Monday, August 31, 2009

Chicago : Stress City

Chicago is number one!!! It ranked first as the most stressful city in the country.
Read why:

Obama Vacation Ends

The President returned today from his vacation at Martha's Vineyard. He departed on his vacation after this message to Muslims around the world.

He is back from vacation. Happy Ramadan Mr. President.

Global Warming - Not Here

Al Gore has made millions of dollars scaring the world about Global Warming. The Leftist teachers require that "An Inconvenient Truth" be shown in schools as part of their indoctrination of our children. Well, Mr Gore, here is an inconvenient truth, it's (adjective deleted due to it's incendiary nature) cold! I am used to the cold winters of Chicago. It's nothing new, some are worse then others. This is the Windy City and it is expected. But Al, after all your hype, this has to be one of the dreariest and coldest summers that I have experienced in Chicago.
I can't wait till the sheeple start waking up from these delusional dreams that the Left have been feeding them.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

God Bless the United States

Heavenly Father,
maker and lover of all,
we ask you to bless the people
of our country.
Bless this flag
and let it always remind us
of the principles it stands for.
Help us to work together in peace
so that we may give you glory by our lives.
We ask this grace, loving Father,
through Christ our Lord.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dim Light

I have decided to start a new section in my Blog called the 'Dim Light'. I will highlight those who I feel are the most dim of the dimwits. Enjoy.

To help me inaugurate this new section will be Rep. Diane Watson (D). She is at a Town Hall Meeting extolling the virtues of ObamaCare. Listen to this mental midget as she explains what wonderful the health care system of Cuba is.

Why do Americans keep voting these goofs into office? Even Fidel Castro doesn't use their much vaunted medical system. When he became ill, he had doctors from Spain go to Cuba to treat him. He wouldn't be caught alive using the Cuban Health System. (Pun intended by author)


Dear Comrades,

It seems that President Obama hunger for power is not satiated yet. He now wants to control the Internet and you won't here a peep from the Radical Leftist Media ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC. The ACLU is mum on this subject also. The American people are outraged now about the ObamaCare and these other Bills are being introduced too. How much control of your life is too much? Will it be too late then? Can you imagine the outrage if this had been proposed by President Bush? Yikes!!!

Read on Dear Reader:

Excerpt of Bill S.773
1 (B) the public on the website of the Office
2 within 90 days after receipt of the information
3 under subsection (b)(1).
4 (c) REGULATIONS.—Not later than 180 days after
5 the date of enactment of this Act, the Director of the Of6
fice of Personnel Management shall prescribe regulations
7 establishing the methodology, timing, and reporting of the
8 data described in subsection (a).
13 The President—
14 (1) within 180 days after the date of enactment
15 of this Act, shall develop and implement a com16
prehensive national cybersecurity strategy, which
17 shall include—
18 (A) a long-term vision of the Nation’s cy19
bersecurity future; and
20 (B) a plan that encompasses all aspects of
21 national security, including the participation of
22 the private sector, including critical infrastruc23
ture operators and managers;
24 (2) in the event of an immediate threat to stra25
tegic national interests involving compromised Fed-

S. 773 Amdt.
1 eral Government or United States critical infrastruc2
ture information system or network—
3 (A) may declare a cybersecurity emer4
gency; and
5 (B) may, if the President finds it necessary
6 for the national defense and security, and in co7
ordination with relevant industry sectors, direct
8 the national response to the cyber threat and
9 the timely restoration of the affected critical in10
frastructure information system or network;
11 (3) shall, in coordination with various critical
12 infrastructure industry sectors, develop detailed
13 cyber emergency response and restoration plans for
14 each critical infrastructure industry sector;
15 (4) shall, through the appropriate department
16 or agency, review critical functions that would be
17 needed after a cybersecurity attack and develop a
18 strategy for the acquisition, storage, and periodic re19
placement of equipment to support those functions;
20 (5) shall direct the periodic mapping of Federal
21 Government and United States critical infrastruc22
ture information systems or networks, and shall de23
velop metrics to measure the effectiveness of the
24 mapping process;

S. 773 Amdt.
1 (6) shall, through the Office of Science and
2 Technology Policy, direct an annual review of all
3 Federal cyber technology research and development
4 investments;
5 (7) may delegate original classification author6
ity to the appropriate Federal official for the pur7
poses of improving the Nation’s cybersecurity pos8
9 (8) shall, through the appropriate department
10 or agency, promulgate rules for Federal professional
11 responsibilities regarding cybersecurity, and shall
12 provide to the Congress an annual report on Federal
13 agency compliance with those rules;
14 (9) shall withhold additional compensation, di15
rect corrective action for Federal personnel, or ter16
minate a Federal contract in violation of Federal
17 rules, and shall report any such action to the Con18
gress in an unclassified format within 48 hours after
19 taking any such action; and
20 (10) shall notify the Congress within 48 hours
21 after providing a cyber-related certification of legal22
ity to a United States person.
24 (a) IN GENERAL.—Beginning with 2013 and in every
25 second year thereafter, the President, or the President’s
August 19, 2009 (3:51 p.m.)

Contact Senator Jay Rockefeller (Democrat), West Virginia, the author of Bill S.733 at the Capitol. The phone number is (202)224-3121 and let him know that you don't want the Government taking control of the Internet.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lt Brian Brennan

Currahee!!! This is a great story of a heroic soldier from a unit which has had a brilliant and honorable history since it's inception. The 506th Airborne Infantry began in 1942 during World War II, as part of the 101st Airborne Infantry Division. That fine tradition can be seen in the HBO mini series "Band of Brothers".
Lt Brian Brennan continues in the finest tradition of the Airborne and has brought countless honor to his unit and himself. He is a wonderful hero who has given so much of himself to our country. Thank you for my freedom, Currahee!!!

