Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RINO hunt in Texas

Ted Cruz for Senate

Gaystapo pressuring bakery

Power Outage in India continues

Expect this to start happening in the US as Obama keeps closing down coal-fired power plants.

Thugs rob Senior in Chicagostan

Mayor Rahm Emanuel told the Tribes to stop killing children and they continue to shift their criminal activities to the senior.

Happy Ending in Chicagostan

LOL!!!!! Thug dies after being shot by friend during their Home Invasion attempt.

Milton Friedman

1912-2006 Milton Friedman would have turned 100 years old today. Thank you for clearing up the fog of liberism.

Monday, July 30, 2012

15 wounded this weekend in Chicagostan

15 WIAs

2016 Obama's America

Do we throw away our Freedoms?

We cannot let our Revolution end this way. Two hundred and thirty five years are not enough to see it to it's conclusion so soon. Look at all we have been able to accomplish in such a short span of time. We can chastise ourselves for the mistakes that have occurred but we cannot deny that we have brought this world into an enlightened period that is limited only by what we can dream.

Jihad Gets the Shaft

OK OK...I can't stop laughing at this. These dumbshits stop at nothing kill themselves and others.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Job in Chicagostan

Great job by CPD. Take charge and keep this fool under control.

Flash Mob in Chicagostan

A stroll on a sunny day down Madison Ave in Chicagostan

Warning: Explicit Video

More fighting in Chicagostan on Saturday July 28 2912

8 WIA's

KIA in Chicagostan on Saturday July 28 2912


Chicago Police Officer saves baby

Great Job Office.

Ride to Remember 2012

We honor the fallen. Live to Ride, Ride to Live and Ride with Pride.

Nov 2012


Here is a better way to do this. Skip steps one and two and get a carry conceal permit and carry a firearm for your protection. Remember that the Police cannot be there all the time, this isn't a Police State. When minutes matter, seconds count. Live Free.

ObamaCare might not matter without more Doctors

Buy Guns Now

The Democrats might take that away from you soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chicagostan needs a hero, Preezy Zero

Local Liberal Priest wants his hero to save Chicagostan, Preezy Zero!!!!

Local Leftwing Agitator Catholic Priest, Father Pfleger wants President Barack Hussein Obama to fix Chicagostan because the flunky Mayor Rahm Emanuel can't.

Chicagostan's Gun laws Rewritten

Mayor Rahm Emanuel does not want the citizens to live under the Constitution. Rahm tells Chicagoans, "no guns for you"!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

To Fly Where Only Angels Dare

New Record Setter

Old Record Setter

RIP Newsweek

It will now be an online site. This garbage will not be printed anymore. The Greenies can now celebrate that trees will continue to live!!!

Support Chic-Fil-A

Gays continue to prosecute Christians in Chicagostan

New Eavesdropping Law in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Illinois

Expect this law to head to the Supreme Court soon.

Another WIA reclassified to a KIA in Chicagostan

Evil Family

WIA reclassified to KIA in Chicagostan

Illinois to Tax People with Disabilities for parking in Chicagostan

The State of Illinois under the direction of Mayor Rahm Emanuel has passed a new law that will now have people with disabilities pay parking meters. It had always been free to those who had disabilities to make their lives easier, no longer. Instead of punishing the abusers of this privilege, the Government has decided that they will be making the decision who is disabled or disabled enough to get parking permits that exempt a person from paying the parking meters.

This is a pretty good indicator what ObamaCare will be like once it gets it's grip on our society. In an effort to to be 'fair', bureaucrats will now make medical decisions. Illnesses are not set in stone and have a myriad of conditions. There are some illnesses that can come intermittently and are very unpredictable. Good going Democrats, in your quest to constantly fleece the populace, might as well start with the weak.

Why not look into the fraud that was committed by the Daley clan, when they sold the parking. But then again, this is Chicagostan and corruption is King. Chicagostan and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Illinois will continue down this road until they fall way below the hellholes that is called Michigan.

