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Political Spectrum

A more detailed explanation of the modern political spectrum. I'm finding that there is so much misinformation about how our politics really work. This series does a pretty good job explaining it. Politics and economics go hand and hand. This is explained well in this series.

Pravda.RU April 25, 2010

I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined that I would actually read in what was once the Soviets Propaganda machine, Pravda, what is happening in our country. The abject failure of our MSM is evident in how so many American news agencies and papers are closing their doors. Good riddance to garbage, in my opinion.

In this article, Noam Chomsky, like all Left wing advocates, is trying to place the Tea Party movement with the far Right-wing. Why do the Progressives always try to group Conservatives with Nazis extremists when those groups are closer to them in their ideology? Conservatives are actually closer to the Libertarians, because of their shared view of less government control.


Chomsky Warns of Rise of the Far Right in the U.S.

Recent research from the New York Times / CBS News poll revealed that 18% of Americans identify themselves as supporters of the Tea Party, classify themselves "very conservative" and are very pessimistic about the direction of the country and severely critical of Washington and, of course, Obama. Over 90% of them believe that the country moves to a wrong path and the same percentage disapproves of the president and his administration policy. Already 92% of respondents estimated that Obama leads the country "toward socialism" (an opinion shared by more than half the population in general).

Moreover, the expressions of popular right-wing anger are registered when referencing more hate crimes, a rise of radical right-wing groups, as well as unofficial reports of a growing number of death threats against the president. Public safety agencies have raised the alert status for what is called "domestic terrorism."

Incidents were reported, several under investigation, of acts of intimidation against congressmen and other elected officials. Earlier this month, more than 30 governors received letters from an anti-government, ultra-conservative group who demanded their resignation in a period of three days (although there was no threat of violence), which meant that federal authorities have warned local police that the letters could lead to violent behavior. As such, there are more examples throughout the country.

The wave of disillusionment with the government and its rulers causes concern among some politicians who do not know what impact this might have on the elections of next November. But for others the issue is more alarming.

"It's very similar to Weimar Germany, the parallels are striking." Here, too, there is a tremendous disappointment with the parliamentary system, pointed Chomsky interviewing on Truthdig.

"The United States is very lucky that no honest and charismatic figure has appeared, and if this were to happen this country would be in real trouble for the frustration, disillusionment and the justified anger combined with the absence of a coherent response," he concludes.

In Germany, he recalls, an enemy was created to explain the crisis which was the Jew. "Here they are the illegal immigrants and blacks. We will say that white men are a persecuted minority. We will say that we must uphold and defend the honor of the nation. Military force will be exalted. There will be blows. This could be converted into an undeniable force. And if it takes place, it will be more dangerous than Nazi Germany. The United States is a world power ... I do not believe that this is far from happening," he says. 1.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:



A) This is the model that the Progressives have always wanted us to believe, a simple left and right. The extremes of this were the Communists on the Left and the Nazis on the Right, nothing could be further from the truth.

B) The political spectrum is not linear but actually has a multi-dimensional aspect to it. This is far closer to what is actually is in this country in 2010.

I know that this is a more complex world view B), but it is necessary to understand that the simplistic model A), is very inaccurate but has been universally been taught in our schools. This has been a very concerted effort to dumb down our population so that when events like the last presidential election can occur. Noam Chomsky keeps fanning the flames when the Progressives see that their short lived victories will come to an end. They have overstepped their bounds and have failed to realise that most Americans are Conservative to a certain extent and know that the Constitution has made us the great country that we are.

Our founding fathers gave us seeds to grow American Exceptionalism. We are proud of it and do not want to apologize for it. Live Free!

Tea Party?

The Tea Party Movement has been a grass root effort by Americans who are outraged by what the Obama Administration has been doing to our country. It is unfortunate that so many people were blinded by the MSM's very effective propaganda blitz and actually voted in someone who is so very unqualified to the most powerful office in the world. They now understand what is happening to our country and are joining those who could already see through such a fancy media production and lies. The current actions of the MSM would be amusing if it weren't so dangerous for our country.
They are now discovering one of the greatest events in American history, the Tea Party Movement, nearly a year after it began. They have tried very hard to ignore the movement but found that they were the ones being ignored. They are now trying to come to terms with the fact that the Tea Party does exist and will rock their world in the upcoming elections. The MSM's deplorable performance the past couple months as the White House mouthpiece in demonizing or downplaying the Tea Party has been a total failure. The sooner that these useless media outlets that are just a free propaganda machine for the Progressives collapse and fail, the better.

Jon Voight's letter to Americans

Finally, wisdom from the Left Coast.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Raise our taxes?

Why do the Progressives always want to solve their problems with other people's money?

Progressives and the Democratic Party

The Republican Civil War of 2010

For the past several years I heard from many people that they find no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. In Illinois, we have what is called the 'Combine' where both the Republican and Democrats share power and wealth. Obama's Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood(R) is the product of this. Progressivism has been around since the end of the Great War, when it was introduced into the American society by President Wilson.

The Progressives have in effect taken over the Democrat party, instilling all of their Socialist agenda into it. Perhaps this is justified in recompense for all the ills that the Democrats have brought on this country. The Democrats were the party that caused the Civil War in their quest to create a nation based on slavery by succeeding from the rest of the country. They would then promote the Ku Klux Klan, their domestic terrorist wing, to promote violence and fear on the Black population in the south. The Democrats still keep one of these vermin in their midst, Senator Robert Byrd (D) (Former KKK). 1. The Progressives for the most part have taken over the Democrat Party, along with the Socialists.

