Monday, December 31, 2012

A Useful Idiot realizes his mistake

Bank Robberies double in Chicagostan in 2012

It appears that Homicides weren't the only thin increasing in Chicagostan.  Great job reporting this critical news in a timely manner, MSM.

Imagine if we had no Constitution?

This is the garbage that is being taught in our Universities and colleges.  An easy answer would be China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba.  Also look at the rest of the world in their downward leftist spiral.

Progressive Hypocrites Demand A Plan!

Godfather's broken Chicago Police Department

How many years will it take to fix this mess that the Democrats have made?  How long before the city turns into another Detroit?

18 yr old man shot in the head in Chicagostan

1 Dead, 2 in custody after car crash altercation in Chicagostan

Body count:  1 KIA

Final Bloody 2012 Weekend in Chicagostan

Body count:   3 KIAs,  11 WIAs

Friday, December 28, 2012

$25 per gun sales tax coming to Chicagostan

Democrats open a new front on their War on the Second Amendment.

MSM above the law?

They seem to think so.

Chicago Police Detective passes away

Detective Frank Finucane

Condolences to his family and friends.  God bless.

General Norman Schwarzkopf dies at 78

MSM still sucking up to the Godfather's FAIL

Chicagostan knows how to pick winners.

Chicagostan's homicide rate hits 500

Body count: 1 KIA

Man shot dead before he can 'get out of the game' in Chicagostan


Body count:  1 KIA

A total of 499 murders in Chicagostan in 2012.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Journal News Anti-Second Amendment Activists Interactive Map

Since this fishwrap took it upon itself to print where Americans in an area of New York legally own guns by publishing their addresses, here is this particular drive-by's name and addresses on a map also.
Linked below is an interactive map where these Progressive editors and reporters from the Journal News live.  They believe that it was their first Amendment Right to publish legal gun owners addresses so here are the people who do not support the Second Amendment. Credit for this work goes to Mr. Christopher Fountain. Nice Job for turning the table on the MSM.

View Journal News Employees in a larger map

Democrats trying to disarm Americans

The Progressives War on the Constitution continues.

Parking meter rates rise in Chicagostan

Man killed in Chicagostan

Body count: 1 KIA

Two Police shootings in Chicagostan

No officers injured.  Stay safe out there.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy New Years GOP, it may be your last

The way of the Whigs.

1 Dead, 13 Wounded in Christmas shootings in Chicagostan

Body count:  1 KIA, 13 WIAs

Chicagostan Mission and Equipment Report
Santa Tactical Gear

Santa was happy to have survived his visit to Chicagostan.  It is unfortunate that he had to conduct his infiltration mission with more caution then usual.  The reindeers and the sleigh were retrofitted with new stealth technology that the elves have been preparing for these types of operations.  Rudolf's nose had been replaced with a new night vision led illuminator.

Santa Stealth Technology

Santa reported light to moderate anti-aircraft fire and that most shootings had been directed between different warring factions on the ground.  Santa reports that his mission was a success and was also able to refuel in preparation to continuing to other war zones.

Merry Christmas to everyone in Chicagostan

Monday, December 24, 2012

6 Shot Christmas Eve in Chicagostan

Body count:  6 WIAs

Factoid:  Chicagostan is a Gun Control and Sanctuary city.  Progressive policies FAIL for over a hundred years.

Control This

The Liberal Elite want Gun Control.  They don't want it to keep you or your children safe but to take power away from you.

Confessions from a Fascist

Illinois Pension Plan Problems

Man shot in Chicagostan in July dies

Update Body count:  1 KIA,  -1 WIA

Shots fired at driver of SUV trying to run off duty officer down

Officer was not injured and offender in custody.  Stay safe out there.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

3 dead, 5 wounded in Chicagostan

Body count:  3 KIAs,  5 WIAs

Gun ban not working too well there is it?  Silly Progressives, when will they ever learn that in this country you can never replace the power of the people with the power of the Government?

