st Amendment on it's Blog site. The New York Conservative was deleted by Google with no explanation. If your blog site becomes popular and it has a Conservative point of view then there stands a chance that they will just delete you. So Dear Reader, in case this blog goes into the Twilight Zone, I want to thank anyone who visited this site for your patronage.

Dim Light : Chris Matthews

This clown made fun of Sarah Palin about how she would do if she went on Jeopardy!

Alec, who is Chris Matthews?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Senior Airman Michael Malarsie

A wonderful young man who inspires me. I pray fro the best for him and his lovely family. If you watch the video, have kleenex at the ready...

Catholics becoming Progdolytes

Is this a local event in Chicagostan or is it a national occurrence?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama defeats #11593-051

Barely! Keith Judd got 41% of the vote from West Virginia and he is in Federal prison. LOL!!!

Destruction of the Public Sector Pension in Chicagostan

The Progressives designed the Pension programs as a retirement system that would be much better then Social Security, another of their socialist programs for the masses. These retirement programs were used to get the masses happy and content, to continue to vote for Democrats, but these systems were always unrealistic and unattainable on a large scale. The one thing that they could count on was the mortality rate keeping people from being on these programs for any extended time. As long as retirees didn't live very long lives both systems worked fine.

The American health system which has been vilified so much by Progressives and their MSM lackeys, would become the envy of the world. It has been able to cure many diseases and illnesses increasing American lifespans. Yet with all these wonderful medicines and cures, the one thing that was unforeseen by the Left was that this would begin to deteriorate their vote gathering systems, Social Security and Pensions. Their solution was creation of the new ObamaCare medical system which was rammed down our throats, by the Democrats-only vote. It was not designed to help every American's health but to destroy it. In the end, our mortality rate will begin to increase again.

Economically, no society can continue to pay a workforce that doesn't produce. The Democrats have only hastened the Pension Funds destruction quicker by using it as their elites private slush funds. The political class voted for themselves to get payments that not only adjust to cost of living payments like the rest of us but get compound payments that will literally pay these individuals far more then they ever made at their jobs. The MSM has been publishing stories that wrongly tie these unrealistic pension payments to the regular workforce who never receive such payments but a fraction of what they made, to shift the public's focus of the political classes' criminal activities.

It is unsustainable when we butcher 95 million unborn American babies since the Progressives passed Roe Vs. Wade, which would normally have entered the workforce. We have undefended borders which has created a new American phenomena, the underclass illegal workers. The Unions have forced companies to pay inflated pay rates that has crippled most of American industries. These Utopian ideals conflict with the real world.

The Democrats have been kicking the can down the road for a very long time now. We've reached the end of the road. The Progressives don't really care what happens to you, just that they maintain their power and control over your lives. You will not be able to solve this problem until you throw off this yoke that they have placed upon you and your families neck. We have to move beyond the 'Hope and Change' chant and start taking the bull by the horn and taking control of a government that was intended to serve us but has become our rulers. The big question is what are we going to do now?

Montel Williams confronts MS

Keep fighting the fight Sailor. My prayers are with you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Great RINO Hunt of 2012

Richard Mourdock (Ind-R) for Senator. It's time to retire Senator Dick Luger (Ind-R).

Obama's Troubling Policy in Afghanistan

Blunting the Sword

Obama continues to succeed doing to our Military what no other foreign enemy has been able to.

Liberal Hypocrisy

Inside the Liberal Mind

Live Free.

A Frustrated Young Progdolyte

I Want Your Money

Capitalism Vs. Socilaism

Click on Title link for another video^

Conservative Vs. Liberal

Progdolyte Comedy

Kill The Messenger - Sibel Edmonds

Classified Woman

Continued Violence in Chicagostan

Casualties from the front: 2 KIA's, 24 wounded.