Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Obama returns from Florida vacation with Reggie Love

Behind Obama's Gay Agenda

Brokeback Presidency?

Momma Dearest?

This is an old story but in light of so many unusual things occurring at Olympus.  I'm bringing back so that my circle can see it.  MSM is such a joke.  They're bottom feeders that are now just a propaganda wing for the Democrat party.

More comparison pictures

And now the pictures that have been ignored by the MSM. You decide.

Momma jumping on chair. Fun!

Momma checking under the chair for coins.

Momma looking for coins in the chair.

More for your consideration.

Imagine if these were a Conservative candidate's alleged momma's pictures.  The MSM would be running these non-stop ad naseum.   I can't say who these picture are of, so it's up to you to decide. Is it her?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Yoani Sanchez Free

I wish Yoani Sanchez  a wonderful and safe journey as she continues her peaceful struggle against a repressive Communist regime.  The Cuban people one day will know freedom as the slime that brought the infestation of communism to the island die off.  She is an inspiration of what a people who have no freedom are try to gain.  I feel terrible that she will come to this country and see that it's people have been seduced by the lies of the Left and are going to impoverish this great nation, but that is the way of things.  Spoiled children never realize the corruption until it's too late.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Dr. Benjamin Carson's Speech

Senator Rand Paul's Tea Party Response

The Water Boarding of Marco Rubio

Progressive fear has the MSM cfocusing on Senator Marco Rubio (R) getting a drink of water during a speech instead of a great message.  Expect to see a skit by the idiots at SNL this weekend.

Tragic story for Vet in Chicagostan

This Veteran survived Afghanistan but died a hero protecting his two year old son in Chicagostan.

RIP Sgt Willie Cook NG.

Thank you for my freedom.

Private Drone

Great Shot

American Knights Of The Sky

Sunday, February 3, 2013



T11 Parachute

Leonardo Da Vinci's Parachute Design

RIP Chris Kyle

The National Police

Godfather, who is a puppet of Obama, let's Chicagostan turn into the bloodiest city in 'Mericuh.  He let's the city's police department deteriorate by not hiring even enough to match the number of the officers that are retiring. He offers incentives for officers to retire faster then they normally would and they do.

Chicagostan has the toughest gun laws in the nation and has been forced by the Supreme Court that it has to conform with the Constitution and obey the Second Amendment. Progressives are very displeased by this decision.

Homicide rate goes through the roof in Chicagostan.

Reverends continue their witless marches and demand from Obama to help in the classic FAIL that the Progressives have created in Chicagostan and other cities.

Will Obama send a National Police of 'Mericuh to take control of the streets of Chicagostan?  Stay tuned.

Secret Wars

The Left is afraid of the Left.

The Setting of the Marxist Princess Soledad


Who is buying extreme amounts of ammunition?

Is it some gun toting whack job?  Is it one of those NRA gun lovers?  Is it a Rightwing Militia group?

No, it's our Federal Government and their 'brownshirts' at the Department of Homeland Security.

Remember when they sent back Elian Gonzalez to the Communist Paradise of Cuba.

Creepy and not very American.