The Progressives have been trying to make inroads into the Republican Party. The Conservative roots has been pushed further and further out of mainstream of the GOP. The 'bluebloods' elitists and corporates have taken control of the helm but have no clear direction in which they want to take the Republicans and the rest of this country. The Tea Party is a true grass root effort by many Conservatives who want to return this country back to the rule of the Constitution and smaller government. The future of the GOP depends on which direction that the majority of the party want to go. After the decade that the Republican Party was in control, they brought the country an unpopular war in Iraq, they continued to bring big government and were for the most part indistinguishable from the Democrats.
The future of the GOP will depend on how much is revealed about the Democrats hand in Fannie May and legislative policies that brought about the recession, ie. Barney Franks and Chris Dodd. The November 2010 elections will be a true indicator that the Tea Party have been effective. The American people are growing weary of Obama's American self loathing and the Socialist policies being forced upon the country. Marco Rubio's win should verify that. Mark Kirk's will be seen as a small unreliable stumbling block to Obama's policies but he has already voted for 'Cap and Trade' as a Representative and little can be expected from this 'Combine' tool. The 'Combine' was more powerful in Illinois then the Tea Party and was able to get overwhelming support for Kirk.
We have to continue to chip away, little by little. Remember, that the Progressives have been at this since 1919, almost a century.

The Wall Street Journal

The Real Republican Civil War
The struggle between Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist for the Florida Senate seat symbolizes the rift between the reformers and the establishment in the GOP.

Marco Rubio appeared on a Sunday talk show this month to say something remarkable. The Republican running for Florida's Senate seat suggested we reform Social Security by raising the retirement age for younger workers. Florida is home to 2.4 million senior citizens who like to vote. The blogs declared Mr. Rubio politically suicidal.

The response from Mr. Rubio's primary competitor, Gov. Charlie Crist, was not remarkable. His campaign slammed Mr. Rubio's idea as "cruel, unusual and unfair to seniors living on a fixed income." Mr. Crist's plan for $17.5 trillion in unfunded Social Security liabilities? Easy! He'll root out "fraud" and "waste."

Let's talk Republican "civil war." Not the one the media is hawking, that pits supposed tea party fanatics like Mr. Rubio against supposed "moderates" like Mr. Crist. The Republican Party is split. But the real divide is between reformers like Mr. Rubio and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, who are running on principles and tough issues, and a GOP old guard that still finds it politically expedient to duck or demagogue issues. As Republicans look for a way out of the wilderness, this is the rift that matters.

And it's the divide playing out in Florida, even if that's not the press's preferred narrative. In conventional-wisdom world, Mr. Rubio is the darling of an angry grass roots, surging at the expense of the postpartisan Mr. Crist.

View Full Image
Associated Press Reformist Marco Rubio (left) vs. establishment Charlie Crist
And woe betide the GOP, goes the storyline. It is courting disaster, repeating its mistake in New York 23, nominating radicals who can't win elections. Never mind the grass roots never did drum Mark Kirk (running for Illinois's Senate seat) out of the party. Or that Florida doesn't even fit this mold. Mr. Rubio, a Jeb Bush protégé, is hardly too conservative for his state. A recent Rasmussen poll has him beating Mr. Crist and Democrat Kendrick Meek statewide. Mr. Crist doesn't solve his Rubio problem by bolting the party.

What has attracted independents and even Democrats to Mr. Rubio is his reformist agenda, which taps into this week's Pew poll finding a historically low 22% of Americans trust government. It hasn't hurt that Mr. Crist has provided a sharp contrast with a campaign that channels the mindset that lost the GOP its majority.

On Social Security, Mr. Rubio is a supporter of Mr. Ryan's roadmap, which tackles entitlement and budget reform. Mr. Crist took the typical Washington path of refusing to acknowledge reality and then accusing his opponent of robbing granny. This is reminiscent of the GOP reluctance to embrace hard issues like health-care reform when it controlled Washington. One result is ObamaCare.

Speaking of that law, Mr. Rubio condemned the takeover. Mr. Crist dithered. While Mr. Rubio slammed the stimulus, the governor grabbed at its state bailout provisions since that was easier than cutting spending. One of these sounds like the GOP of old; one does not.

Floridians may remember 2007, when Mr. Rubio, as speaker of the Florida House, championed comprehensive tax overhaul. It was a bold idea to swap all property taxes for a flat consumption tax. The reform lowered overall taxes; even Americans for Tax Reform applauded it. Mr. Rubio's reward was to recently have Mr. Crist slam him for proposing a "massive tax increase." Now you know why Washington never embraces anything more than a "tax commission."

Mr. Crist is best-known for launching a vicious campaign against property insurers in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Rubio pushed back, though it was unpopular. Now that the governor has succeeded in driving that industry out of his state, things look different. This divide is similar to today's GOP split over Wall Street, between those tempted to win points by punishing banks with overweening regulation and those in the Ryan camp who have no love for big business but defend free markets.

If an angry public has done anything, it's been to embolden more of these reformers to run. Pennsylvania Senate candidate Pat Toomey was a leader on Social Security reform in Congress. John Kasich, running for Ohio governor, promises to overhaul the state's decrepit tax and regulatory systems. In House races you see more candidates running on bold solutions. Yet for every budding Rubio there remains an establishment GOP member who fights earmark bans, blanches at Medicare reform, and just wants to get through the next election.

