Sunday, January 27, 2013


You too can have your own personal drone.  Why should the Government be the only one following you from the air?

Palin's Vision

A Liberal Gets it

Gun Control is a power grab by the Left.

Apathy Wins

Body count for Chicagostan discontinued this year on this blog. It appears that the body count in Chicagostan will be much higher this year.  The Godfather and his ilk have decided to ignore the problem and go with a national Progressive gun grab contrary to the 2nd Amendment and take American citizens guns away.  Chicagostans bloodshed will continue at an even higher pace since a very undermanned and demoralize police force faces odds that it has never had to face before. 2013 appears to be on track of surpassing 2012 in violence.  I'm not going to be putting up a daily tally anymore. Seriously, stay safe out there.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Molon Labe

Where will you stand?  Will you Live Free?

US Secretly Sends Guns to Syria

Obama is secretly arming muslim civilians in Syria in their fight against their tyrannical government while at the same time he is trying to disarm Americans.

There is a reason for the 2nd Amendment and it's not to protect Americans from a rampant deer invasion or a apocalyptic zombie attack.  It is to defend our Freedoms that were given to us by GOD!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pope supports Obama's Gun Control

The Catholic faith continues to slip slowly into the Great Deceiver's machinations.  They have adopted Social Justice which has caused great harm and they are now being forced to support Obama's agenda of birth control and abortion. Evil will not disarm and just as America is being weakened from within so will the Catholic Church.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sgt William C. Wold USMC

Sgt William C. Wold
November 10, 2006

Thank you for my freedom.

Jessie Duff

Colt Marine Pistol

A New Year One Under Socialism

So it begins. Our Nation is slowly sinking into poverty and misery out of it's own volition.  Americans are being seduced by the Great Deceiver and his minions.  We are becoming a nation of takers and the makers are being derived.  Our culture has been being changed by the Progressives for the last one hundred years and it might be too late to change her back.

Americans have become apathetic.  They don't care. A very small minority fight it's wars and a big part of our military comes from hispanics, legal and illegal.  We have been fighting a Long War for over a decade and who really cares?

ObamaCare was designed to destroy the best healthcare system in the world because it was working in contrast to the social programs the Progressives had designed.  Programs like social security and medicare were designed for a populous that was no longer productive for the growth and upkeep of the society.  People that no longer work were no a drain but it was an acceptable burden because our lifespans were short. The American healthcare system changed that unexpectedly when people were no living longer and longer.  The Progressives had not factored that in these programs.  ObamaCare should be able to bring back the mortality rate to what they wanted.
The Government forced socialized medicine down our throats and there was only a minor rumble.  We are just accepting it like sheeps.

They are now taking our guns away and will eventually take yours.  Comrade Janet Napolitano has armed her Homeland Security Department and bought more ammunition then the military requires to fight three wars at the same time.  Nobody asked why?

Pensions:  These were programs that were promised that appeared to give a certain sector of workers a better retirement then the rest. It won votes for the Progressives but, what is going to happen when the well runs dry?  The Progressives that made those promises are no longer in office or alive. When there is no money, where will it come from?  We're $16 Trillion in debt at the moment, how long can this farce continue?

We once had a Constitution.  We swore an oath to it.  Do you even know what is in the Constitution? Will you honor your oath?

What will you do?