Currahee means 'We stand alone' in Cherokee. The Currahee Mountain is located in Stephen County, Taccoa, Georgia. In 1942, Camp Taccoa was a
United States Army paratrooper training camp during World War II five miles west of Toccoa, Georgia. The name was adopted by the unit during it's origination.

History of the 506th Airborne Infantry:

Let the Persecutions Begin

It seems that Obama will have no god besides himself. I don't think that Obama likes Christians very much. But then, why should he, as he continues to take over businesses, ie. Cars, Banks and soon Health Insurance, Socialism is the name of the game. The Government is god. The 'Founding Fathers' would be ashamed of us if they could see this. Do you really want Obama to take our country in this direction?

ObamaCare V

As ObamaCare quickly loses support among the citizens of the United States, the Democrat's have come up with a new plan. In a very disgusting manner, they are attempting to put the name of Ted Kennedy on ObamaCare. He hasn't even been buried and they are trying to capitalize on his death to try to change peoples view on this Socialist agenda.
Remember dear Reader that Senator Kennedy was not using a Socialized medical system nor a regular insurance that the rest of us have, but a Golden Cadillac of Medical Care that only the elites of Washington have. To place his name on ObamaCare would be an insult to all the parties involved. No matter what ObamaCare is called, it is what it is. You can change the name of a crap sandwich but it will always remain a crap sandwich.

Officer Injured

An attempted robbery was thwarted at the Intersection of State St and Randolph Ave in downtown Chicago today. The information is limited at this time, the officer was injured and the offender has been shot dead. I will include more information as it becomes available. Please pray for the officer and that his injuries aren't serious.

Video Link of Policeman injured.

Update: It is now being reported that the offender was killed in the incident.

Update: Superintendent Weis reported that the offender escalted the event as he took an elderly bystander hostage. The officers attempted to take the offender into custody and one officer in fear that his partner and victim would be injured by the offender, shot the offender multiple times and killed. One officer was also shot but the bullet struck his vest. He is in good condition.

Excerpt from the Chicago Sun-Times:

A man brandishing a knife was fatally shot at State and Randolph. A police officer was wounded when he was shot by a fellow cop. He is expected to fully recover.
The officer was taken to the hospital for observation. He was reported in good condition.
The suspect was dead, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.
Just before 1 p.m., Chicago police went to Randolph and Wabash after receiving a report of a “man who was menacing people with a knife,” Weis said. Officers tried to subdue the suspect, giving him a blast of pepper spray but it had not effect.
Witnesses Angelo Watts and Roosevelt Daring saw the man backing away from police officers and waving a knife at them. “He was saying ‘Get back’ to the police,” said Daring. Six or seven police, with guns drawn, were shouting “Put down the weapon, drop the weapon,” according to Watts.
The knife-wielding man headed west to State and Randolph streets, where he “grabbed an elderly gentleman and held the knife to him.”
When the knife wielding man tried to grab a hostage in front of the Loehmann’s clothing store at the Northeast corner of State and Randolph, police fired at least six shots, striking the man in the chest and legs, witnesses said.
One officer tried to disarm the man while a second officer opened fire, striking the man with the knife and hitting his partner. The elderly man was not injured, Weis said.
“He was trying to murder the innocent, elderly gentlemen and with that escalation of force our officers were forced to engage him,” Weis said
“They were in very close proximity. The officer who was hit in the vest had actually had [his] hands on the individual — trying to disarm him. The [second] officer in fear of both his partner's life and the innocent victim, he used his weapon.,” Weis said.

Read further:,w-shooting-state-randolph-loop-chicago-0827.article

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

US Air Force

These guys do a wonderful job. They fly the best and fastest warbirds in the world. This is a film of their training, it is called Operation Red Flag. So put on your helmet and strap yourself in and get ready for a wild dogfight!

U. S. National Debt Clock

Watch as your Hope and Change gets spent by the Government.

I personally like this one better...this one does give me Hope of Change...

ObamaCare : English Vacation

The failed English Public Healthcare has been around since 1947. You would think dear reader, that by now that this system would be at the point of perfection. ObamaCare wants to us to have a system such as this and replace the current one that we have. Here is a wonderful example of what children trying to come into our world enjoy there.

In our travels we find Mr. Mark Watson adventure with Public Health Care.

Hey, it's free isn't it? The lesson to be learned is that everyone will get Free Health Insurance, but not the care. I hope that the apathy is wearing off and people begin to call their Senators and Congressmen at 202-224-3121. Tell them that you don't want ObamaCare.

False Flag

The radical left wing of the Democrat party keep trying to paint the country's Conservatives as destructive kooks. They have been telling us that people showing up to Town Hall Meetings are carrying Nazi signs and causing trouble. That these citizens are being paid by the Insurance companies. seems that one of their propaganda schemes blew up in their face.

It seems that Democrat operatives have been busy trying to pass along misinformation.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blue Knights Video

This is a cool video made by our brothers and sisters of Oregon I Chapter of the Blue Knights. I just wanted to say hello to everyone out there riding from Illinois XI.


Sister on Obama

This sister cheers and comments about Obama.

ObamaCare IV

There is a new commercial that is running about what the end results of ObamaCare will be like, especially for seniors. The ad is sponsored by the League of American Voters. This ad must be saying something true since ABC Network has banned it from being played by any of it's stations. ABC has become an extension of the Obama White House Press Corp and I'm finally understanding what the letters stand for, All Barack Channel. This will be noted as another shameful moment for the Fourth Estate. Newspapers and television news are diving headlong into irrelevancy. Following is the ad.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Elian Gonzalez

We will always remember how Janet Reno had Elian Gonzalez returned to Cuba on June 28, 2000.