This divide is putting enormous pressure on the GOP leadership. It tastes victory this fall and is terrified of blowing it. It watched President Obama sandbag Mr. Ryan earlier this year, holding up his roadmap as an example of the terrors the GOP would impose on the nation.

At some point, GOP leaders are going to have to decide what the "new" GOP is. Principled opposition to bad Democratic policy is a legitimate strategy for the midterms. Then what? Republicans will win seats this fall. How long they remain in them will come down to which side—the establishment GOP or the reformist GOP—wins what is the real Republican civil war.

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Pedophile Prophet

The Pedophile Prophet Mohammed 1., the founder of the religion of Islam, cannot be made fun of by the Libtards or they show their true yellow colors. Whatever it is their reason, political correctness, fear of hypocrisy, they can make fun of Jesus but the pedophile is off limits. Shame on the Left. Oh well, if you see me walking around without my head....eep.

Comedy Central Censors 'South Park' Episode After Muslim Site's Threats
By Joshua Rhett Miller

A radical Islamic website warned the creators of "South Park" that they could face violent retribution for depicting the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.

Comedy Central bleeped out all references to the Prophet Muhammad in Wednesday night's episode of the animated show "South Park."

The episode was a continuation of last week's episode which depicted the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.

A radical Muslim website threatened the show's creators following that episode.

Comedy Central confirmed to that it had censored the show, and that the episode was not available on its website.

In addition to bleeping the words "Prophet Muhammad," the show also covered the character with a large block labeled "Censored."

A radical Islamic website had warned the creators of "South Park" that they could face violent retribution for their depiction of Prophet Muhammad. posted the warning following the 200th episode of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "South Park," which included a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad disguised in a bear suit. The web posting also included a graphic photo of Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was murdered in 2004 after making a documentary on violence against Muslim women.

"We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show," the posting reads. "This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them."

Abu Talhah al Amrikee, the author of the post, told he wrote the entry to "raise awareness." He said the grisly photograph of van Gogh was meant to "explain the severity" of what Parker and Stone did by mocking Muhammad.

"It's not a threat, but it really is a likely outcome," al Amrikee said, referring to the possibility that Parker and Stone could be murdered for mocking Muhammad. "They're going to be basically on a list in the back of the minds of a large number of Muslims. It's just the reality."

Al Amrikee said the website is considering a protest against the "disgusting" show, which also depicted the Prophet Muhammad in an episode on July 4, 2001.

"This is not a small thing," he said. "We should do whatever we can to make sure it does not happen again."

The posting on also includes audio of a sermon by Anwar al-Awlaki -- a radical U.S.-born preacher now believed to be hiding in Yemen -- who discusses assassinating individuals who defame the Prophet Muhammad. It also included a link to a 2009 story in the Huffington Post that gave details of Stone and Parker's mansion in Colorado.

A Comedy Central rep told that the network has no comment on the posting. 2.
1. 2.

Tea Party Movie

Tea Party Movie

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Buyer's Regret

OH-OH The Progressives are starting to suffer from buyer's regret as they start to really see that Obama was a shyster all along. The Left is preparing for the big hits in the ballot boxes that will surely come as an awaken America back-lashes against everything that the Obama Politburo has done. They are seeing that Obama has his own agenda and some of them might be excluded.

Obama backers show signs of disappointment
(Reuters) - Gay rights activists heckled President Barack Obama this week at a Democratic event that exposed signs of disenchantment threatening the party in November's congressional elections.

Five million first-time voters turned out in 2008, many drawn by Obama's promise of hope and overwhelmingly voting for Democrats. Now disappointed, or at least apathetic, they may not go to the polls this year.

Obama's support has dropped below 50 percent from nearly 70 percent after 15 months in office, Gallup opinion polls show.

Gay rights supporters, anti-abortion activists, environmentalists and backers of immigration reform all have seen their agendas stalled, with watered-down healthcare the main accomplishment of Obama's once-ambitious agenda.

At Monday's rally in Los Angeles, protesters shouted at Obama to repeal the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" military policy that allows gays to serve if they keep quiet about their sexual preference. Gays believe that makes them second-class citizens, and Obama has vowed to repeal the policy.

"Hey hold on a second. We are going to do that," he said. "I don't know why you're hollering," he added.

Supporters shouted "Yes we can," his slogan from the 2008 election, and "Be quiet," but the discontent lingers.

Democratic National Committee spokesman Hari Sevugan insisted that opinion polls showed more than 80 percent of liberals approved of Obama. By comparison, Republicans right and center are locked in a "bloody civil war," he said.

Obama himself acknowledged during the day that "some folks are impatient and some folks just didn't realize how long this was going to take, how hard each battle was going to be. And so people get kind of worn down."

Many on the left who want more are fighting the president and one another. Others are abandoning politics. Both trends bode poorly for Democrats, who have controlled both houses of Congress in addition to the White House since January 2009.

All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs along with a third of the 100 seats in the Senate.


Many gay activists would not show up to heckle Obama. They have stopped paying attention altogether.

"Obama was a vessel that everybody poured their hopes into. The gay community was no different," said John Henning, director of the Los Angeles-based grass-roots group Love Honor Cherish, before the president's California visit.

"What is really happening in the gay community is we are going into a hibernation phase," Henning added.

The sentiment is widespread.

"Even in the best of conditions, the Democrats would have a slight retrenchment of voters," said Stanford University professor Gary Segura, who is also a researcher at pollster Latino Decisions.