New Drug beneficial for treating MS

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ice T defends guns

Colorado Arsenal Available to Chicago gangs via Internet

A terrible article written by the Obama Propaganda Ministry about the availability of legal items sold by honest vendors on the internet. The only thing that was mentioned in this article that could be used on a weapon was a large capacity magazine. They don't mention that in Chicagostan, citizens are be held hostage by the Tribes.

Why Obama Won't Talk About Gun Control

The Obama Propaganda machine is very busy with their tools at the MSM to explain to Liberals why Obama is ignoring the topic of gun control. Read their propaganda piece to see their view but the real reason is simply 'Fast and Furious'. The Left cannot justify trampling on our Second Amendment Rights without having to try to explain why they are arming Foreign Nationals that use these weapons against us. Obama does not want to open up that can of worms. Remember that the Constitution does not put the restrictions to have guns on the individuals but on the Government. They cannot take away a Right that has been given to us by God.

Fighting resumes in Chicagostan

1 KIA and 12 WIAs

Obama's Ratings Dropping

You will not see this mentioned much in the MSM. If it is they will bury it very deep in their publication or put it on late into their newscasts.

Mr President

Friday, July 20, 2012

They're back.

Just when you thought ACORN was dead and buried, the Progressives have brought it back under new names. Sad. These scumbags know how to milk the system and get money from the Government for their socialist policies.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama a Hero?


Man shot in drive by in Northside of Chicagostan

Man shot in Westside of Chicagostan on Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cheap Trick

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has his lapdogs at the Sun Times write propaganda pieced against the Police, Fire Fighters and Teachers in Chicagostan, now when it is time for contract negotiations are starting. It appears that his lap dogs are taking a nip at Tiny Dancer. YIKS!!!

Tiny Dancer

71 yr old defends internet cafe

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hope and Change?

Rahm continues to negotiate Police contract thru MSM

In continuing his practice of negotiating through his propaganda machine at the MSM, Mayor Rah Emanuel outlines some of the things that he wants to change. He is doing it with the teachers and will with the firemen soon. He has declared war on the public sector unions in Chicagostan. Chicagoans have been apathetic and supportive of everything that's done in this city. They are listening to the mantra out there about public sector having unions or collective bargaining and what do these people produce? The one thing that they seem to have forgotten is that the thing that these public sector employees do is give this city a much better quality of life.

Chicagostan's Bloody Carnage

Why won't President Obama help out the people from his hometown, Chicagostan? It is obvious that his lacky, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, cannot get a handle on it.

Total Body Count in Chicagostan this Weekend

3 KIA's and 17 WIA's.

Fighting subsides on Sunday in Chicagostan

1 KIA and 3 WIA's.

The boy who would be king.

This is from a blog post on another blog and needs to be investigated further.

Ladies & Gentlemen, please post this where you feel it is appropriate. I work at Clark & Randolph, allow me to share a bit of information with you.

Mr Emmanuel does not care about police safety, fire, teachers or any of the almost one thousand people shot so far this year, Nor does he care about any of the neighborhoods. Nor does he care about the future of this city. Shortly after being elected, we were at a mtg with his closest advisors and they announced the NEW MAYOR will make minor changes but he wants to be here only one term. He has his sights set on Quinn ( he thinks he's a dummy and beatable). He then wants to become President. He has said if Barack can win, so can I.

Going back to the meeting, we were openly told the strategy is for Mr Emmanuel to get the finances of the city in order and then run on that platform for Governor. He will then run for Governor on the premise of straightening out the states finances and then he will run for President on the same strategy.

HISTORY: Emmanuel had no experience in Banking and has no MBA yet he was appointed as an nvestment banker and he earned 18 million dollars in 3 years with the help of President Cllinton.

Emmanuel was named to the Board of Directors of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) by President Clinton in 2000. His position earned him at least $320,000, including later stock sales.He was not assigned to any of the board's working committees, and the Board met no more than six times per year.