These are images of Elian Gonzalez secretly filmed in Cuba. You can see that he is pensive and quiet. There are a few security detail around him as he spends time with his father and family. There is a commentary in this film by his uncle about how he has changed. This is a difficult topic to talk about as we do not have any information from Elian himself. Cuba is obviously a communist dictatorship and therefore it will be impossible to find out anymore information. I pray that he never forgets his family in the U.S. and the sacrifice his mother, Elizabet, made for his freedom. May God Bless her soul.


Estos son imágenes de Elian Gonzalez que filmaron en secreto en Cuba. Usted puede ver que él está pensativo y callado. Hay unos pocos detalle de la seguridad alrededor de él como él pasa tiempo con su padre y la familia. Hay un comentario en esta película por su tío acerca de cómo él ha cambiado. Esto es un tema difícil de hablar de como nosotros no tenemos información de Elian él mismo. Cuba es obviamente una dictadura comunista y por lo tanto será imposible averiguar ya información. Oro que él nunca se olvide su familia en EEUU y el sacrificio su madre, Elizabet, causó su libertad. Puede a Dios Bendice su alma.

OOPS!!! I guess that this is something that the Cuban Government doesn't want us to see. Obama wouldn't want to offend Tio Fidel.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

God Bless the United States - August 23, 2009

We continue to discuss the different views for the reformation of HealthCare. There are many Americans who want to change the current system to a Socialist system which will effect not only the medical care of the citizens but is a 'threat to democracy'.

I pray that we spend today reflecting on what is at stake with the proposed changes. I pray that the Lord will give our leaders the strength to do his will.

A Prayer for America

Father, once again we are reminded that any security we have as individuals
and as a nation comes only from the abiding hope and trust we have in You.
Once again, we are cut to the heart
at the loss of life and damage to peace
that we have suffered as a nation.
So, Father, today we come to You,
we ask for the safety of Your hand.
For those consumed by worry and fear
as they seek healthcare reform,
we ask for the comforting presence of Your Spirit.
We seek Your peace for our Armed Forces,
all our emergency workers,
that You would guard their lives
as they seek to guard the lives of others.
Give them the wisdom they need to perform their duties
above and beyond the levels of their training.
And Father, we seek Your peace for our nation and our world.
In the midst of our questions and uncertainty,
we recognize that the unknown details of this day
are already in Your grasp.
We know You sent Your Son as the Prince of Peace
and even this day falls under His command.
Help us to find the strength and comfort we need as a nation
to continue to humble ourselves,
pray and seek Your face for a new day in America
and a new hope for our world.
"Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times
and in every way. The Lord be with all of you." [2 Thess. 3:16]

Friday, August 21, 2009

VA's Death Book

Americans are not very enthusiastic about our country diving headlong into Socialism. There are many who believe that healthcare is being used as a vehicle to further that goal.

" 'Obamacare' would create the largest bureaucracy ever
by Lee Ellis Indio

It is not just health care that you will (or not) receive if the government health plan is passed. You will also have the largest, most expensive federal bureaucracy ever created. You may receive what you think are free health examinations, but will find that this bureaucracy will need more money from the taxpayers than all other federal bureaucracies combined.
Look to England for proof. According to Daniel Hannan, member of the European Parliament, Britain's National Health Service is the third-largest employer in the world — not the nation, but the world.
The only larger employers are the Red Army in China and the India National Railway. Britain employs 1.4 million people for its health service and administrators far outnumber doctors and nurses. As a result, once started, it cannot be terminated.
Is this what you want for America? If not, you have less than a month to contact your federal reps before they go back to Washington."

Another issue that is being protested is the end of life plan. This has usually been a subject that has been the purview of the immediate family, members of your clergy and your doctors. President Obama wants to include the government in these difficult and personal matters. There is also a medical organization that is already socialized in this country, the Veteran's Administration. The government has promised to give it's veterans health insurance for their service to this country.

The VA, during President Clinton, provided this book to the veterans which discussed the end of life topic. This practice was ended by President Bush because it failed to involve the clergy and address the subject in a more positive manner. President Obama has reinstated it's use once again.

"The Death Book for Veterans
Ex-soldiers don't need to be told they're a burden to society.