"But we're not in the best of conditions. We have a lot of disappointed Democrats and so I would expect more significant retrenchment, a lot of disappearing voters."

Blacks, Latinos and young people made up the bulk of the new voters who secured comfortable congressional majorities for the Democrats in 2008. Each could be a problem this year.

Obama is the first black U.S. president and more than 90 percent of black voters still approve of his record, Gallup says. But African-American members of Congress say job creation is critical and unemployment is roughly twice the national average among black males over the age of 20.

San Francisco videographer Joe Razo, a 24-year-old black man, backs Obama but needs to be convinced that congressional races matter. "I kind of just do the presidential elections," he said.

For many Latinos, including nearly 11 million illegal immigrants, the lack of an immigration bill and heavy use of deportation are a double slap in the face.

"A lot of people are not going to vote," said Salvador Reza, operator of a day-laborer center in Arizona. "(Obama) would have to actually come through with ... a serious immigration reform effort, or people are going to abandon him," he said.

Keeping Latinos happy should be a no-brainer for the Democrats, the party of choice for the fastest growing minority largely because of a pro-immigrant stance that contrasts with the anti-immigrant rhetoric of many Republicans.

Obama campaigned on making immigration reform a priority, but the way forward for illegal immigrants and the employers who say they need them is no more clear than it was before Obama took office.


The "everyone's in it together" feeling of the 2008 election has been replaced with "me first" on many fronts.

Obama's biggest accomplishment, the healthcare overhaul, opened old wounds. A fight over whether federal funds could be used to pay for abortion tied up the bill and split the party, which has been a strong supporter of abortion rights but now has a significant wing opposed to abortion.

Michigan anti-abortion rights congressman Bart Stupak, who voted for the healthcare bill after getting a pledge from Obama not to use federal funds for abortion, became the number one target for abortion rights group NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Stupak has dropped out in the face of what was expected to be a bitter primary race against an opponent backed by NARAL and other abortion rights groups. This could open the district for Republicans in November as Democratic success in such rural heartland areas has been based on the party fielding candidates with conservative views on issues such as abortion.

Similar fights will be played out elsewhere.

"Pro-life Democrats generally win in the more conservative states in the Midwest, if you think of Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. A pro-choice candidate would have a more difficult time," said Cal Jillson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Other issues are causing rifts in the ranks -- among them climate change legislation, now stuck in Congress.

Former Vice President Al Gore's environmental group is trying to push aside rival left-wing groups vying to be the next issue in line for congressional attention. "Tell our Senators: We got next!" Gore's Repower America, urged on March 26.


Politicians are counting the races at risk.

Four of the 10 Senate races where Democrats may lose, including Majority Leader Harry Reid's re-election bid in Nevada, are in states that had above-average increases in turnout between 2006 and 2008, Professor Tom Schaller of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, calculated on political blog

Battles for governor that could be affected by the new 2008 voters include California, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Georgia and Illinois, he calculated, noting that new governors will oversee redrawing federal voting districts after the 2010 census.

The voters could affect the outcome of the majority of 23 highly contested House of Representatives races. Democrats' key to winning is not persuading moderates but mobilizing the newer voters, Schaller said.

(Additional reporting by Tim Gaynor, Ross Colvin and Patricia Zengerle; editing by Mary Milliken and Howard Goller) 1.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cuba in Crisis

Cuba's Catholic cardinal says country in crisis
By PAUL HAVEN (AP) – 1 day ago

HAVANA — Cuba's Roman Catholic cardinal says the country is in one of its worst crises in recent times, with its people demanding political and economic changes sooner rather than later.

Jaime Ortega, the top Catholic cleric on the island, also called on Cuba and the United States to restart a meaningful dialogue to normalize relations, in an interview that appeared Monday in the church's official monthly magazine.

Ortega said Cubans are openly talking about the deficiencies of their socialist system, what he called a Stalinist-style bureaucracy and a grinding lack of worker productivity.

"Our country finds itself in a very difficult situation," Ortega said in the interview with Palabra Nueva — New Word. "Certainly the most difficult times that we have lived in the 21st century."

He said that many differ over how to solve the nation's woes, but that all agree on one thing: "that the necessary changes are made in Cuba quickly."

"I think this feeling has become a form of national consensus, and its delay is producing impatience and unease among the people," Ortega said.

Cuba is mired in what many consider its worst economic rut since the severe shortages of the so-called "special period" in the early 1990s that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. The island is dealing with the fallout from three devastating 2008 hurricanes, a downturn in world tourism and the global liquidity crisis.

President Raul Castro and other top Cuban officials have urged people to work harder and warned that many state subsidies will have to be scaled back. Cubans make tiny salaries of about $20 a month, but in return the state provides free or near-free health care, education, housing and services.

In the interview, Ortega noted he joined other Roman Catholic clergymen in calling on the government to do whatever necessary to protect the lives of dissidents and political prisoners after a Cuban dissident died in February following a long hunger strike.

The 73-year-old clergyman called on another dissident who has refused food and water for weeks to abandon the protest.

"With respect to political prisoners, the church has historically done everything possible to have them freed, not just those that are sick, but others, too," he said.

The cardinal also criticized President Barack Obama for failing to restart a genuine dialogue with Cuba. Ortega said that the U.S. leader has fallen into the same pattern as his predecessors by demanding democratic reforms and an improvement in human rights as a prerequisite to end Washington's 48-year embargo, when those things should instead be the final goal of any talks.