Do they ever read the Bible?

I think that these guys need to reread Leviticus again, especially chapter 18.  I don't personally care what less then .02% of the population do with each other, so I won't judge, it's God that you'll have a problem with for that kind of behavior.  These ministers and clergy really have to stop taking the cafeteria approach to religion where they pick and choose what they like and ignore what they don't.  God bless.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Godfather Blasts NRA

Godfather continues to placate the indoctrinated and low informed sheople of Chicagostan.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Operation Fast & Furious and Ft. Hood Massacre

Why isn't there a big cry from the Sheeple about these two incidents?  Why so much silence from the MSM and our Socialist Overlords?

Godfather wants to take advantage of this crisis in Connecticut

Godfather doesn't talk much about the FAIL that gun control is in Chicagostan.

Democrats continue their 'War on the Constitution'

Elections have consequences.  The Democrats rammed Obamacare down our throats last term and now are beginning to focus on the Second Amendment. Apathetic Americans will continue to roll over while their freedoms get taken away from them and one day wonder how it happened.  It's sad that after being the beacon of hope for the world we slowly rot into decay like the rest. Too sad really. I hope that we are at least able to tell future generations what it was like to live free.

Chicago Police shoot man pointing gun at them

No officers injured.  Stay safe out there.

Final count this weekend in Chicagostan

Body count:  2 KIAs,  16 WIAs

This is from a city which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tourism is down in Chicagostan

Godfather is spending $27 millions to change that perspective.  Good luck with that.

Liberal Elitist Hypocrasy

It's easy to take this stance when you are protected by armed Police Officers.  The Godfather is a hypocrite and an liberal elitist.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

4 Shot at Private Party in Chicagostan

Body count: 4 WIAs


House Speaker Boehner (R) is a RINO and his true colors are coming out.  GOP is weak and will probably go the way of the Whig Party. It appears that for now we have to enjoy Socialism until we can free ourselves from this quagmire. It has been a year of non-stop Republican betrayals and failures.  Time to move on for Conservatives.

Man shot while driving in Chicagostan

Body count: 1 WIA

Monday, December 3, 2012

Five shot near currency exchange in Chicagostan

Body count: 5 WIAs

Godfather likens Obama to Lincoln

Nope...Mao would be a better comparison.

It begins

Very bloody butcher's bill this weekend in Chicagostan

Body count: 8 KIAs, 30 WIAs

Bears honor Chicago cop who nearly bled to death

Chicago Police Sergeant saves woman

Well done Sarge!!!

'Out of control'

Violence at gang funerals.

Controlling your future

But it will be the Government in CONTROL.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pro-Abortion story from Ireland

Progressive abortionists keep trying to justify wholesale murder of the innocent unborn.  They use rare stories like this to justify women having a choice to kill their children.  Who gives the unborn baby a choice whether they live or die?

1 Dead, 1 Wounded in Chicagostan

Body count: 1 KIA, 1 WIA

NYPD Officer's act of kindness

'Same old song and dance'

It never stops!  The Left always wants to spend for their entitlements and the Right want to cut taxes for theirs!!!

Three Chicago Police Officers injured in car accident

No life threatening injuries.  Get well soon.  Stay safe out there.

Boy, 16, shot 3 times in Chicagostan

Body count: 1 WIA

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Einstein's Brain

Portugal debates future of Welfare State

American Matriarchy

Arlington Heights, Illinois turn their back to Christ

No Nativity scene allowed this Christmas.

Conservatives Blamed

We will find our path back to American Exceptionalism or the nation is doomed.

Jake is Saved!

Star of fallen Chicago Police Officer Clifton Lewis retired

Chicago Police Officer Clifton Lewis #4103

CPD Heroes rescue girl and blind man from fire

Great job Chicago's Finest!  Stay safe out there.

Numbers don't add up to missing 1/2 million Dollars

Todd Stroger says it's an accounting error.