by Jim Towey

If President Obama wants to better understand why America's discomfort with end-of-life discussions threatens to derail his health-care reform, he might begin with his own Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). He will quickly discover how government bureaucrats are greasing the slippery slope that can start with cost containment but quickly become a systematic denial of care.
Last year, bureaucrats at the VA's National Center for Ethics in Health Care advocated a 52-page end-of-life planning document, "Your Life, Your Choices." It was first published in 1997 and later promoted as the VA's preferred living will throughout its vast network of hospitals and nursing homes. After the Bush White House took a look at how this document was treating complex health and moral issues, the VA suspended its use. Unfortunately, under President Obama, the VA has now resuscitated "Your Life, Your Choices."
Who is the primary author of this workbook? Dr. Robert Pearlman, chief of ethics evaluation for the center, a man who in 1996 advocated for physician-assisted suicide in Vacco v. Quill before the U.S. Supreme Court and is known for his support of health-care rationing.
"Your Life, Your Choices" presents end-of-life choices in a way aimed at steering users toward predetermined conclusions, much like a political "push poll." For example, a worksheet on page 21 lists various scenarios and asks users to then decide whether their own life would be "not worth living."
The circumstances listed include ones common among the elderly and disabled: living in a nursing home, being in a wheelchair and not being able to "shake the blues." There is a section which provocatively asks, "Have you ever heard anyone say, 'If I'm a vegetable, pull the plug'?" There also are guilt-inducing scenarios such as "I can no longer contribute to my family's well being," "I am a severe financial burden on my family" and that the vet's situation "causes severe emotional burden for my family."
When the government can steer vulnerable individuals to conclude for themselves that life is not worth living, who needs a death panel?
One can only imagine a soldier surviving the war in Iraq and returning without all of his limbs only to encounter a veteran's health-care system that seems intent on his surrender.
I was not surprised to learn that the VA panel of experts that sought to update "Your Life, Your Choices" between 2007-2008 did not include any representatives of faith groups or disability rights advocates. And as you might guess, only one organization was listed in the new version as a resource on advance directives: the Hemlock Society (now euphemistically known as "Compassion and Choices").
This hurry-up-and-die message is clear and unconscionable. Worse, a July 2009 VA directive instructs its primary care physicians to raise advance care planning with all VA patients and to refer them to "Your Life, Your Choices." Not just those of advanced age and debilitated condition—all patients. America's 24 million veterans deserve better.
Many years ago I created an advance care planning document called "Five Wishes" that is today the most widely used living will in America, with 13 million copies in national circulation. Unlike the VA's document, this one does not contain the standard bias to withdraw or withhold medical care. It meets the legal requirements of at least 43 states, and it runs exactly 12 pages.
After a decade of observing end-of-life discussions, I can attest to the great fear that many patients have, particularly those with few family members and financial resources. I lived and worked in an AIDS home in the mid-1980s and saw first-hand how the dying wanted more than health care—they wanted someone to care.
If President Obama is sincere in stating that he is not trying to cut costs by pressuring the disabled to forgo critical care, one good way to show that commitment is to walk two blocks from the Oval Office and pull the plug on "Your Life, Your Choices." He should make sure in the future that VA decisions are guided by values that treat the lives of our veterans as gifts, not burdens."

I read the book and found it one of the most disturbing things that I have ever read. It is written in a manner that would drive most disabled people to believe that they would be better dead then the condition that they are in. It is a book that is full of negative connotations. Dear reader take look at page 21 which asks, "What makes your life worth living?"

Read for yourself:

If you find this insulting and a sad way to treat our veterans, don't worry. If Obama gets his way, this is what you're in store for. This will be the politically correct playbook of the government death panels. How can you avoid this? Don't get sick or old.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Conservatives - Keep Up The Pressure

The non-stop pressure that has been put on the Democrats has gone past even the Liberal Media's attempt to squash it. Obama's early popularity and nightly devotionals by the media cannot stop Americans from seeing the obvious, we're slipping towards Socialism at breakneck speed.

Obama's Approval Ratings:

The rest of the Democrat aren't doing any better as they are confronted by their constituents. The citizens are demanding the truth, Ouch! There is a litany of Townhall meetings in the media that show people upset with their performances. These people have been vilified by the Liberal Media as being operatives for the Insurance Companies or the Republican Party. LOL. The Republican Party wishes that they had had the cojones to do that.

Democrat's Approval Ratings:

Public confidence in the one is beginning to fade. Americans are starting to see that the Democrat's creation of the One, is like a delicious candy bar, tastes great but is nothing but empty calories. I wonder how many people Dear Reader, are kicking themselves for having voted him in? It kind of feels good to be a Conservative again.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ObamaCare III

Not surprisingly, the Democrats are indicating that they will be trying to pass the Health Care Bill on their own. They indicate the reason being the negative response from Republicans, who seem unanimous in not supporting it. Once again, elections have consequences.

NYT reports:
"The Democratic shift may not make producing a final bill much easier. The party must still reconcile the views of moderate and conservative Democrats worried about the cost and scope of the legislation with those of more liberal lawmakers determined to win a government-run insurance option to compete with private insurers.
On the other hand, such a change could alter the dynamic of talks surrounding health care legislation, and even change the substance of a final bill. With no need to negotiate with Republicans, Democrats might be better able to move more quickly, relying on their large majorities in both houses. Democratic senators might feel more empowered, for example, to define the authority of the nonprofit insurance cooperatives that are emerging as an alternative to a public insurance plan.
Republicans have used the Congressional break to dig in hard against the overhaul outline drawn by Democrats. The Senate’s No. 2 Republican, Jon Kyl of Arizona, is the latest to weigh in strongly, saying Tuesday that the public response lawmakers were seeing over the summer break should persuade Democrats to scrap their approach and start over.
“I think it is safe to say there are a huge number of big issues that people have,” Mr. Kyl told reporters in a conference call from Arizona. “There is no way that Republicans are going to support a trillion-dollar-plus bill.”"

It will eventually depend on the Bluedogs and if they decide to break with their Party and vote what their constituents want. They will be facing elections in 2010 and most of them are in office because they ran more Conservative platforms then their Republican opponents. Their support for ObamaCare might lose them re-elections.
The Democrats are pushing forward with yet another industry being Socialized. They now have control of the Banks and the American Auto Industry. I keep rereading the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and am yet to find anything in there about our government being able to control these private industries. It seems that they plan on shelving it soon.
Democrats will also own the ObamaCare Bill.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Newsflash : Most Americans are Conservatives

Gallop poll results show that there are more Conservatives in the United States then Liberals. Yay! I now hope that they realize that all elections have consequences and see what the Democrats really want to do, Socialize this country. In 2010, there will be elections for our Congress. I pray that we show up in enough numbers to throw these Statists out. I am not promoting a political party but an idea, Conservatism.