"Once again, the old (American) policy prevails: to begin at the end," Ortega said. "I am convinced that the first thing should be to meet, talk and advance a dialogue. ... That is the civilized way to confront any conflict."

Cuba never outlawed religion but expelled priests and closed church schools following the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power in January 1959.

Tensions eased in the early 1990s, when the government removed references to atheism from the constitution and let believers of all faiths join the Communist Party. They warmed even more as a result of Pope John Paul II's historic visit in 1998.

Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. 1.

Kumar gets robbed!!!

Dude, Kumar got robbed while waiting for Barry to go to White Castles. The following crappy MSM story fails to tell who robbed him so it is unknown at this time about the offender. The MSM and their politically correct rhetoric, refuse to do any sort of real reporting. I wonder where Harold was at that time? Why don't they print the truth and tell everyone who did it?

Actor, White House staffer Kal Penn robbed

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Actor Kal Penn, who appeared in the TV medical drama "House" and the "Harold and Kumar" movies, and worked as a White House aide, was robbed at gunpoint in Washington DC Tuesday, his publicist said.

Penn, 32, who served as a political liaison with the Asian American community, was in the Dupont Circle area of the US capital after midnight when a gunman stole his wallet and other belongings, the Washington Post said.

His Hollywood-based publicist, Jennifer Goodwin confirmed the incident to AFP, but declined to provide further details.

Entertainment Weekly reported on April 2 that Penn planned to leave the White House and return to his acting career, with a Christmas-themed "Harold and Kumar" movie in the pipeline.

Penn was a prominent campaigner during President Barack Obama's 2008 White House bid, and was offered a job in the administration in 2009.
Have you noticed how the Libtards have been saying that anything being said about this administration is seditious? These Progressives can be such hypocrites. Listen to what they have to say about the Government at the end of this clip. They sound like they are Tea Party members.

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Barry and the Tea Party

Barry, I hope that you can keep this attitude come November 2010 and 2012.

Goofy Gloria the Closet Libtard

Gloris Estafan joins the ranks of the Libtards. If people ever wonder how Fidel took Cuba away from under the Cuban people's feet, well, this is possibly why, maybe? The younger Americans of Cuban descent are being seduced by the Democrats policy of Government entitlements the same was so many other Americans are. It is difficult to fight the temptation that the Progressives hold over your head of so many so-called 'freebies', forgetting that it has to eventually be paid by somebody. They have forgotten what those promises did to Cuba and will one day do to us.

Gloria says that she is non-partisan. She is using what is called 'DOUBLE-SPEAK', in order to sell records. Gloria get your 'Libtard On' and just come out and tell everyone what they already know and quit being a closet Democrat. If you support the Libtard agenda then continue to support her and her music.

Here is another non-partisan Gloria and Barry moment.

Here an Obama fanboy, Juan Manuel Cao defends fellow traveller Libtard Gloria.

Obama Fangirl Gloria Estefan can now officially join with Obama Fanboy Fidel Castro.

Contract with America 2010

The Contract from America
We, the undersigned, call upon those seeking to represent us in public office to sign the Contract from America and by doing so commit to support each of its agenda items, work to bring each agenda item to a vote during the first year, and pledge to advocate on behalf of individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom.

Individual Liberty
Our moral, political, and economic liberties are inherent, not granted by our government. It is essential to the practice of these liberties that we be free from restriction over our peaceful political expression and free from excessive control over our economic choices.

Limited Government
The purpose of our government is to exercise only those limited powers that have been relinquished to it by the people, chief among these being the protection of our liberties by administering justice and ensuring our safety from threats arising inside or outside our country’s sovereign borders. When our government ventures beyond these functions and attempts to increase its power over the marketplace and the economic decisions of individuals, our liberties are diminished and the probability of corruption, internal strife, economic depression, and poverty increases.

Economic Freedom
The most powerful, proven instrument of material and social progress is the free market. The market economy, driven by the accumulated expressions of individual economic choices, is the only economic system that preserves and enhances individual liberty. Any other economic system, regardless of its intended pragmatic benefits, undermines our fundamental rights as free people.

1. Protect the Constitution
Require each bill to identify the specific provision of the Constitution that gives Congress the power to do what the bill does. (82.03%)

2. Reject Cap & Trade
Stop costly new regulations that would increase unemployment, raise consumer prices, and weaken the nation’s global competitiveness with virtually no impact on global temperatures. (72.20%)

3. Demand a Balanced Budget
Begin the Constitutional amendment process to require a balanced budget with a two-thirds majority needed for any tax hike. (69.69%)

4. Enact Fundamental Tax Reform
Adopt a simple and fair single-rate tax system by scrapping the internal revenue code and replacing it with one that is no longer than 4,543 words—the length of the original Constitution. (64.90%)

5. Restore Fiscal Responsibility & Constitutionally Limited Government in Washington
Create a Blue Ribbon taskforce that engages in a complete audit of federal agencies and programs, assessing their Constitutionality, and identifying duplication, waste, ineffectiveness, and agencies and programs better left for the states or local authorities, or ripe for wholesale reform or elimination due to our efforts to restore limited government consistent with the US Constitution’s meaning. (63.37%)

6. End Runaway Government Spending
Impose a statutory cap limiting the annual growth in total federal spending to the sum of the inflation rate plus the percentage of population growth. (56.57%)

