Sunday, September 27, 2009

Can you become a Millionaire?

This is a topic that seems to be more important as we go into the Obama age. The rich will suffer much less then we will from Obamination because of the bigger cushion that they have available to them. President Obama's plans will hit us more noticeable in our pocketbooks.

So how does one become a millionaire? There are some people who think that it can be done in ten years. Then there are others who think that it can be done in four steps. Here is another way to become rich.

It seems that no matter how you do it, it will not happen quick and you will have to learn to live within your means. I believe one topic that wasn't touched upon was that you really need to avoid using a credit card when you can. I don't mean shred your Visa or Mastercard, I haven't. You can use them for your short term high value purchases but you should be prepared to pay themn off immediately.
Save, save and save some more. You should always have at least a month worth of your salary stashed away. The optimum is at least three months. This is a cushion. Try to build upon that afterwards.
Try these things or at least hope that you are one of the lucky ones who can win the Lotto or at Las Vegas. So good luck.

ObamaCare IX

Just open this email link to YouTube video about Congressman Mike Rogers. He points out some of the deficiencies that this Bill has. I call to question why the Democrat controlled Congress under the behest of President Obama have tried unsuccessfully to quickly pass a Bill of such a magnitude. I understand that in Congress there is a civil tone to it's decorum and as such, many things that need to be clearly said are not , but very important subjects are danced around. This came to an abrupt stop when the President addressed the Congress and was accused of lying by Representative Joe Wilson, S.C. (R).

The Democrat control all the branches of government. They know that ObamaCare is unpopular as you can see from all the negative attitudes in Townhall meetings throughout the country. They know that there is a stirring among the American people as is evident when close to 2 million people peacefully descended on our Nation's capital. The Republican party was disseminated during the last couple of elections. They are now powerless and unable to stop any legislation. This happened because the American people were not happy with the way they were taking our country.

We now stand to witness where President Obama and the Democrats plan to take our country. There is a reason why ObamaCare hasn't passed yet. The Democrats are staring to hear the voices of their constituents and are now having to decide where their loyalties lie. They will either support their party and vote for ObamaCare or they will stand with the people. They know that many of them will lose their seats and are having personal debates of what they will be doing.

The odd thing about this entire situation is that we as a nation of 340,000,000 people are being held hostage by about 550 people. How have we lost so much control of our country? The purpose of government as intended by the 'founding fathers' was to govern 'by the people, for the people', not to rule the people as is currently being practiced. Elections have their consequences. We need to get informed about the issues and simple VOTE.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alternative Media

These last two weeks President Obama has lost a few of his Czars and his allies at ACORN were struck a huge blow when Congress voted to cut it's funding. That is pretty incredible news but you would have never heard about it if you only pay attention to the 'Mainstream Media'(MSM). They kept it quiet, not a peep. Is that a coincidence?

The only way that these stories saw any light was through Fox News and bloggers. They used the power of the 1st Amendment in the way that the 'Fourth Estate' or MSM should have been. We often get labeled as Rightwingers and such, but we should be called Conservatives. We don't believe in anything that is 'Radical', unless you believe that God, Freedom and the Constitution are. We believe in the dreams of our 'founding fathers' and the groundwork that they established for us. We believe that any changes that need to be made are already in the mechanics of The Constitution.

Friday, September 25, 2009

You Got Whacked

Chicago is world famous for it's wise guys. They've been around forever and add a distinct flavor to the city. So don't worry 'bout what ya see here. Forget 'bout it!!!

Fighting Continues in Afghanistan

The troops are still in Afghanistan and the Generals are calling for more or they warn that there will be dire results for us. Meanwhile, the Great Leader is busy indoctrinating our children about the wonders of Socialism and him. He sometimes worries about how the rest of the world feel about us. My favorite, forcing the American people into Socialism by have ObamaCare rammed down their throats.

The White House has no plans or objectives for Afghanistan. They are ignoring or waiting on sending the help that is needed. They have made the new 'Rules of Engagement'(ROE) that are more concerned about goats and mud brick houses, then our men's lives. Our brave soldiers fight on, ignored by their country. You aren't forgotten guys, stay safe and return soon.

ObamaCare VIII

The Marxists are starting to show their colors. They are now really admitting the lies that they have been telling the American people. They are going to either give you a monetary penalty or throw you in jail if you fail to get medical insurance or sign up for ObamaCare. Where in
The Constitution does it say that government can impose these things on us? Wake up America! Take a look at this dear Reader.

From Politico:

"Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) received a handwritten note Thursday from Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Tom Barthold confirming the penalty for failing to pay the up to $1,900 fee for not buying health insurance.
Violators could be charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to a year in jail or a $25,000 penalty, Barthold wrote on JCT letterhead. He signed it "Sincerely, Thomas A. Barthold.""