I don't like the statements about Conservatives being Radical Rightwingers, we're not. We actually believe in more freedoms based on our Constitution and what the 'Founding Fathers' intended. I have heard that people who believe in them are racists. We're not. History already answers the questions of why there was slavery and the way that this sin was paid, during the Civil War. I only hope that the lesson learned was to work as hard as you can to settle a matter peaceably or it might come to a bloody resolution with a future generation. We believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the freedoms that it defines.

CNSNews.comConservatives Now Outnumber Liberals in All 50 States, Says Gallup PollMonday, August 17, 2009By Terence P. Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief

( - Self-identified conservatives outnumber self-identified liberals in all 50 states of the union, according to the Gallup Poll.

At the same time, more Americans nationwide are saying this year that they are conservative than have made that claim in any of the last four years.

In 2009, 40% percent of respondents in Gallup surveys that have interviewed more than 160,000 Americans have said that they are either “conservative” (31%) or “very conservative” (9%). That is the highest percentage in any year since 2004.

Only 21% have told Gallup they are liberal, including 16% who say they are “liberal” and 5% who say they are “very liberal.”

Thirty-five percent of Americans say they are moderate.

During Republican President George W. Bush’s second term, the number of self-identified conservatives as measured by Gallup dropped, riding at a low of 37% as recently as last year.

According to new data released by Gallup on Friday, conservatives outnumber liberals in all 50 states--including President Obama’s home state of Illinois--even though Democrats have a significant advantage over Republicans in party identification in 30 states.

“In fact, while all 50 states are, to some degree, more conservative than liberal (with the conservative advantage ranging from 1 to 34 points), Gallup's 2009 party ID results indicate that Democrats have significant party ID advantages in 30 states and Republicans in only 4,” said an analysis of the survey results published by Gallup.

“Despite the Democratic Party's political strength-- seen in its majority representation in Congress and in state houses across the country--more Americans consider themselves conservative than liberal,” said Gallup’s analysis.

“While Gallup polling has found this to be true at the national level over many years, and spanning recent Republican as well as Democratic presidential administrations, the present analysis confirms that the pattern also largely holds at the state level,” said Gallup. “Conservatives outnumber liberals by statistically significant margins in 47 of the 50 states, with the two groups statistically tied in Hawaii, Vermont, and Massachusetts.”

Massachusetts, Vermont and Hawaii are the most liberal states, even though conservatives marginally outrank liberals even there. In Massachusetts, according to Gallup, 30% say they are conservative and 29% say they are liberal, a difference that falls within the margin of error for the state. In Vermont, 29% say they are conservative and 28% say they are liberal, which also falls within the survey’s margin of error for the state.

In Hawaii, 29% say they are conservative and 24% say they are liberal, which falls within the margin of error for that state.

In one non-state jurisdiction covered by the survey, liberals did outnumber conservatives. That was Washington, D.C., where 37% said they were liberal, 35% said they were moderate and 23% said they were conservative.

Even in New York and New Jersey, conservatives outnumber liberals by 6 percentage points, according to Gallup. In those states, 32% say they are conservative and 26% say they are liberal. In Connecticut, conservatives outnumber liberals by 7 points, 31% to 24%.

Alabama is the state that comes closest to a conservative majority. In that state, according to Gallup, 49% say they are conservative and 15% say they are liberal.

In President Obama’s home state of Illinois, conservatives outnumber liberals, 35% to 23%.

Gallup's results were derived from interviewing 160,236 American adults between Jan. 2, 2009 and June 30, 2009.

Even though conservatives outnumber liberals in all 50 states, in 21 of these states self-identified moderates outnumber conservatives, and in 4 states the percentage saying they are conservative and the percentage saying they are moderate is exactly the same.

The two states with the highest percentage of self-identified moderates are Hawaii and Rhode Island, where 43% say they are moderate.

No Dissension II

It appears that after an outcry from the American people, the White House has disabled it's Brownshirt Central website, . It was very unAmerican to collect the names of people who were opposed to the Obama policy on Healthcare. We have been very active in our position against letting this country go further to the Left. We are starting to reach the apathetics. A sleeping giant is awakening, the American silent majority is starting to become vocal at Town hall Meetings and the Democrats fear what will happen in the 2010 elections. They realize that they have pushed too far and are starting to pull back their efforts. We have to keep up spreading the values of Conservatives because those are the ones that Americans as a free people believe in the most.

We cannot let the government continue to do what it wants without the peoples approval. No longer can we sit back and let them pass thousand page bills without our legislators even reading them. We need to question why Obama is appointing so many czars to control key positions in government without Congressional approval. We have won a huge victory but we have to continue our fight against Democrats view that the Constitution is a hinderance rather then a guideline to our way of life.


White House disables e-tip box

by Mike Allen

Following a furor over how the data would be used, the White House has shut down an electronic tip box — — that was set up to receive information on “fishy” claims about President Barack Obama’s health plan.
E-mails to that address now bounce back with the message: “The email address you just sent a message to is no longer in service. We are now accepting your feedback about health insurance reform via:”
The “flag” service was introduced Aug. 4, with a White House blog post saying: “There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to”
White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said at a briefing shortly after the service launched: “We're not collecting names from those e-mails. … [A]ll we're asking people to do is if they're confused about what health care reform is going to mean to them, we're happy to help clear that up for you. Nobody is keeping anybody's names.”
Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, wrote a letter to Obama raising privacy concerns about what the senator called an “Obama monitoring program.”
“I can only imagine the level of justifiable outrage had your predecessor asked Americans to forward emails critical of his policies to the White House,” Cornyn wrote. “So I urge you to cease this program immediately.”
In a later statement, Cornyn said: “Of course the White House is collecting names. … [I]t is inevitable. Anyone with access to the account has access to the names and email addresses that are collected in that account. … How are they purging names and email addresses from this account to protect privacy?”