7. Defund, Repeal, & Replace Government-run Health Care
Defund, repeal and replace the recently passed government-run health care with a system that actually makes health care and insurance more affordable by enabling a competitive, open, and transparent free-market health care and health insurance system that isn’t restricted by state boundaries. (56.39%)

8. Pass an ‘All-of-the-Above” Energy Policy
Authorize the exploration of proven energy reserves to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources from unstable countries and reduce regulatory barriers to all other forms of energy creation, lowering prices and creating competition and jobs. (55.51%)

9. Stop the Pork
Place a moratorium on all earmarks until the budget is balanced, and then require a 2/3 majority to pass any earmark. (55.47%)

10. Stop the Tax Hikes
Permanently repeal all tax hikes, including those to the income, capital gains, and death taxes, currently scheduled to begin in 2011. (53.38%)

2010 Ford Mustang

Mustang's best of then and now
April 12, 2010
BY JOHN STEIN SearchChicago-Autos Editor

There is little doubt that the best time in the Chicago area for car buffs is spring. The classic and collector cars get yanked out of storage, de-winterized and detailed for the newly thawed roads and for the region’s myriad car nights.

Another benefit of the warmer temps is dropping the tops on convertibles. One of my favorites, new for 2010, is the Ford Mustang Convertible. This beautifully retooled pony car pays homage to the original ’Stang while improving some shortcomings on the previous generation launched five years ago.

That first-generation “retro” Mustang used notable styling cues from previous Mustangs and assembled them together into the 2005 version. There were plenty of identifiable pieces of ’Stangs past and maybe more retro feel than the general public wanted. It was successful in taking you back to the heyday of the pony car, but few modern impressions were added and little contemporary groundbreaking technology was notable.

This 2010 Ford Mustang has a fresher approach with much more refinement and a touch of new-age pony that bodes well given the Camaro and Challenger are out there trying to gain all the pony fans they can.

This Mustang, which features new, sporty headlamps, lower fascias and a power-dome hood, is a wonderful combo of new and old. The oft-criticized hoodmounted windshield washer nozzles are there no more – instead they’re in the cowl area. This attention to small detail is why this new Mustang is so good. That my tester was also a convertible just made the experience that much more fun.

Especially notable new styling cues include repositioning the Mustang’s antenna to the rear and a new LED taillamp design featuring three LED bulbs that fire sequentially from the inside bulb to the outside bulb. This type of modern infusion was missing in the previous model, but it’s all here for 2010.

The unique Grabber Blue paint scheme of my Premium tester attracted tons of attention.

Topless, it was a model of distinction at every stoplight I braked at. People graciously complimented the new Mustang; most loved the bright blue hue. It took me a couple days to warm up to the Grabber Blue, and truthfully I’d probably opt for a more traditional color, but there’s no denying this electric powder blue ’Stang was an attention grabber.

With the top up, the Mustang convertible is impressively quiet for a ragtop.

The new interior has a centerpiece instrument panel that is minimal in design while gently flowing into the center stack.

I’m a huge fan of the latest version of Ford SYNC. It is about as easy to sync up cell phones and iPods with verbal command as it is to operate the power seats. This is the highlight of the center stack.

Fit and finish are noticeably much better than the previous model, creating a much more likable cabin. With MyColor, Mustang buyers can create more than 125 background colors by mixing the redgreen-blue palette.

The available ambient lighting system can coordinate the gauge cluster color, front foot wells, cup holders, door map pockets and rear foot wells. Even the Mustang logo in the aluminum doorsills can be custom colorized.

The 4.0-liter V-6 in my tester was rated at a less-than-impressive 210 horsepower.

Enthusiasts will no doubt opt for the GT’s 315-horsepower 4.6-liter V-8. Although performance is light with the V-6, my tester’s engine and five-speed automatic transmission were pleasingly smooth and quiet.

The grand days of the pony cars, as well as the fun they brought to generations that grew up with them, have reemerged the last couple years to show that a fresh take on an old idea often can be executed well when you take the best of what was the car and blend it with the newest technology and style. This 2010 Mustang Convertible is a blast, though the upgrade engine option is probably going to be the way many go.


ENGINE: 210-horsepower 4.0-liter V-6

TRANSMISSION: five-speed automatic

DRIVETRAIN: rear-wheel drive

FUEL ECONOMY: 16 city/24 highway

AS TESTED: $28,995

BASE PRICE: $32,330
Ford is, dear reader, the last non-socialist American Car Company. Please support the last traditional American company until we can get rid of Socialism completely from our shores.

American Terrorist

Barack Hussein Obama's American Terrorist friend Bill Ayers is upset that he isn't allowed to speak at the University of Wyoming. He teaches at the University of Illinois-Chicago, embarrassingly my alma mater. This is ok here, in the Peoples Democratic Republic of Chicago, to have bombers teaching future Progressives. Bottom feeders always want to rise to the top to see what havoc they can stir up from time to time.

Updated April 17, 2010
Controversial Professor Bill Ayers Suing Univ. of Wyoming
Associated Press

LARAMIE, Wyo. — Bill Ayers and a University of Wyoming student are suing the school after it banned the former 1960s radical from speaking on campus.

Ayers, who is a professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago, makes college speeches and is routinely picketed, but the University of Wyoming last week banned him from using any university venue for a planned April 28 lecture.

Ayers and student Meg Lanker sued on Thursday, asking a federal judge to issue an injunction and allow the lecture. The lawsuit alleges the ban violates free speech rights and the freedom to assemble.

A university spokeswoman declined to comment on the suit.