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Indoctrination: K thru 9th Grade

The Indoctrination in Obamanism begins, but no longer is it done in the shadows but in the open. This disgusting video of Obamanist teachers who is conducting her class of small children to sing a ditty about Comrade President Obama set to the tune of the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic'.

This isn't only revolting but it saddening to see our children being indoctrinated into the basics of fascism. They are not being taught to sing about how wonderful our country is, which would encourage patriotism. They are being taught about the invented greatness of an untested first time President. He has yet to do anything that have made this country any better. He has in fact made the office of President a joke, not only to us but to the world. He has laid the groundwork to socialize the auto industry, banks and educational systems. He is planning on letting the government control our entire medical system.

Is this something you want done to your children?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Modern Joan of Arc

She is a voice in the wilderness. She brings fear to those who wish to bring down our nation. She brings hope to those who still have faith that we have inherited a wonderful gift from God, the United States of America. She has been criticized and vilified like no other politician ever. Her message is clear to those who don't fall victim to the power of the leftist propagandist in the Liberal media. There has never been such a powerful combination of methods used to shut down the message that Sarah Palin brings, Conservatism.

The Left would love to do nothing more then burn her at the stake. Her positive message of bringing our country back to the forefront again is based on one thing, American Exceptionalism. We are a great people, not because we are any different then any other human being on this planet, but because of our God given Rights that are in our Constitution.

Ammo Shortage

There are many different forms of scarcity during a recession. The shortage of ammo was a surprising one. There are many different reasons being given for this new phenomenom. Americans are buying ammunition faster then it is being produced. Why are we stocking up so much? Why is there such a deficiency of bullets?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Counter Rallies

The Teaparties have been getting the message across and the Left is desperate. President Obama was brought out to give a speech that would convince Congress to pass ObamaCare but FAIL.

Two million Americans descended upon Washington DC to protest ObamaCare and the Leftwing Media ignored it, FAIL. These protesters came in quietly, listened to speeches and left quietly. There were no arrests or any trouble. They even picked up after themselves not costing the city anything for cleanup. They are the silent majority and their voices will be heard starting 2010.

President Obama plans on going on a whirlwind Sunday news tour on five different shows to continue to try to convince America that Socialized medicine is better for us, FAIL. This continued pressure from the White House is showing that the majority of 304,059,724 Americans will not be held hostage by the few hundred elected representatives of this country.

Yet, they have to be credited for their insistent persistence in that they now will roll out their forces in rallies of their own. They have seen how effective our tea parties have been and want to demonstrate. Their queen, Nancy Pelosi, is rolling out the members of Labor Unions, bloggers of, political agitators from ACORN and more mindless drones. Bring it on, these people's leftist views are not those of their 'enemies', of the rest of us in America.

Friday, September 18, 2009

ACORN and San Diego

This is a story that keeps on giving and giving. Thank you ACORN for your willingness to promote criminal activity at every one of your sites that these kids visited. There is also plenty of shame to go around, first to ACORN for it continuing efforts to cheat and create a viable underclass in this country. Shame on ACORN for actually trying to provide a venue for the use of Child Prostitution. Shame on the Liberal media for not looking into this organization because of it's ties with President Obama. Will they look into that relationship? I doubt it since the Liberal media has degenerated into a quasi-propaganda mouthpiece of the Democrat Party, especially of President Obama. I wonder what they would find there?