During Rahm's time on the board, Freddie Mac was plagued with scandals involving campaign contributions and accounting irregularities. The Obama Administration rejected a request under the Freedom of Information Act to review Freddie Mac board minutes and correspondence during Emmanuel's time as a director.
( See Ross investigative reporter as cited in wikipedia)

City Hall knows that CPD is down 3,000 to 4,000 Officers but Emmanuel doesn't care about safety and wants to use the money for his ultimate political strategy. As far as contract negotions, they want to stall as long as possible ( another 24 months ) and then he will be running for Governor, and he said the next guy can handle that.

What Emmanuel fears:

1. Any reference to the fact that CHICAGO IS THE MURDER CAPITAL OF AMERICA.

2. Any reference that more people were killed in Chicago this year than in the war zone of Afghanistan. ( a reporter asked about this and he stormed out of the room and this reporter was banned from city hall). Make no mistake, he has a very close relationship to the Editors and News Directors but that is starting to strain. By the way, have you noticed how quiet Jesse has been with all the violence? Im sure you know why.

3. Impending Teachers strike because that will keep more of the hoodlums on the street instead of in school.

4. Any references to the already 7 vacations he has had in his first year (on city tab).

5. Anything that cast his running of the city in a negative light which will hurt his political aspirations.

6. He is schocked how McCarthy is working out. He can't CONTROL the cops and get more out of them even though they have 1/3 less manpower. Nor can he control crime as he guaranteed with his east coast model of comstat.

Please be very safe out there.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hopefully CNN is not too far behind.

Fighting continues in Chicagostan on Saturday

1 KIA, 5 Wounded.

A Sad Tragedy in Chicagostan

Why this is a big issue now? Mayor Rahm Emanuel went to the last of his seven vacations last weekend but was very disappointed when he left. Didn't Mayor Rahm Emanuel say last week that he was disgusted with gangbangers shooting and killing children? Didn't he say that he wanted the gangbangers to go do their business and criminal activity in the alleys? Wasn't he concerned about their moral values when it concerned children? Well? Why the poor gangbangers are being vilified for what Mayor Rahm Emanuel wanted them to do? Mayor Rahm Emanuel didn't order them not to kill senior citizens. He should know that he has to give them much more specific instructions. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his minions should provide a guideline on what is a permissible victim and what is not. It does appear that senior citizens are ok though, since there has been no official outrage from Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is happy that someone listens to him.

Senior citizens of Chicagostan beware.

Comrade Dear Leader Obama

Obama wants to punish the makers and give everything to the takers.

Nov 2012...Let's set things Right.

Another Brilliant Islamic Moment

Never Forget


Mark Levin: 'It's National Suicide."

Obama, Get out!!!

Chicagostan Media Lackeys attack CPD

This article was not a coincidence or that the media all of a sudden knows how to do their job. The SunTimes is just part of the Democrat Propaganda Machine. They didn't uncover anything that wasn't spoon fed to them by the Left at City Hall. The faster that you realize that we live in the most Leftist city, in the most Progressive State in the nation, then you will understand what is going on. Why do you think Illinois and it's real capital, Chicago are so corrupt?

You all know why the homicide rate is going through the roof. It's not being reported by the MSM. You know what is going on in our department yet all you read in the MSM is all the false stories that they tell the public. We have a smaller police force, less people, less districts and less areas. The MSM has corrupted the public against us with all their anti police stories.
We have a states attorney office that will go out of it's way to throw you under the bus before they go after a hood rat.

They are coming after our pensions. They are going to chip at us one small bit at a time. They know that the economy has been wrecked by their ineptness and now want to divert the public's attention to our pensions. The city is using these fishwraps as a way to gain the public's sympathy for them as we go into contract negotiation.

They also use these articles to turn us against each other also. You can read what the 'minuteonthejob' guys that drink the kool-aid comment on this blog.

They used this propaganda machine last year to showcase officers who were ill or injured off the job. Later that year on Christmas eve the city told these officers that they would be off the job in a year if they couldn't get better and return to full duty. How many of those guys are going into our pension next year, all at once? Can the pension absorb them and the hundreds of monthly retirees? They are now going after the officers who were injured on duty.