Lanker told the Casper Star-Tribune that Ayers will speak at the Laramie Civic Center if he's not allowed on campus. 1. 2.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day 2010

Today is Tax Day, 2010. This date marks the last time that we will pay so little for taxes in perhaps our lifetime. The Obama Administration has already set in motion the events which will see taxes going higher, to levels not seen in a very long time and then beyond. Socialism is here whether we like it or not. The following article is very well written and accurate about what has occurred within the last two years.

Hating the government finally goes mainstream
By: Chris Stirewalt
Political Editor
April 15, 2010

Three years ago, the Republican establishment piled scorn on the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul.

Today, he is in a statistical tie with President Obama in 2012 polling. His son, an ophthalmologist who has never run for elective office, is well ahead of not only the GOP's handpicked candidate for Senate in Kentucky but also both Democratic contenders -- all statewide officeholders.

What happened? Did America suddenly develop an insatiable appetite for 74-year-old, cranky congressmen from Texas? Is the gold standard catching on?

Paul will not likely be the next president. And his son still faces the most arduous part of his journey as Democrats spend millions to paint him as soft on defense, lax on drug enforcement and too radical on welfare programs.

But there's no doubt that hating the government and the powerful interests that pull Washington's strings has gone from the radical precincts of the Right and Left to the mainstream.

It turns out that watching Goldman Sachs, the United Auto Workers, public employee unions and a raft of other vampires drain the treasury at America's weakest moment in a generation will make a person pretty hacked off.

After Barack Obama's election, Democrats assumed that the American people were battered, bruised and ready for a morphine drip of European-style socialism. Republicans, shocked by their stunning reversals, figured the Democrats were right and started looking for technocrats of their own.

And in a political system fueled by special-interest money, it was hard for the leaders of major parties to imagine anything other than an activist government. After all, if you pay for someone to get elected, you don't expect him to just sit there.

Just 18 months ago the leaders of both parties were quite sure that Obama would be the popular, transformative president he aspires to be. The Republicans who emerged from the wreckage of November were certain to look a lot more like Charlie Crist and Mitt Romney than Marco Rubio and Ron Paul.

But Crist's embrace of Obamanomics seems to have utterly destroyed his chances at a Senate seat that was once his for the taking. Romney, considered a near lock for the 2012 Republican nomination, has seen his candidacy badly damaged by a populist revolt against the passage of a national health care plan that looks like the one he designed for Massachusetts.

Obama, who said that passage of his health plan proved that Washington could still do big things, finds himself deeply at odds with an electorate that is not confident of government's ability to do anything at all.

His election has turned out to be not the result of a national lurch toward government intervention but his own skill at disguising his policies, the failures of the Republican Party and the bursting of the lending bubble.

A year ago, the tea parties caught most everyone by surprise.

It was a conservative flash mob and hundreds of thousands of Americans took to the streets.

Republicans scrambled to get to the head of the parade and Democrats claimed that it was all a put-up job by their enemies in the special interest wars. The press tried to treat what had been a spontaneous outburst as if it were a traditional political party and asked all the questions they teach in journalism school: Who's in charge? Who are they opposed to? Is it racist?

This year, the political parties and the press will not be caught off guard. Republican politicians will address tea party rallies, Democrats will denounce the supposed puppeteers of the movement and the press will look for hate speech.

But few will glean the real meaning of the protests or the booming support for Ron and Rand Paul.

It's not about the Pauls themselves or the guys with the "Don't tread on me" flags It's about the people at home who might not be willing to march in the park or join the next Paul money bomb, but who don't blame the folks who do.

Libertarian sentiment has finally gone mainstream.

A movement that said that people should do whatever they wanted as long as it didn't hurt anyone else couldn't compete during the culture wars that began in the 1960s.

But after two wars, a $12 trillion debt, a financial crisis and the most politically tone-deaf president in modern history, Americans may have finally given up on big government.

Chris Stirewalt is the political editor of the Washington Examiner. He can be reached at 1.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Palin Bashing

It's Tina Fey back to do her Socialist master's bidding. She continues to bash Sarah Palin, Tea Party members and other Conservatives. They fear Sarah and the shellacking that they are going to get on 2010 and 2012.

Forever the Sickest Kids

I listened to Jonathan Cook who is the lead singer of a band called 'Forever the Sickest Kids' on the Mark Levin Show on thursday April 8, 2010. He stated that he was a Conservative and this may seem a rarity with the younger generation. I wanted to support him and put his music out there in the Internet. The future doesn't look so bleak when you see young people who aren't as apathetic about our American principles as my Generation Self-Indulgent.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rep Michelle Bachmann (R) - Minnesota

This is the type of people that we need in Congress. Michelle pulls no punches and tells the CNN dweeb what this country really needs. We need to repeal the Health Care Obomination and we need to 'REALLY' start drilling for oil. 2010 and 2012.

Dim Light - Rep Maxine Waters(D)

I haven't put any new Dim Lights on for awhile. This nitwit, Maxine, goes on to say what she and her cohorts at the Democrat Party want to do with this country. God help us all.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Socialist Northern Dreams

Iceland has been tauted as a model of Socialist success for awhile here in the States. This was an example of what a Utopia should be. George Soros hasn't been busy here in the US alone. He has obviously been busy in Europe as well. Why are so many of it's citizens leaving now, in what is their largest exodus ever?