Read more about this story here :
ACORN and San Diego

Benjamin Frankiln

Rising Sun
by Margaret Byfield

The men affectionately remembered, as America’s Founding Fathers did nothing less than overthrow the world’s greatest power and establish an independent nation based upon the principles of individual liberty for the first time in the history of the world.It took this remarkable combination of men to achieve this. If you take anyone of our Founding Fathers away, the American Revolution most surely would have concluded differently. Imagine winning the revolutionary war without the leadership of George Washington, or the creation of the Declaration of Independence without the wisdom and brilliant expression of Thomas Jefferson, or the meticulously crafted Constitution without the insight of James Madison.
One man in this unique class of Founding Fathers, however, stands out not only for his individual deeds, but also because he was the only patriot involved in all it’s major events. It is Benjamin Franklin. Franklin’s life, born in 1706 and deceased in 1790, spans the entire revolutionary period, and he had his hand in every facet of the development of this new nation, from the colonial uprising to the final ratification of the new nation’s governing document, the United States Constitution.
It was Thomas Jefferson who predicted that of all the revolutionary leaders Benjamin Franklin would be remembered long after he and the others were forgotten because they recognized that Franklin was indispensable to the establishment of America’s independence. In a letter to William Smith after Franklin’s death, Jefferson fondly remembered Franklin, “as our great and dear friend, whom time will be making greater while it is sponging us from it’s records.”Franklin’s first political activities began as early as age 14 when he was helping his brother James run the Boston Newspaper, The New England Courant. Because of the paper’s political opinions, which were critical of British rule, James was imprisoned for a short time while the paper continued under Benjamin’s name. This early introduction into politics was only the beginning for young Ben. By the time the Stamp Act was passed in 1765, which sparked the colonist’s uprising, Ben was 59 and had developed well-seasoned political opinions, which he gladly shared with other colonists. He is credited with creating America’s first political cartoon, published in order to galvanize the support against British oppression. It is the famous drawing of the snake cut into sections with the words “Join or Die,” inscribed.
Franklin left his Boston home at age 17 after a disagreement with his brother James. He arrived in Philadelphia with only a Dutch dollar and about a shilling in copper. Within seven years he started The Pennsylvania Gazette and was an active community leader in Philadelphia where he was busy organizing the many service organizations he is credited with starting.
These include the first fire department and night patrol in Philadelphia. He was our nation’s first Postmaster, founded the Pennsylvania Hospital and the Library Company of Philadelphia. But it was science that truly inspired him. He was continually studying the discipline and took advantage of his official trips to Europe as America’s Ambassador in order to consult with other scientists. The result is the creation of several useful conveniences. For instance, he invented the first stove of its kind, the Franklin Stove, which unlike a fireplace could produce heat and direct the smoke out of the dwelling. We are all familiar with the image of Ben flying a kite with a metal key in a lighting storm. He was the first to prove that lighting produced electricity.
Franklin was also a prolific writer. He had published several papers including “Disertation on Liberty & Necessity” before publishing his first book at age 26, Poor Richards Almanac, which contains numerous popular sayings still common today, such as “a penny saved, a penny earned.” The Poor Richard series was so popular in its time that even John Paul Jones named his ship “Bonhomme Richard,” which defeated the British “Serapis,” after Franklin’s memorable character.
By age 42, Franklin had earned enough money from his business ventures and inventions that he retired and devoted much of his time to his political activities. As a member of the Second Continental Congress, he was assigned to the Committee of Five along with John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston and a young Thomas Jefferson who was only 33 at the time. The committee was charged with the duty of writing the Declaration of Independence. After signing the Declaration, Franklin’s diplomatic skills were called upon, and he was dispatched to France to negotiate a critical alliance with the European power.
Franklin was one of 17 children, and the father of three. His first son was born out of wedlock to an unknown mother. He later took Deborah Read Rogers as his common law wife where he fathered a daughter and second son. His second son died at a young age while Franklin disowned his eldest son for siding with the British. Franklin lived his long life without ever speaking to his son after their disagreement.
Franklin also earned a reputation as a philanderer, often seen in the European brothels while serving as America’s Ambassador of France. Although Franklin claims his wife changed his habits and made him an honest man, history has accounted for this part of his life differently.
It is certain however, that Franklin was well respected by his peers and his contributions to the Revolution were instrumental in shaping American independence. Even at age 82, he was deeply embroiled in the intellectual debate of America’s future, and the type of government that would follow. He attended the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia where the delegates carefully debated every word of the Constitution.
Franklin believed, as did many of the delegates, that the newly crafted Constitution designed to replace the Articles of Confederation gave the federal government too much power, and he fought hard to shape it differently. Many of the delegates relied upon Franklin’s aged wisdom and held back their own support because of his concerns. But a few months before the final passage of the document, Franklin made one of his last political contributions to the new nation and threw his full support behind its passage.
“… I doubt too whether any other Convention we can obtain, may be able to make a better Constitution. For when you assemble a number of men to have the advantage of their joint wisdom, you inevitably assemble with those men, all their prejudices, their passions, their errors of opinion, their local interests, and their selfish views. From such an assembly can a perfect production be expected? It therefore astonishes me, Sir, to find this system approaching so near to perfection as it does; … Thus I consent Sir, to this Constitution because I expect no better, and because I am not sure, that it is not the best. … On the whole, Sir, I can not help expressing a wish that every member of the Convention who may still have objections to it, would with me, on this occasion doubt a little of his own infallibility, and to make manifest our unanimity, put his name to this instrument.”
Franklin himself did not deliver the speech but rather asked a colleague, James Wilson, to read it for him. His age prohibited him from standing very long. He was too feeble to even walk in and out of the hall each day. Instead he had prisoners carry him into the Great Hall and prop him up in a chair. Most of his contributions were written by him and delivered by another. But when the man who had seen the Revolution from beginning to end gave approval for the great document, it signaled a new era, and the beginning of a remarkable new nation.The Constitution was eventually adopted by the delegation, and as Franklin sat watching each member sign their name on the nation’s new Constitution, he remarked to one of his colleagues that during the debates he often noticed the painting on the back of the Convention Presidents chair, where George Washington presided. It was the painting of half a sun. Franklin told his colleague that he had wondered if the sun was rising or setting, and now he was certain it was rising.
Franklin’s last political role was as President of the Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery. He was one of several of the Founding Fathers that fought against the practice throughout the debates believing slavery contradicted the principles of individual liberty the nation was founded upon. But it was one political battle they were unable to win. Still, Franklin never gave up and even submitted resolutions abolishing slavery to the new government in his last two years of life. He died April 17th, 1790.As Franklin left Independence Hall after signing the United States Constitution, a young citizen inquired: “What kind of government did you give us? A monarchy or a republic?” Franklin responded “A republic, if you can keep it!”Rising Sun

Today, President Obama, I ask you, "How do you answer a young citizen? Can you give a similar response as Benjamin Franklin? If a republic, can we keep it?"

