Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chinese spy convicted

4 Years in Federal Prison

Is Paul Ryan the new Sarah Palin?

The MSM Propaganda Ministry of the Obama Re-election committee begin their PSYOPS Op against Paul Ryan.

Chicago Police Officer Shot

Officer was shot in the leg and is recovering. Offender was shot by the officer and is in serious conditions.

Get well Office and a speedy recovery.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Man shot blocks from Obama's Chicagostan house


If Pinhead Maureen Dowd is calling Conservatives names then so can I. This story reinforces the previous one. I'm surprised that anyone reads that rag.

Jill, the truth is the truth

Former reporter exposes a well known fact. The New York Times has a leftist bias. It doesn't surprise those who know, but then again, you are the flagship of the Progressive MSM.

One dead and two wounded in Chicagostan

Mohammad, the truth hurts sometimes

Getting Guns in Chicagostan

MSM can't even get over Sarah Palin this election

Is the end of the Republican Party on the horizon? Perhaps, once we expose how the Progressives, the Democrats and the MSM have become radically far-left.


'Police' treading water

Friday, August 24, 2012

ObamaCare forced on Chicagostan City Workers

"It's my Vagina, So Hands Off, Crazy!"

Nobody wants those vaginae or go anywhere near them. I just don't want to pay for their upkeep. Their yours, you pay for their disrepair and shoddy conditions. It shouldn't come out of my taxes.

Godfather wants Casino for our kids

Great. Why not get some stripper joints too and we'll just change Chicagostan's to Mid-Las Vegas .

Obama's Chicagostan

"Chicago is an example of what makes this country great," Obama said.

American's Income Drops Under Obama

Statistics Favor Romney

MSM PSYOPS Operation against Romney Continues

The Paratrooper Family

Terror Town Shootings in Chicagostan

I had to print this story. The title of 'Terror Town' was too funny. I expect them to come back as Zombie Shooters of the Apocalypse next. Who knows?...keep your heads down in Chicagostan.

Chicagostan Target T-Shirts becoming Popular

The Tribes of Chicagostan should start sporting these nifty target t-shirts at the rate that they are shooting each other. They could also make them in their own gangs popular colors.

Nineteen Shot in Chicagostan

The fighting season continues for control of the streets of Chicagostan this year by the criminal elements.

Body count: 19 WIAs

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chicago Public School teacher kills his dog, Queso

RIP Queso...good dog. Bad teach.

One shot in Northside of Chicagostan

Body count: 1 WIA

A Westside Story in Chicagostan

Body count: 2 WIAs

15 yr old shot in Chicagostan

Body count: 1 KIA

61 yr old woman shot in Chicagostan

She was caught in the crossfire of gangbangers.

Body count: 1 WIA

Two shot in far Southside of Chicagostan

Body count: 2 WIAs

Two shot and killed in Chicagostan

Body count: 2 KIAs

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

Monday, August 20, 2012

Total weekend carnage in Chicagostan

Body count: 6 KIAs and 36 WIAs

Ann Romney's MS scare

I feel your pain. Get better Ann. God Bless.

Why so many Bullets Feds?

Americans are wondering why the Federal Government is stockpiling so much ammunition. They are cutting Military spending yet they are increasing the amount of ammo that agencies like DHS and Social Security have. Seriously, Social Security?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Crook County President called EVIL... former morgue boss.

Feds asked to help in Chicagostan


A bad cop. This is a sad situation but it happens. I hate it when there is a zero in with the heroes.

Shots fired at Chicago Police

Nobody injured. Stay safe out there.

Stars killed in Afghanistan

*Funny read that I found at

Blame and Hate

The 'Blame and Hate' that comes from the Southern Poverty Law Center came to fruition after the shooting of an unarmed security guard at the peaceful Family Research Council by an aggressive Progressive activist, Floyd Lee Corkins II. The Left finally has a shooter that acted on the bullying hateful speech of the Radical Progressives and now are either back dispelling or running in silent mode.

Penis Rampage stands erect for Pussy Riot

Anti Putin punk rock band cannot fight the Kremlin. Putin says, "NYET!!!"

Penis Rampage upset that Pussy Riot will not be able to open for them at one of their concerts or any other place. Hopefully they can come together some day.

Sorry, this stuff just writes itself too easily...LOL

Lesbian take over of DHS

Board of Directors of the Department of Homeland Security

Progressives rewrite Alinsky's rules

Whatever happened to the Useful Occupidiots? Oh yeah, you kids came to Chicago. The Chicago Police Department met you face to face. Oh well, it seemed like a good idea at the time to you pinheads. No, we didn't give you another 1968. We know that you are lazy and easily manipulated. Actually the biggest thing that I found very annoying about you kids was that of personal hygiene. Sheesh, what did your simpleton parents teach you simpletons about taking baths and brushing your teeth?


It is unfortunate that this is being used by the Leftists here in the United States against it's own people but it is easy to counter once the layers are peeled away from the onion that the MSM is.

Dumb and Dumber

I love using Saul Alinsky's Rule # 7 against these dummies...

Chicagostan's Praetorian Guards

There appears to be a changing of the Praetorian Guard as the new Overlord of Chicagostan takes more control. This is a great story of political hacks bemoaning the Fates as the system is now against them. Welcome back to the trenches boys.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sergeant Matthew Abbate USMC

Sergeant Matthew Abbate USMC will receive the Navy Cross for his heroic actions on October 10, 2010, in Afghanistan.

Wednesday Casualties Report for Chicagostan

Body Count: 3 KIAs and 6 WIAs

Man found shot dead in Chicagostan

Chicago Police Shoot Gunmen in Leg

Gunman had just finished shooting another man in the back in Chicagostan.