Dennis Wegener

Dennis P. Wegener


Dennis P. Wegener, 70, passed into the Lord's hands on Aug. 14, 2009 after a short battle with cancer. He was the beloved husband for 49 years of Alyce, nee Krueger; loving father of Jeffrey (Clara), Daniel and Dennis (Iris); proud grandpa of Erich; and fond uncle of many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents Palmer and Gertrude; and two brothers Robert and Gerald.
Dennis was a retired Illinois State Trooper after 31 years of service, a member of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, chapter educator of GWRRA ILZ2, member of the Blue Knights, Chapter XI and instructor for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Program. Funeral Wednesday, 9:30 a.m., from Ridge Funeral Home, 6620 W. Archer Ave., corner of Natoma, to St. Daniel the Prophet Church. Mass, 10 a.m. Interment Queen of Heaven. Visitation Tuesday, 2 to 9 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations to your favorite charity in his name would be appreciated.

Blue Knights Illinois XI

Sunday, August 16, 2009

National Airborne Day

Today is National Airborne Day!!! I feel like Charlie Brown waiting on the Great Pumpkin every year when I celebrate this. I celebrated by watching my "Band of Brothers" DVDs. I'm sure you all did something fun also. To all my Airborne brothers and sisters, "Airborne!!! All the Way!!!"

Closed for Business

It looks like Mayor Daley is going to put the "Closed for Business" sign on the cities public works, except for emergency services. The parking meter fiasco and the leasing of Midway Airport wasn't enough to fund his Olympic dreams? He leased away the Skyway Bridge to Indiana to a European conglomerate. I wonder how long the Democrats can keep this up?

Aug 14, 2009 6:59 pm US/Central
City Government Closed For Business On MondayCHICAGO (STNG) ―

If you planned to check out a library book, visit a city clinic or have your garbage picked up on Monday, you're out of luck.
The City of Chicago will basically be closed for business on Aug. 17, a reduced-service day in which most city employees are off without pay, according to a release from the Office of Budget and Management. City Hall, public libraries, health clinics and most city offices will be closed.
Emergency service providers including police, firefighters and paramedics will be working at full strength, but most services not directly related to public safety, including street sweeping, will not be provided, the release said.
That also includes garbage pickup. Residents who receive regular collection on Mondays should expect trash to be picked up the following day, the release said. Some other customers may experience a one-day delay as collectors catch up.
As part of the 2009 budget, three reduced-service days were planned for 2009, days which are unpaid for all affected employees -- the Friday after Thanksgiving; Christmas Eve; and New Year's Eve. The City Council recently approved moving the reduced-service day planned for New Year's Eve to Monday.
The 2009 budget anticipates saving $8.3 million due to the reduced-service days.
In addition to reduced service days, all non-union employees were asked to take a series of furlough days and unpaid holidays, and most non-sworn union employees agreed to similar unpaid time off.
"Every dollar we save from these measures helps to save jobs, and in the long-term, maintain services for Chicagoans," Mayor Daley said in the release. "This plan relies on most of our civilian employees to be part of the solution to our very serious budget challenges. I want to thank them again for their sacrifice."

(Source: Sun-Times News Group Wire © Chicago Sun-Times 2009. All Rights Reserved)

The rats in the city of Chicago will be happy this week.

ObamaCare II

Daniel Hannan(MEP) a high ranking British politicians speaks out against Socialized Healthcare that Obama wants to impose on this country. He explains what it is going to cost us, our health, some of our freedom and our wealth. He comes from a country that has had Socialized medicine for the past 60 years and is seen as one of the worst in the world. Do you want the government to make the decision of what you should receive for Healthcare or your own Doctor? Do you want Healthcare that is rationed?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ordering a Pizza in 2012

If our country keeps up the current Obama and the Democrats path of Socialization then this will be how you will be ordering a pizza in 2012.

I'm not a big fan of the ACLU but I have to admit that I agree with them about this one.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Joker - Part 3

It seems that this story is continuing. It seems that an Anti-Obama protester was caught in Clermont, Florida after he put up 500 of the above posters. Read the story here:

The apathy seems to be subsiding. The American people clearly do not want Socialism.

Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

Ronald R. Reagan speaks out about Obamacare back in 1961. He explains how the Statists want to use Medicine as a way of Socializing our society. I am presenting this here for you to hear for yourself. You make the decision about the direction that your country should take.

Who do you trust more, President R. Ronald Reagan or President Barak H. Obama?

This is not a new policy that the Left is trying to inflict on our country, it has been going on for a long time now. We have to quit being apathetic and get involved. It's your country.

Please call your Senators of Congressmen/women at 202-224-3121 or email them at and tell them NO to Obamacare.

Hot Babes of the Persian Gulf

This is the new fashion statement coming from Mecca for women. This swimwear for women has been approved for use by your local mullah. Now men don't have to worry about ever being tempted by a woman at the beach ever again.