Dim Light - Wolf Blitzer

The Wolf that ate Humble Pie.
You can watch Wolf Blitzer as the host of CNN's Situation Room. Wow, that sounds important doesn't it, but it's just another leftist propaganda outlet. He can be seen narrating stories and there is always a self-grandizing sneer to him whenever he talks about any Conservatives or their issues. You can watch him, looking self important with a headset on??? What is that all about? I finally figured it's actually somebody from the Communist News Network(CNN) that is feeding him his talking points. Watch this video and see Wolf eat Humble Pie.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ACORN and San Bernadino

It seems that no matter where you go in the United States, ACORN is there to help you start a Child Prostitution Ring. ACORN is receiving Federal funds for it's community programs but these videos show that this organization should be disbanded and some of it's members thrown in prison. Wake up America and let's put this country back on track again. It's still not too late but will be if we continue our apathetic attitude to our national destruction.

Read about the further adventures of ACORN.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Million Copies

Congratulations Mark Levin on your sale of one million copies of your book, Liberty and Tyranny. It's amazing how quiet the Liberal media has been about this book. They obviously fear it and the message that it sends. It is a great source book for information about Conservatism. It is well documented and gives bigger insights into what limited government should be. A government for the people, of the people is not what President Obama envisions. He does not believe in what the Founding Fathers intended.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Live Free

Deny it all you want Liberal Media. Two million Americans came to voice their concerns about our Government. Starting next year, we begin to take our country back. Register to vote. Elections do have consequences.

Juguete de Nadie

Quiero ser un juguete. Este video lo canta todo. Disfrute de.

ACORN and the Big Apple

ACORN and the Big Apple

Yet again, ACORN, continues to show America just what the Change that President Obama wanted for this country. Good job electing him, America. Elections have consequences, here's another. Just watch these people from ACORN, they aren't upset that a young lady is claiming to be a prostitute and that the gentleman besides her is her new pimp. They actually are trying to help them buy a house. A house which they claim they will use for further prostitution. We are paying taxes for this garbage. Socialism is a failed and debased system, why keep promoting it?

America, how much more is it going to take to get over this national apathy?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tea Party - Sept 12, 2009

The September 12th, 2009 Tea Party is being ignored by the Liberal Media today. That's ok, the American people already know what their agenda is. They can ignore us, our politicians can ignore us and President Obama can ignore us, but we are here and we will be heard.

We don't want the Changes and Hopes that President Obama want's to shove down our throats.
Conservatives from all over the country have descended on Washington DC. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS are ignoring or minimizing us. We believe in our Constitution and we will ensure that it continues to provide us the freedom that it guarantees us. Over two million Americans have arrived and more keep coming. God Bless America.

The Left in America is trying to shut us up. Leftwing = FAIL
UPDATE: Activists shout down CNN reporter. "Tell the truth"!


This is the story of a little known, but very important group, called the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. It is better known as ACORN and has been very instrumental in getting President Obama elected to the White House. They are now receiving large funds from the Federal Government and are responsible for programs that are designed to bring about Change and are constantly promoting President Obama's domestic policies. The Leftwing media has kept their spotlight off them so as not disturb their common radical goals.

Unfortunately, ACORN, has a propensity for getting caught in the limelight. These stories can only be seen in blogs and media outlets like Fox News which wrote this story about ACORN's Census Bureau ties. This is another story about the type of conduct that ACORN is using in it's attempt at the destruction of the fabric of our society.

This is an example of the Change that President Obama has brought to our country. There are many more stories which are waiting to be brought forth. America, please shake off your apathy and take your country back. We cannot let radical leftwing groups which are publically funded, like ACORN, take root in our midst and begin to spread it's leftist corruption.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget

God Bless America


It appears, comrade readers, that the Democrats are seriously looking at using a congressional budget process to pass ObamaCare. This process is called reconciliation, which is normally used to pass Congressional budgets so that there is continual funding for the government. It is used when the majority party cannot get a full count of 60 votes. This procedure has never been used to pass any other type of Bill and it seems particularly disturbing that it will be applied to what seems to be a monumental Bill for the Left.