That's a man, baby

Monday, November 26, 2012

Concealed carry foes want Illinois to maintain status quo


Illinois is the only State in the Divided States that doesn't allow concealed carry.  Take a look at the previous posts to see how that's all working out. Social Justice will kill you.

Chicago police boss: 'We're doing better'


2 Gangmembers shot at Funeral in Chicagostan

Body count: 1 KIA, 1 WIA

Butcher's Bill for Thanksgiving in Chicagostan

Body count: 5 KIAs, 20 WIAs

Slain Chicago Police Officer Remembered

'Chicago police Officer Michael Flisk was honored with a permanent mosaic shrine on the city's Southwest Side.'

1 Dead, 6 Wounded in Shootings today in Chicagostan

Body count: 1 KIA, 6 WIA's

Take a Tablet to see the Doctor

Control through Healthcare

America, you were our last hope.  Look at what you just did.  You've condemned us all.  You believed Michael Moore's lies. You believed Obama.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Obama's election as written by PRAVDA.

These guys know exactly what has happened in the US, since they have been willing accomplices from the beginning.  It just that they changed their ideology a bit away from the Left.  It is almost as if the old roles of the 20th Century between Russia and the US are switching sides. Russian are experts at Communists, they would know if they saw one.  It's obvious that they see one now in our President. This is a very incite full article.  God Help us.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Disdain for 'Red Dawn 2012' from Left

Gangnam Style

Will this video be the first to get a billion views.  It is estimated that it it get a click per second viewing.  Is that a new way of measurement?  It has been viewed at the moment 816,175,123

The Chicago Way

The State of Chicagostan

As the War Continues 11-25-2012

Holy Flagellants

Mid-east Insanity work out

Unions ruining Christmas

Thanks alot Grinches.

Fledgling Empire

Naval Might makes empires.

Islamofascism gaining in Mid-east

Obama's 'Appeasement Gone Wild' is bearing fruits far further then he even imagined.

Current weekend violence count in Chicagostan

Body count: 3 KIAs, 13 WIAs

Munity within the Modern Whig Party

e tu RINO

Kick em' when they're down.

Live Free Romneys

Thanks Romneys!  It would have been great to have brought our country back to it's greatness again. Live the Dream.

Spain returns to Medieval Ages

Catalan wants to leave Spain.

Progressives want more Taxes

Godfather: Chicagostan is the way

Mayor Rahm Emanuel doesn't want Progressives to rest on their laurels after their recent victory.  He wants to showcase Chicagostan as the model city for their dream of Utopia on Earth and how to accomplish.  The master plan will be control and taxation.  Prepare to see continued exodus of population as the city continues to be the Sanctuary Mecca of the Mid-West.  If you really want to see a Progressive model city look across at Detroit, Michigan.

Three hurt in early morning shootings in Chicagostan

Body count: 3 WIAs

Friday, November 23, 2012

High honors for Chicago Police heroes

Chicago's Finest

Chicago Police Officer injured in Fire

Get well soon Office.  Stay safe out there.

Holiday slayings begin in Chicagostan

Body count:   1 KIA, 8 WIAs

Side note:  An old copper told me this story over twenty years ago.  He said he hated the holidays because it was just an unorganized gathering of people who haven't seen each other all year.  As the holiday evening continues to unfold, the liquor starts to flow faster (drugs also).  These people then start to recall why they haven't seen each other sooner.  The knives and guns are then pulled out.  Volatile mix reaction occurs.  Enjoy your holidays!  This is just the start of the Thanksgiving weekend in Chicagostan.

MSM still hung up about Gov Sarah Palin (R)

1 Dead and 2 Wounded separately in Chicagostan

Body count:  1 KIA, 2 WIAs

Choose Life

785,000 to 1 Million Americans killed every year before Birth

If you can read this then you are one of the lucky ones!