1 KIA and 1 WIA. No Chicago Police injured in incident. Stay safe out there.

Chicago Police Officer Kills Gunman

Stay safe out there.

Typical Liberal Hypocrisy

Will Smith is very supportive of Obama Tax plans. He gives a nice spiel on what all the lovely things can be done with taxes and he doen't mind paying them, EXCEPT:

Listen to his reactions when he is told what the Socialists in France plan to tax the rich, 75%!!! This is what Comrade Great Leader wants to do here eventually in the USA if he gets another spin at the wheel. These Useful Idiots like Will Smith and the rest of the US upper-class have another thing coming after Obama destroys the middle-class.

Lawmakers enjoy Chicagostan...

...on our dime.


Politico catches Obama in a lie and buries it. OMG Really? LOL The Obama Propagand Ministry is always hard at work trying to help subjugate us. Live Free.

Judas Priest supports Free Speech

Gay Rocker Rob Halford, the lead singer of Judas Priest, supports Chick-Fil-A's CEO Right to Free Speech even though he didn't agree with the message. Kudos to a stand up guy and a great singer. Keep Rocking!!!!

Sun Doesn't Shine Here Anymore

Obama and Solyndra

Top Ten Obama Super PAC doners

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mark Levin slams Mitt Romney

Mitt is missing a great opportunity rally Americans who believe in Freedom of Speech. The Chick-Fil-A was given to Mitt on a platter and he has just ignored it. Too bad.

Useful Catholic Idiots

The Great Deceiver has seduced many in the Catholic Church into believing the Progressive Movements continued undermining of the final protector of Freedom in world. These Catholics, including clergy, have become useful idiots for the Left, as they continue to seek the destruction of our society. There are continued mass abortions being conducted in this country where millions of unborn children are being butchered and they remain silent. There are countless Christians being persecuted around evil nations of the world and these Useful Idiots remain silent.

Mello gets 38 years in prison

Expect the lieutenants of this faction of the 'New Breeds' to begin aggressive negotiations for management positions in that organization. There can also be a possible territorial take over by a different tribe. Either way, there will be more blood letting and continued conflict on the West Side. The Democrat's Social Justice at it's best.

Body Count in Chicagostan August 6, 2012

Body Count: 3 KIAs and 7 WIAs

116 Bank Robberies in Chicagostan

Rahm Emanuel's Sunshine

Friday, August 3, 2012

Spread the Wealth by Stanley Kurtz

Obama and the Progressives continue to make policies and plot to bring people from the suburbs back into the cities. There are many reasons for it, centralized population control, movement control and the destruction of freedom. The sad situation is that Obama has many suburbanites drinking the Kool-aid and funding this. If it wasn't so horrible, it would be comical. If you don't believe that this is true then watch what Mayor Rahm Emanuel is doing in Chicagostan. He continues to move companies that were traditionally in the suburbs back into the city. Will cities look like this one from Blade Runner?

MSM Propaganda Machine Ignores

It was one of the best days, if not the best for any restaurant chain, sales day. Chick-Fil-A was visited by more citizens supporting the Freedom of speech, if not the view of the COO Dan Cathy's anti-gay marriages. They were treated the same way that the MSM treats the Tea Party. They just ignored them as much as possible.

The MSM will probably ramp up it's coverage of the Gay kiss in events at Chick-Fil-A, just like they did for the Useful Occupidiots. The Left is such FAIL.

Body Count in Chicagostan for a 10 hour period in August

4 KIAs and 10 WIAs

Westside bloodshed in Chicagostan

2 KIAs and 1 WIA

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kid tells 10 reasons not to vote for Obama

MSM says that the Tea Party is Dead

Really? Is it? America saw what we did in November of 2010. The Democrats lost so many political positions at all level of Government even though the MSM has had a complete black out on that news. The MSM is already known to be the Propaganda Ministry of the Left as everyone can observe with the falling ratings of their networks and sales of their fishwraps.

We're not dead. We are still here. Our faith in God is as strong as it has ever been. Our belief in the Constitution protecting our Freedoms is just as strong. November 2012, we will show the world that our belief in our Constitutional Rights of freedom and free market capitalism will repair the damage that the Progressives have done to us and the world. American Ascendency is on the rise.

Godfather says to Chicagostan

"No Chicken for you!!!"

But Bean Pie Ok....

Tuesday hostility in Chicagostan, July 31, 2012

2 KIAs and 7 WIAs

Frank Marshall Davis

Who is Frank Marshall Davis? Read this article about Obama's other dad.

Democratic Party Criminal Organization

This is a very good read about what author Michael Walsh states about the history of the Democratic Party. A great book to read is :

The People V's The Democratic Party

By Michael Walsh

Ted Cruz Wins!!!!

Ted Cruz wins the Republican nomination after a successful come from behind attempt. Ted Cruz is a self admitted member of the Tea Party Movement and believes in bringing back Conservative values and beliefs. Congratulations!!!! Now to defeat the Democrats!!!


Obama Campaign is desperately asking supporters for more money. FAIL is FAIL.

The Deadliest Global City

Chicagostan rates number one as the Deadliest Global City. This might be a central reason that we didn't get the Olympics. Gun control doesn't work and never can, no matter how the Left continues to try to spin this. Chicagostan is in the midst of tribal warfare as different factions try to control areas of the city for their criminal enterprises. The total control of the political structure of this city by the Democrats is obvious example that their Social Justice system is full of failure and incompetent policies. Unfortunately, the citizens will continue to live in this system as long as they continue to support it.