There has been much talk of the Blue Dogs standing firm against ObamaCare but in the end they will probably fall on their swords as they support their party, before the American people that they were elected to represent. Elections, unfortunately, have consequences and this will be another detrimental one. It's too late if 2008 was a mistake. They will probably end up losing their seats. But they will have accomplished what Rahm Emmanuel originally intended for his Blue Dogs to do. ObamaCare is probably the most important cornerstone that the Left wants, to finally establish Socialism in this country.

President Obama is cracking his whip and is setting all the Democrats on a course contrary to the will of the majority of Americans. It doesn't matter, once ObamaCare is in place it will wrap it's tentacles around our Constitution, far worse then Social Security, Medicare, Welfare and Medicaid ever did. Those were Socialist programs directed at two small groups of the American population, the poor and the elderly. All those programs have been dismal failures and are filled with corruption and ineptitude. They are all in danger of going bankrupt soon.

Get ready America, we're all about to be reconciliated as Socialists.

Where's Osama?

Osama bin Laden is pictured with his boy-toy, Ernie 'Che' Guevara, enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the Peoples Republic of San Francisco.

The inquisitive Peter Bergen has been snooping around Afghanistan. He hasn't been able to find Osama, even though many rocks and stones have been overturned. He thinks that Osama might have snuck out and is hiding in Pakistan. CNN are hot on the trail. Where's Osama?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This is an incredible story of luck and inspiration. For most of his life, Bernie Shlepman, has lived an average and normal life. He had a pretty good job at Radio Shack as an assistant manager. He had a nice computer rig that he built, in his Mom's basement. He had a level 79 Human mage, named Elminster, which he played on World of Warcraft. He never had a girlfriend, but his Mom said that one day his luck would change.

Last Wednesday, Bernie won the $181 Million Dollar Lottery. Then surprisingly found the love of his life just two days later. Imagine that. He finds riches and love in the same week. He has decided to change his name to 'Lucky'.

He is planning on going to Vegas with his winnings and new found love soon. What are the chances?

Stories From the Left

A well trained Cuban Dissident Investigator, Che, is seen relaxing.

Cuba, one of the last bastions of a failed ideology, is using trained canine agents to 'sniff out' dissidents. The use of this type investigative tools only shows what would be a ridiculous method of investigation, if it wasn't true. Read further about Cuban High Tech Criminal Operative.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ObamaCare VII

Today will be a crucial day for ObamaCare. He will be addressing Congress today in an effort to convince them to pass a health reform bill, ObamaCare. The government is notorious in fighting us. Even though the majority of the people in this country are against ObamaCare, the Democrats want to try to pass this unpopular law. Conservative Americans aren't against reforming health care so that everyone gets the health care that they need. What we don't want is Socialized Government Control of health care, ObamaCare.

We don't want what the government to inefficiently run Socialized programs that have been seen as failures in Europe and elsewhere that it has been applied. Popular American socialist programs such as Welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc., all run the risk of future bankruptcy. The Veterans Administration health care is constantly running into problems with funding, when above all else, the veterans should never have to be without. Ever.

The Leftists blame insurance for the problems of the health care industry when they refuse to do anything about Tort Reform. It is obvious that they will not bite the hand that feeds them since the Trial Lawyers are the biggest contributors to the Democrat party. Can anyone, dear reader, say, "conflict of interest"? There are so many problems with government programs that have an insatiable appetite for money. Their solution always being to raise taxes.

We don't want ObamaCare. We need to reform the health care industry. We don't need to lay the cornerstone to Socialization of this country. The intent of our 'Founding Fathers' establishment of this country can be summarized in one phrase, live free.
Preisdent Obama will be trying to throw his 'Hail Mary' pass. It will be Obama's Doom and Gloom threats again. Man up Mr President, the people don't want this.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ObamaCare VI

The saga continues, as our young intrepid President Obama attempts to address Congress about supporting ObamaCare. It doesn't matter to him that the majority of the citizens are opposed to the Socialization of their medical health insurance and ultimately their country and freedom.

On the other side of the Congressional floor, Senator Max Baucus is pressuring the weak willed legislators with a new diabolical plan. It is the Baucus Plan . Will Obama or Baucus be able to strike fear into the people's representatives? Will the thought of losing their precious position be enough for them to resist? We will soon find out dear reader.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama's Reading Material

This is a book that Barack Obama was seen holding. It is part of his reading list unless he denies actually reading it. He has tried that angle when he said that he attended Rev. Wright's church for twenty years but never listened to his hate filled leftist political speech. But let us surmise that on the half chance that he actually did read this book, will these ideas form his foreign policy?