Recent reports from Rio, Brazil, say that sales are still low. SHOCKED!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Gave All

PRESS RELEASE: 20th Special Forces Group Soldiers die in Afghanistan

U.S. Army Special Operations Command Public Affairs Office

Capt. Ronald G. Luce

Sgt. 1st Class Severin W. Summers

Sgt. 1st Class Alejandro Granado

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (USASOC News Service, Aug. 3, 2009) — Three U.S. Army Special Forces National Guard Soldiers were killed in action on Aug. 2, 2009 in Qole Gerdsar, Afghanistan.
The following Soldiers, all assigned to Company C, 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) headquartered at Jackson, Miss., died when their vehicle was struck by a command wire improvised explosive device, while conducting a tactical ground movement:
Capt. Ronald G. Luce, 27, of Fayetteville, N.C., was a Special Forces team leader.
Sgt. 1st Class Severin W. Summers, 43, of Bentonia, Miss., was a Special Forces engineer sergeant.
Sergeant 1st Class. Alejandro Granado, 42, of Longview, Texas, was a Special Forces communications sergeant.
Luce is survived by his wife Kendahl and daughter Carrie of Fayetteville, N.C. and parents Ronald and Katherine Luce, of Sneads Ferry, N.C. Summers is survived by his wife Tammy of Bentonia, Miss. and daughters Shelby and Sara; and parents Severin and Charlene Summers of New Roads, La.Granado is survived by his daughter Amanda and sons Hasson and Alejandro of Longview, Texas and parents Alejandro and Rolainda of Tatum, Texas.
For further information, media should contact the Special Forces Command Public Affairs Office during duty hours at 910-643-8438 or after duty hours at 910-429-4165.
Summers' bio.
Granado's bio.
Luce's bio.

SFC Alejandro Granado's Funeral

"Airborne All The Way" By: Unknown Author

These men with silver wings

Troopers from the sky above

In whom devotion springs

What spirit so unites them

In brotherhood they say

Their answer loud and clear,

"Airborne All The Way"

These are the men of danger

As in open door they stand

With static line above them

And ripcord in their hand

While earthbound they are falling

A silent prayer they say

"Lord be with us forever, Airborne All The Way"

One day they'll make their final jump

Saint Mike will tap them out

The good Lord will be waiting

He knows what they are about

And answering in cadence,

He'll hear the troopers say

"We're glad to be aboard, Sir, Airborne All The Way"

Guestbook for SFC Granado:

Far Left Radical Sources

Gator and uncle Billyjoe join their local militia. They found the militia uniforms worn by their great-great-great-great granddaddies. I reckon them two will put the fear of God into those no good Yankee carpetbaggers and their government cheese.

The Leftists are now trying to promote fear in this country by having their propaganda wing, ie. the Liberal Media, write stories about Right-Wing Militias. The stories are about how these militias are just popping up all over the place. They mention that rural people are upset with the government and also play the famous 'race card', a black president.

I found it ironic that these article us the Southern Poverty Law Center for their reference and source to their story. Mark Potok is the author of these articles and is their appointed Intelligence Project head. They fail to mention that the SPLC is a very far-Left group that are basically a group of marxists trying to push Karl Marx's, Communist Manifesto, to southerners. Why didn't the Leftist media mention that? This is the guy that they base their entire tirade about their being a conspiracy from the Right, when it's actually been just a bunch of nutjobs doing these things.

Mark Potok - Far Right Wing Domestic Terrorism Expert

From The Huffington Post August 14, 2009

As director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project and editor of its award-winning, quarterly investigative journal Intelligence Report, Mark Potok leads one of the most highly regarded operations monitoring the extreme right in the world today. In addition to editing the magazine and the Hatewatch blog, Potok acts as a key spokesman for the SPLC, a well-known civil rights organization based in Alabama, and has testified before the Senate, the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights and in other venues. Before coming to the SPLC in 1997, Potok spent almost 20 years as an award-winning reporter at newspapers including USA Today, the Dallas Times Herald and The Miami Herald. While at USA Today, he covered the 1993 siege in Waco, the rise of militias, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the trial of Timothy McVeigh. In 1996, his editors nominated him for a Pulitzer Prize for a package of stories on racism in Texas public housing. In his current position, Potok is regularly quoted by major media, scholars and book authors in both the United States and abroad.

It's sad that they are using these scare tactics now when the country is agitated by Obama's big push towards socialized medicine. I am not surprised, but disappointed, that the President would resort to his old role of community agitator and try to do it on such a large scale. These stories and others which state that the Pharmaceutical industry or the Republican party are bankrolling people, that question these health reform bills are insulting and divisive. The portrayal of doctors as being villains who are profit seekers, by the President. Dear reader, be careful with what the Leftwing media is trying to show you, check your facts please.

UPDATE: ABC continues with it's State sponsered agenda:

Does anybody remember when they came out with a movie about the assasination of President Bush? This was the Leftists wet dream come true on film yet not one peep denouncing this crap.

I couldn't embed it, because all the Youtube videos on this subject been disabled.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back Door Gun Registration

Those wacky Leftists just don't quit. They keep chipping away at our rights any way that they can. This was sent to me in an email. It seems that this time our nefarious haters of freedom are going to try to register our guns through the Tax Code. Great, now they get the IRS involved. Dear reader this is their latest attempt in their attacks on the Second Amendment. When will people realize that these Liberals hate the Constitution?


Senate Bill SB-2099 will require us to> put on our 2009 1040 federal tax form all guns that you have or own. It may require fingerprints and a tax of $50 per gun. The bill was introduced on Feb. 24th and will become public knowledge 30 days after it is voted into law.. This is an amendment to the Internal Revenue Act of 1986. This means that the Finance Committee can pass this without the Senate voting on it at all. The full text of the proposed amendment is on the U.S. Senate homepage. You can find it by doing a search by the bill number, SB-2099.