No Body Myth

Another story to fuel the Osama Bin Ladin conspiracy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1 Killed, 5 Wounded in Chicagostan

Body count: 1 KIA, 5 WIAs

The Dumbing Down of America

America, don't believe what you see with your own eyes in what is going on in the rest of the world.  Socialism is great.  It is HAPPY HAPPY FUN FUN.  Enjoy!

Democrats: Give illegals Driver's Licenses in Illinois

Why not?  What a better way then to get passed that sill ID Law that the Republicans wanted in order to prevent Voter fraud.  Heck! Why don't we see Identity Thefts go far further through the roof.  Brilliant!


Suspected Spies Executed by Hamas

Sharia Justice      No Trial       Islamic Justice

Sen Patrick Leahy (D) has been quietly writing new law to read your e-mail

No warrant will be needed by the Government to read your e-mails, Twitter and Facebook posts.  Elections have consequences.

Chicago Cop fired for 'Lube Wrestling'

Man, 32, fatally shot in Chicagostan

Body count: 1 KIA

Chicago Police Honor Officers for Bravery

The Constitution keeps standing in Obama's way

Obama said, “now, on other hand, as President, I cannot just impose my will on Congress -- the Congress of the United States -- even though sometimes I wish I could.

We know, we know.  It is still a long road before you can become a tyrant. Keep hammering and chiseling away Barack, you might yet be an emperor.

MSM's MSNBC Presidential Election Propaganda

The Wonders of ObamaCare Begin

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cardinal Dolan continues fight against HHS Mandate

Obama won 52% of the Catholic Vote in the 2012 Presidential Elections

Today, more Catholics believe in Gay Marriage, Progressive policies, Social Justice and are pro-abortion, then the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Pray for us.

Americans of Cuban heritage taking up fight against Progressives

We know what the future holds if we continue this current path.

4 Dead, 12 Injured in Chicagostan

Weekend'd Fighting continues:

Body count: 4 KIAs, 12 WIA's

RINO's want a Leftward GOP

Hey Mike Murphy, we lost the last two Presidential election because of what you want.  Americans don't want Democrats and Democrats Lite.

Progressives continue unholy war on God

Expect to pay 50% of your pay in taxes in 2013

Elections have consequences.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Training Day **Graphic**

EL CAJON - August 21, 2011 - An officer is shot right in front of a news camera. The entire event is caught on camera including shots fired, officer rescue, SWAT standoff, house fire, helicopter water drops, and more.

The suspect, Kevin Collier, shot his 1-year old daughter, his mother-in-law and then police showed up (me too). Upon arriving, officers were met with gunfire from the suspect who had an assault rifle of some sort. Officer Jared Slocum was struck in the left temple, where it exited the rear of his skull. He was NOT shot in the neck, as it appears. The suspect then set the house on fire, before shooting himself. The fire department could not approach because officers could not confirm if the suspect was dead or not. Firefighters are not going to walk up to a home with the possibility of a man inside with an assault rifle. Officers requested Mercy Air for transport, but instead took the wounded officer by ground in a patrol car as it would be much quicker. This was on a dead-end street, so the rescue of having to pass the line of fire was very risky. A gas line explodes at one point (bluish smoke). SWAT set up and work with the fire department to help slow the rate of spread. Two helicopters begin water drops, which I have never seen before on a structure, only brush fires. Officer Slocum is doing well, but has decided to "medically retire" from the El Cajon Police Department, move, and go back to college. The officer who was with him, Officer Tim McFarland, was a rookie at the time and was being trained by Slocum. So if anyone wants to badmouth him, keep in mind he was still learning the ropes and in my opinion did everything right. Officer Slocum's wound, although severe due to the location, had very very little blood loss. So for those appauled that none of us applied pressure, quite frankly it wasn't neccessary and he was capable of doing it himself. And for all you anti-cop commenters, keep in mind, officers are still humans with families. The men and women in this video are excellent officers. Especially Slocum and McFarland.