Post-American World
 Author: Fareed Zakaria
W.W. Norton & Company, 2008
Zakaria as a Ph.D. in government from Harvard University. He is a former editor of Foreign Affairs, and in 2000 he became editor of Newsweek International. He hosts an hour program on CNN on Sunday entitled the "Global Public Square." He was born in 1964 and is a naturalized U.S. citizen.
In this, his third major book, Zakaria begins:
"This is a book not about the decline of America but rather about the rise of everyone else." He writes:
We are now living through the third great power shift of the modern era. It could be called "the rise of the rest" ... Over the past few decades, countries all over the world have been experiencing rates of economic growth that were once unthinkable.
Zakaria is optimistic. Hundreds of millions are still living "in desperate poverty," but people living on one dollar a day has declined "from 40 percent in 1981 to 18 percent in 2004, and is estimated to fall to 12 percent by 2015." Zakaria sees poverty declining in the world in general. Between 2000 and 2007, he writes, the world economy grew at "its fastest pace in nearly four decades." Income rose "at a faster rate (3.2 percent) than in any other period in history." And this occurred despite all of the turmoil.
Zakaria believes that Americans will benefit from this overall growth, what he describes as a bigger pie. He is aware of problems, environmental and otherwise. Zakaria writes (before the crisis of September 2008) of "low interest rates and cheap credit [causing] people to act foolishly or greedily, inflating bubbles in technology stocks, housing, subprime mortgages, or emerging market equities - bubbles that eventually pop.
Zakaria focuses on the question of U.S. power to control. The power shift he describes as countries choosing to forge ties with one another rather than following the U.S. or the "West" as a center of power - a shift away from "unipolarity." He predicts that no country "will get its way entirely." He writes:
This does not mean becoming resigned to chaos or aggression; far from it. But the only way for the United States to deter rogue actions will be to create a broad durable coalition against them. And that will be possible only if Washington can show that it is willing to allow other countries to become stakeholders in the new order. In today's international order, progress means compromise. No country will get its way entirely. (p. 44)
Zakaria describes the United States as having "enormous strengths" and writes that "the new world will not throw up a new superpower but rather a diversity of forces that Washington can navigate and even help direct."
But he describes U.S. officials as preaching to foreigners rather than engaging in conversation. He quotes:
When we meet with American officials, they talk and we listen - we rarely disagree or speak frankly because they simply can't take it in. They simply repeat the American position, like the tourist who thinks he just needs to speak louder and slower and then we will all understand.
Zakaria quotes Singapore's foreign secretary, Kishore Mahbubani: "There are two sets of conversations, one with Americans in the room and one without." (p. 226)
Zakaria faults Democrats for unilateralism. He also writes of the "chest-thumping machismo of the Bush administration" and "the kind of posturing that played well in the Republican convention." Among the chest thumpers he included the Republicans Rudy Guliani and Mitt Romney, the latter of whom said he wanted to double the size of Guantanamo. And there was Tom Tancredo, who suggested that the U.S. threaten to "take out" Mecca.
Zakaria praises McCain for coolness regarding another 9/11 threat from al-Qaeda (see page 252), and he writes of the inclination of candidates to appeal to public fears and a desire for toughness. Referring to a debate in South Carolina in 2007 during which candidates were asked how they would respond to another attack like 9/11, Zakaria writes that "they promptly vowed to attack, retaliate, and blast the hell out of, well, somebody." He describes Barack Obama as the "only one to answer differently." Obama's initial response, according to Zakaria, "was the right one." Obama said, in Zakaria's words, "that the first thing he would do was make certain that the emergency response was effective, then ensure we had the best intelligence possible to figure out who had caused the attack, and then move with allies to dismantle the network responsible." But then, realizing his vulnerability, Obama "dutifully threatened retaliation as well." After the debate, in Zakaria's words, "his opponents suggested that Obama's original response proved he didn't have the fortitude to be president."
Zakaria favors a collective international response to terrorism over "chest thumping" unilateralism, with the U.S. maintaining its openness and the kind of fearless optimism held by Ronald Reagan.

I sometimes wonder how these Liberals think. They would rather everyone live in mediocrity then have those that can do better prevail. Barack and Fareed will not be happy until they can bring this country from American Exceptionalism to what the rest of the planet has, failed political systems. These Libtards want to put in policies which will destroy the way of life in our country. This while former communist countries adopt our way of life and become more productive as they emulate us.
2010, is around the corner dear readers, let's vote Obama supporters out in Congress. Then the 'Anointed One' in 2012. We need to get the country back under The Constitution .
Listen to Fareed Zakaria's Liberal plan for the United States:

The interesting aspect of this exercise is that as the saying goes, 'history repeats itself when it is forgotten'. We will get a first row seat on how the Roman Empire fell. This will be an example on how most empires fall, from within. This hasn't happened yet, it will if we sit idly by and let it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Obama Drone Thrown under the Bus

I want to thank everyone for putting pressure on the Obama Administration to get rid of this idiotic Green Czar, Van Jones. The government doesn't need a communist putz trying to promote an industry that doesn't even exist. Why is Obama putting someone, in the
'Executive Ruling Council', who still believes in a failed political system, Communism?
Van Jones is also a Truther. These dimwits believe that 911 was a government conspiracy and have passed around a document to be signed. It calls for an investigation into the Bush Administrations involvement with terrorist to have a coordinated attack on the Twin Towers to precipitate the Iraq War. Van Jones has tried to deny or say that he didn't clearly understand what he was signing. Please!