You know who to call; I strongly suggest you do. Please send a copy of this e-mail to every gun owner you know to help STOP this bill !!!
This is another site to the bill:

Obama's Dance Card

These are Obama's dance card partners in Latin America. I wondered why he liked them so much. Was it that they were Socialists like him? Maybe, but I think that it's because of this:

Mecca of the Midwest

So where can someone go to feel like he is back in Baghdad or possibly Mecca here in the United States? Dear reader the place to go is Dearborn, Michigan, where Sharia Law seems to be practiced openly. Islam is the religion of peace or so I've read. It is, if you are a muslim and then if you are a muslim of the correct sect. If not then be prepared to have your head used as a soccer ball or some other clever torture that you can imagine being inflicted. I'm not about to launch into a tirade against this religion, I believe in the First Amendment and freedom of religion. I can tell you that what they believe is in this book, the Koran.

They derive their laws from it because it is not only a holy book about God. It contains a blueprint about a way of life, code of conduct and a way of life. These laws that is based ob their faith is called , Sharia.

This is a video that was emailed to me. I know that there are many horrible ones out there about what occurs in countries that follow Sharia Law. This one is not graphic but I find it very disturbing because it shows one of our greatest freedom being denied. Where is the ACLU in these situations? Oh yeah, not trying to free the people of Cuba, but the terrorists held there in Guantanamo.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Government Motors

The new Chevy Volt will get you 230 mpg range in the city but it comes at the whopping price of $40,000. The vehicle will be running mostly on electricity. Is this the future for cars?

And take a look at this quarter mile race:

So, will these cars replace our beloved gas-guzzlers? Will Americans accept these cars and discontinue our love affair with the gasoline engine? Where are the flying cars they said would be here now that we live in the Jetson's Age?


This is scary. It is starting to look like "1984" by George Orwell. I remember when the Leftists were crying about the Patriot Act's wire tapping terrorists overseas. I don't hear them yelling too much about this, now do we comrades. How far are these guys going to go?

Hey Genious


OK, the Democrat handlers need to go find this guy a teleprompter, quickly. The President is defending two private companies that are much more efficient then a historical public one. I sometimes wonder if there is enough interesting material to write in this blog. With this POTUS in charge, I have the next four years material filled. Thank you Mr. President and don't do us any favors by inflicting another inept public institution on us. We have enough to contend with with what your Democrat predecessors left us, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare to name a few. Please don't add Obamacare to it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

GI's heart saves family friend

GI's heart saves family friend

By Mark BermanThe Washington Post

WASHINGTON — Cpl. Benjamin Kopp gave his life. And then he saved one.
An Army Ranger who had been on his third tour of duty, Kopp was buried Friday at Arlington National Cemetery. Sadly, it's a familiar story: a young man dead before his time, shot by enemies on the other side of the world.
But this time, there was a renewed life too. Kopp wanted to be an organ donor.
And after he died, his heart was transplanted into a family member's friend who had a rare form of congenital heart disease.
"How can you have a better heart?" said a grateful Judy Meikle, 57, of Winnetka, Ill., who is still recovering from the surgery. "I have the heart of a 21-year-old Army Ranger war hero beating in me."
Kopp's mother, Jill

Benjamin Kopp was fighting in Afghanistan's Helmand province when he was shot in the leg July 10. Stephenson, of Rosemount, Minn., said that in addition to her son's heart, doctors removed his kidneys, pancreas and liver for transplant.
Kopp had served two tours of duty in Iraq when he left this spring for Afghanistan. On July 10, his unit attacked a Taliban haven in Helmand province, according to the 75th Ranger Regiment. The fight lasted several hours, resulting in the deaths of more than 10 Taliban fighters, but Kopp was shot in the leg.
He was eventually transferred to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.
"Initially, it was really comforting to have him be there" on U.S. soil, Stephenson said. "And then it was tough to see him in that condition. . . . He looked like a big, strong guy. But he was full of tubes and cords and wires."
On July 18, Stephenson posted an online journal entry telling family and friends about Kopp's passing and said they would donate his organs.
Maria Burud, Stephenson's first cousin in Chicago, had been following Kopp's condition on the website. What occurred next was happenstance.
Burud and Meikle are friends who had worked together in the 1980s. Burud knew that Meikle needed a heart transplant, and Stephenson happened to see her cousin's message in time.
Meikle knew it might not work out, that Kopp's heart might not be a match.
"It's a million-to-one shot," she said.
It had taken her seven months to get on the eligibility list because she needed to build up a tolerance for heparin, a drug used to prevent blood clots during heart surgery.
But she got a call later that day from Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.
In the early hours of July 20 — two days after Kopp died — Meikle had her transplant surgery at Northwestern.
"Ben and Jill were so courageous that something good came out of something that was the worst thing that could happen to someone," Meikle said.
"I'm just the luckiest woman alive."

Acting Stupid

Amazing, wasn't it, when President Obama called the Cambridge Police stupid. For those of you who wear blue and voted for him, how did it make you feel? It was kind of hard to swallow, that once again another politician was making a negative comment on our profession even after admitting that he didn't have all the facts. Dear readers, that just opens the door wide open for me to say things about this current administration. The only thing that I plan to do differently is to provide facts and sources for my comments.

We do a hard enough job anyways, but to have the President of our great nation tell the members of the Cambridge Police Department that they "acted stupidly"...ouch. Then he says comically says that he might be shot entering the White House, his residency. I'm certain that the Secret Service loved that. It is a very difficult job that we do.

Responding to a 'Burglary in Progress' call is among one of our most dangerous assignments. The Police have to gain control of the situation and ensure that there is no loss of property or life. They do this as safely and professionally as possible and often without knowing the identity of anyone on the scene. They want to ensure that any offender are arrested and that the property is not lost. They do this at the risk of their own lives often. They want to return home the way that they went to work.

Obama was seen as the person who would be the great "uniter". He has become the great "divider".