Former El Cajon Police Chief (at the time) Pat Sprecco said "That'll be used as a training tool for a long time", referring to the footage.

1033 Prince St, El Cajon

This footage won an Emmy Award for Spot/Breaking News Coverage.

EL CAJON - May 18, 2012 - Officers Jared Slocum and Tim McFarland speak with reporters about the August 21, 2011 shooting where Officer Slocum was shot in the head. Citizen hero Dave Lembcke also speaks. Later that night at the El Cajon Police Awards, all three received several prestigeous awards for their heroic efforts. The entire ordeal was caught on tape by as it happened on that tragic day, which started after a suspect shot his 1 year old daughter and his mother-in-law. The suspect then shot at officers, striking Officer Slocum in the left temple. The suspect then lit his house on fire and shot himself. Doctors say it's a miracle Slocum survived and is doing as well as he is, although he still has some recovery to go through. Slocum has decided to "medically retire" from the El Cajon Police Department, move, and attend college.

00:50 - Dave Lembcke speaks
07:30 - Officer Tim McFarland speaks
15:55 - Chief Jim Redman speaks
16:20 - Officer Jared Slocum speaks

Let this be a reminder to what our brave men and woman risk every day when they show up for work, to keep us safe.

God Bless all the men and women of Law Enforcement.

Rubio in Iowa

After two failed consecutive elections to a Progressive President, it is obvious that Americans do not want to choose between Democrat and Democrat Lite.  The Progressives have ruined much of the economy in the last four years and yet they won by a very slim margin as many Conservatives sat this election cycle out.  The next four year will be very difficult has the Progressive fall back to their usual tactics of raising taxes on the Rich.  People, get a clue, all taxes are paid by everyone.  Politics of Envy will only fail. Look at what is happening in Europe.

Senator Marco Rubio (R) is debuting in Iowa early on so that the American people can see what he can bring to the table and show that there are viable solutions that offer much better results then the FAIL policies of the Democrats.

Plot Thickening

Benghazi-Gate   9-11-2012

The Government actions are being peeled away one stinking layer at a time.  It makes for a wonderful distraction as many get to see all of  Byzantine machinations that take place in running an empire.

What's done is done. An Ambassador and three patriots are dead.  Al-Qaeda is still active. The stability of the middle-east is gone and our only ally in the area is surrounded by hostile forces.

Obama's America

Keep Fighting Rep Allen West (R)

Democrats won't steal everything.  Conservatives must make a stand to this Progressive avalanche that has cursed this nation.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New York City Cannibal Police Officer Indicted

I wonder what Mayor Bloomberg thinks about this?  How will he tax this?

Living with Terror

I remember as a kid that I had this video game, Missile Command on my Atari 2600.  I remember listening to warning sirens every Tuesdays at 10:00 am and the Nuns at my school having emergency drills.  As time went on, these drills became less and less frequent until they all together stopped.  I would later learn that I was participating in a ritual that had been around since the beginning of the Cold War.  The above videos are shocking to watch as the people of Israel are now living this game but it isn't a game for them. They are living in Terror.

Meanwhile, back in the War

Scum that ruins the Republican Party

Dude, become a Democrat already.

The Book of Social Justice

Progressive nuns in the Catholic Church are causing not only it's ruination but also that of the United States. Perhaps if they went back to what is written in the Bible then what has been authored by Satan's minions, things would actually be better.

Alex, what is nepotism?

1 Killed, 1 Wounded in seperate shootings in West Side of Chicagostan

One man was also stabbed in a different incident.

Body count: 1 KIA, 2 WIAs

Benefits of Conceal Carry


I don't think that is a good idea.  It will only quicken this nation's destruction and there is already one up and coming super-power waiting in the wings.  Civil wars are bloody matters and ours caused more deaths then all the other wars that we have participated in.  We don't want to travel that road again.

Terrorists attack Israel from Egypt

Where's President Obama?