It is bad enough that the President has an 'Executive Ruling Council' with so many czars, but does he have to fill these positions with so many clowns? Dear readers, Comrade Leader Obama has made Congress impotent with the appointment of all these czars and the silence from the Courts is deafening. The American people have also been quiet about this and all we can do is try to be a voice in this wilderness of national apathy.

We are starting to wake up from the fiction that has been thrust upon us and slowly we are reacting to this rapid change of our government. We have shown our disdain for President Obama's 'Executive Ruling Council' and don't want it. The American people like the way that the country was formed and many of us still believe in The Constitution. The current direction that the Government is taking in moving away from our foundation will have severe repercussion during the 2010 elections. If we don't bring our government back from the control of the political elites and put it back into the hand of the people, then God help us all.

Where is Congress and the Supreme Court? Are they just highly paid puppets? Yes men and women who will rubberstamp President Obama's policies made by his czars? Americans need to call their political representative and let them know that in 2010, we will begin to take back our country at the polls.

Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard

Let us pray for the soul of Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard. He gave his life for our liberty in Afghanistan on August 14, 2009. Our deep condolences go to his family and friends on the loss of such a young and wonderful man.

There is a controversy growing about the publishing of a picture that shows Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard, severely wounded and dying. The AP, a news outlet, decided to release the photo against the wishes of his father, John Bernard, a retired Marine himself. These actions by the newsmedia is distasteful and disrespectful of someone who has made such a sacrifice for his country.

These are the actions that occured on August 14, 2009. :

"Lance Cpl. Joshua "Bernie" Bernard was leading the patrol of the Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines platoon as they patrolled around Dahaneh, Afghanistan on August 14th. The troop had received a tip that the Taliban was lying in ambush. Bernard, along with 10 other Americans and 10 Afghans and the crew from AP including photographer Julie Jacobson went out searching for them.
During a gun fight, Bernard went down. He was hit in the legs with a grenade. Two fellow Marines went over to him and proceeded to attend to Bernard and his wounds. While hunkering down out of the Marines way, Jacobson was photographing the battle and the two Marines that were exposing themselves to enemy fire to try to save a fellow Marine and their friend's life.
Jacobson recalls hearing them comfort Bernard and encourage him while they tended to his wounds out on an active battlefield. The Marines crawled and dragged him to the MRAP, the mine-resistant armored vehicle, which then took Bernard back to their base just 500 yards away. Bernard's vital signs were stable when he was then transported via helicopter to the main Marine compound in southern Afghanistan, Camp Leatherneck.
Back on the battlefield fighting would continue for about 10 to 15 minutes. When the fighting stopped some of the Taliban got away, but three were killed. Bernard's fellow Marines would learn shortly later that he had died on the operating table from a blood clot in his heart.
Later Bernard's squad leader, Cpl. Joshua Jackson continues to wonder if there was something he could have done differently and knows that it is something that all Marines have to learn to live with. Another Marine that was on the patrol with Bernard, 2nd Lieutenant Jake Godby probably stated it best when he told the AP crew "I think it's got to do with being a Marine; you just carry on." Just now they carry on with a sad heart and thoughts of their friend Bernie."

Let us pray for the Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard's fellow Marines and that they return home safely. They are continuing the fight against our enemies and it will be hard. I want to thank them all for my freedom.

The picture of the death of Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard will not be shown on this site out of respect to him and his family. Thank you sir for my freedom.

There is further reading at this link:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Barry Cunnane Slaying

Detective pursues 'random' '03 murder 5-
RAVENSWOOD Detective pursues seemingly random '03 murder of aspiring actor
September 5, 2009
BY Maureen O'Donnell Staff Reporter