Destitute and desperate, Icelanders opt for exile
by Marc Preel Marc Preel
Wed Apr 7, 11:35 am ET

MOSFELLSBAER, Iceland (AFP) – Anna Margret Bjoernsdottir never thought she would be forced to leave her once wealthy homeland, but after 18 months of economic upheaval she has decided to join the biggest emigration wave from Iceland in more than a century.
"I just don't see any future here. There isn't going to be any future in this country for the next 20 years, everything is going backwards," lamented the 46-year-old single mother, who plans to move to Norway in June.
The former real estate agent who lost her job when Iceland's housing market disintegrated two years ago said she feared she could soon be forced out of her large house in Mosfellsbaer, some 15 kilometres (nine miles) from Reykjavik.
"I don't want to sell it," she said, vowing to "fight to keep" the comfortable wooden dwelling she, her daughter Olavia, their cat Isolde Tinna and their dog Candit the Bandit have called home since 2004.
Bjoernsdottir is not alone in planning to leave Iceland's economic mess behind and seek a new future abroad. Most people in Reykjavik have someone in their surroundings who has already packed their bags and left.
Emigration has rapidly picked up speed since the Atlantic island nation's economy crumbled in late 2008, dragged down by the collapse of its major banks. Last year it marked the largest exodus from the country since 1887.

In 2009, more than 10,600 people left the country of fewer than 320,000 inhabitants, according to official statistics, with 4,835 more people moving away than immigrating.
Foreign workers, mainly Poles, who since the beginning of the decade had been drawn to Iceland's financial miracle, were the first to leave.
But Icelanders like Bjoernsdottir have not been far behind, most heading to the country's still prosperous Nordic neighbours, especially Norway.
"I don't think I can offer a good future to my daughter Olavia" in Iceland, Bjoernsdottir said.
Like many other Icelanders who have seen their worlds collapse since the financial turmoil began, Bjoernsdottir's predicament stems from the decision, on advice from her banker, to take up a loan in foreign currency.
Repayments on her loan, in yens and Swiss francs, became insurmountable after the Icelandic krona nose-dived following the banking sector implosion.
"My loans are twice as high as they were," she said, shaking her head in disgust. "The payments keep going higher and higher, so I have to leave, I'm forced to!"
Bjoernsdottir lost her job in real estate at the end of 2008 as the crisis hammered Iceland's economy. Since then she has picked up temporary teaching work, but that position also disappeared last September.
Analysts expect Iceland's beleaguered economy to stabilise in 2010, but gross domestic product shrank 6.5 percent last year.
Other victims of Iceland's financial woes have ended up with one foot in and the other out of the country.
Svanbjoern Einarsson, a 44-year-old father of three, says he is trapped in the country due to an unsellable house that he does not want to abandon.
Instead, the engineer has chosen to work for six-week stretches in Norway's oil capital Stavanger on the western coast, with occasional one- or two-week breaks home with his family.
"It's very difficult. When I work I forget about it, but in the evening it's very tough," he said.
Long-term, however, he acknowledged his future may be in Norway, not Iceland.
Like many of their countrymen forced into exile, both Bjoernsdottir and Einarsson blame Reykjavik for their country's plight.
"I'm so angry about this government," Bjoernsdottir said.
Iceland's first ever left-wing government came to power last year after the previous right-wing administration collapsed following a wave of protests blaming it for the state of the economy.
But the current government is now under fire over a deal to pay out massive compensation to Britain and the Netherlands for costs incurred following the fall of the online bank Icesave in October 2008.
Iceland has agreed to pay out 3.9 billion euros (5.3 billion dollars) to compensate for money the two countries paid out to 340,000 of their citizens hit by the bank's collapse.
"I had great hopes when the left-wing government was elected, that they would do something against corruption and the abusive loans, but all they do is talk about Icesave," Einarsson said.
In a March 6 referendum, more than 93 percent of Icelandic voters rejected a deal to repay Britain and the Netherlands at a high interest rate. Reykjavik has since said it will try to secure a more favourable agreement.
Bjoernsdottir was among those who voted down the deal -- and says the debacle strengthened her determination to leave Iceland.
"I don't want my daughter to have to pay for this," she said. "I just have such a bad feeling about what's happening here." 1

*******UPDATE: April 18, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

41 People shot in 50 hrs

Is this in Baghdad, Iraq or Kabul, Afghanistan? No, it's in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Wait, isn't that where our President came from and where his house currently is?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Springtime in Chicago

Unusual springtime weather came to Chicago and the city erupted.

The presence of Chicago Police Officers did not stop the violence from continuing.
Twenty four people shot in twenty-four hours. Wonder what it is going to be like this summer?
Read the story===>

Streets of Chicago late night 31 Mar 2010

This is a good video on the professionalism of the Chicago Police Department. Great job guys...stay safe.

Read the story=====>

Friday, April 2, 2010

Comrade Phil Hare(Democrat - Illinois)

Comrades, gather 'round as the Party official, Comrade Phil Hare makes talk about new health care initiative to help reform the health of our workers. The comrade is a Representative of the 17th District of Proud Patriotic Democrat voters from the People's Democratic Republic of Illinois. He must definitely be a source of pride for them.

Later Comrade Phil responds meekly about what he said of his lack of caring for our Constitution or his oath to it. Who voted for this Marxist in the first place? Oh yes, the Democrats and the rest of the people who want this country to be a Socialist Workers Paradise.

The video sounds like Comrade Phil Hare saying, "mew, mew, mew". Congressman Hare, 'man up' to what you said. You obviously had your 'Socialism' on in the first video, why deny it?