Think about it. If the media were doing it's job, why wouldn't they print at least a quarter of the things that we read on this blog? They are just tools for the city and do their bidding.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Emperor Obama

It appears that every Friday Emperor Obama dictates a new law or changes an established one for the Empire. He admonished Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts not to change any laws that was passed by the legislators in Congress and ObamaCare has become another huge tax on the American people. The Emperor has now, with a stroke of the Imperial pen, changed the Welfare Reform Act so that those who are in it's roles, no longer have to try to seek work.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

US sending humanitarian aid to Cuba

Progdolyte Liberal Cafeteria Catholic

Linda Gates has publicly defied the teachings of the Vatican. The gauntlet has been thrown, will the Church just continue to bend to the will of the Left?

Spain raises sales tax to 21%

Chicagostan sales tax at 9.5%

Algorithm Propaganda

The MSM is yet another all time low points is now using computers that write their marxist scripts and lies. Propaganda extreme is the motto of the MSM. Is it no wonder that they are losing readers and viewers everyday?

Progdolyte elite jump ship

Once again, another great story from the MSM flagship CNN. Another liberal elite denounced her US citizenship because of the high taxes here and moved to another country with lower taxes. The Progdolytes have sucked this nation dry and are now moving to do the same elsewhere. They have similar behavioral traits to locust.

Tribal fighting continues in Chicagostan through Wednesday

8 WIAs

Chicagostan Tribal Warfare

The MSM is now starting to report the violence of Chicagostan in the same terms that I have been using for years. Tribal Warfare. Each gang in this city has it's own culture and set of inner laws. Theirs are much more violent in punishment then anything that our society can hand out.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tribal fighting injures two children in Chicagostan

Girls, 12 and 13, were shot by urban tribal terrorists Tuesday. There were also 3 WIAs unrelated to this incident.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

another brilliant islamic moment

Chicagostan will have fewer oasis

Chicagostan hires more cops

They should be ready by around 2016. It will take them a couple of years for training then it takes a few years to learn the basics of the streets. Officials in Chicagostan are not taking into consideration the fact of how many officers are retiring each month.

Chicagostan's Godfather Upset

The start of this week in Chicagostan

1 KIA and 10 WIA's

Chicagostan celebrates 4 of July holiday with blood

5 KIAs and 21 WIA's

Gay Berets and Queer Gear

The new Gay Berets Battalions continue to grow during the Obama Presidency while strict cuts are made to it's Nascar contingent. These new elite soldiers give a new meaning to 'buttstocks'.

Flaming from Above!!!

Chicagostan expands it's sanctuary city status

and yet another brilliant Islamic moment

US Government keeps Government Motors rolling.

Rahm Emanuel has become a National Joke

Rahm, these gangbangers got their values from you Progressives!!!! Do you really want to know where they got them? Look in the mirror. Democrats and Progressives have no values.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Public Transportation in Chicagostan

Chicagostan in 2010

Americans do not need to go fight in Afghanistan. We have plenty to do in Chicagostan.

Code of Silence in Chicagostan

This is an old video that was made by ABC7 about the violence in Chicagostan. It is worse now in 2012.

A stroll down Michigan Avenue

Chicago Police arresting an offender.

A couple of Chicago Police Officers practice extreme restraint as they subdue an unknown offender, as backup arrive. Great job Officers.

Rise of the Bureaucrats

Government grows as 13,000 new pages of regulations are drafted by lawyers for the new ObamaCare Tax.

Pussy Riot Starve against Putin

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Global Warming is Back

Just when you thought that it was safe, Global Warming has returned for a brief appearance during the hottest part of Summer. The Propaganda Bureau of the MSM is active with activity this week as the Nation is in the grip of this Heatwave.

I would actually pay attention if it got like this during the Winter season.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hallmark Cards joins Obama Propaganda Ministry

I have been purchasing your products for over 30 years and your company have has been servicing our entire family. I read this article here: http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/hallmark-warns-grads-stay-away-from-tea-party/

If you have decided to become a member of the Obama Propaganda Machine then I will do everything that I can to spread this message to all of my family and friends. We will no longer be using your products. It is too bad, I really liked your Christmas collectible ornaments.