All murders are brutal.
But even by Chicago standards, the slaying of Barry Cunnane seemed particularly senseless and vicious.
Cunnane, 27, was murdered six years ago in his Ravenswood neighborhood. An apparent stranger walked past him on the street, uttered a "flippant" phrase --and opened fire.
It was "a random act of obscene violence," said Belmont Area police Detective Robert Clemens.
Despite the years gone by, Clemens hasn't given up on the case.
"It's here someplace," he said, as he recently walked the 1900 block of West Leland, where the shooting took place. "Someone has the answer."
Cunnane was killed May 24, 2003. He and some friends had been at a party to celebrate the marriage of two other friends. When the party broke up, Cunnane and others stopped at Konak, a restaurant in the 5100 block of North Clark.
Then Cunnane and a friend walked through Andersonville toward a neighborhood bar in the 4700 block of North Damen. They headed west on Winnemac, south on Wolcott, and west in the 1900 block of Leland.
There, they saw two men, Cunnane's friend told police, walking eastbound on Leland. The friend described the men as African-American and between the ages of 18 and 25. One was about 6 feet tall; the other was about 5 feet 8 inches tall.
At the time of the slaying, Cunnane's friend reported one of the men said something "flippant" -- in a tone like "What's up?" -- and opened fire.
There was no attempt at robbery, Clemens said. There's no indication Cunnane or his companion exchanged words with anyone.
Cunnane, a native of Sandyford, County Dublin, Ireland, had high hopes for his life in Chicago. By day, he worked as a data specialist at an arm of the American Medical Association.
By night, he followed his dream of becoming a character actor in Chicago's theater scene. Friends say he was on his way with gigs at the St. Sebastian Players Theatre Company. He was also a gifted singer.
"His range was pretty excellent," said former co-worker David Olsen.
Jim Masini directed Cunnane and was impressed by his flair for accents and his generosity with other actors.
"He was an extremely intelligent and thoughtful actor," he said.
The slaying shattered Cunnane's family in Ireland and a close-knit group of friends in Chicago.
"It's bad luck to lose somebody to death," Olsen said. "But to lose somebody in a ... senseless way -- it affected a lot of people."
His friends initially raised $25,000 for reward money but have since disbursed it to local charities with the approval of Cunnane's family, said a former co-worker, Michael O'Malley. Cunnane's mother made sure some of the funds went to a mission for at-risk youth, O'Malley said: "She was adamant that [if] she could spare a mother in the future" from similar heartbreak, she would.
Clemens is asking anyone who remembers anything about that night -- ''no matter how inconsequential" -- to call Belmont Area detectives at (312) 744-8261.

Solution for ObamaCare

I think that sometimes you have to really look deep into a problem to see a way to fix it. There have been many plans that are being proposed. President Obama tried to rush ObamaCare through Congress before the August Recess. It didn't happen and after tons of Townhall Meetings, the entire ObamaCare has ground to a halt.

The President will try a 'Hail Mary' pass next week by addressing Congress. He thinks that his personal charm alone will make the wayward politicians all come around. Some Democrats have even suggested changing the Bill's name to the 'Ted Kennedy' Health Bill, poor taste.

Here is a solution that I think would work. Take a look and opine:


I've always loved the pony cars, since I was a kid. The Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang are three of the greatest cars ever made. Those cars have been made for so many years and are love by young and old. This post is dedicated to the 2010 Ford Mustang. I am including a link about the 2010 Mustang that is taken to Japan, where the art of Drifting began.

If you have ever driven one of these cars, you'll know what a thrill that they can be. I suggest you drive one once in your life, you wont regret it.

I am including a link to a site that shows what the 2010 Ford Mustang can do. It is one of the coolest things that I have seen. Take a look for yourself:

Look here====> Mustang Drift

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dim Light - Van Jones

The Green Czar, Van Jones, has been trying to find a cure for 'foot in mouth disease'. ObamaCare might be able to find a cure for him next week when the President gets back from vacation. We will see if this asshat is still here next week or if Obama will throw him under a bus. I hope that POS, Mr. Jones doesn't go to Vice President Biden for a cure. He doesn't have one and we're all waiting patiently when his bout with 'foot in mouth' strikes again.

Dear reader, here is a gathering of some of our country's dimwits. The United States is such a great place to be a communist. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be one in Cuba or North Korea.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Withdraw - Obama Address to American Children

Great work America! It is becoming evident that we don't want our country to go down the Leftist path towards Socialism. The 'why did I vote for this guy' and apathy crowds are starting to wake up. The Town Hall meetings showed the entire country that Americans are very upset with the ObamaCare Bill.

President Obama tried to push it through quickly, like he had done with the 'Tax and Trade' Bill and the 'Stimulate my supporters' Bill. The ObamaCare Bill would be his crowning victory in the long held Socialist dream of having Government Controlled Healthcare. It is fortunate that Americans were able to put enough pressure on their politicians to mire it.

The newest upset to occur to the Obama Administration is outcry from the citizens about the President indoctrination of the American Public Children. The Leftist teachers are wondering why there is so much hoopla from parents who don't want their children being instructed with the ideals of the Government by the Great Leader, Obama. Can we say
Indoctrination ?

The White House already bruised up from the country's disdain and pessimism over ObamaCare, is hesitant over a new controversy, school children's indoctrination. They have started to back peddle and are now saying that it was a mistake or a misunderstanding. Yeah right, they were caught again. They know that there is alot of pressure on them and will have a very difficult time trying to push their Socialist agenda on the American people. They have no choice but to

Keep it up America! Let's keep our country the way that our 'Founding Fathers' wanted it, free.