Monday, October 21, 2013

Freemason Rant on House Floor

If you write 'Freemason rant on House floor' in your search engine, you will get a series of articles about an event that was reported quickly and then ignored by the Mainstream Media(MSM). A stenographer, Diane Reidy, who has worked for the Government for over 20 years goes on a tirade about Freemasons during the vote count at the House of Representatives.  This story and video are put out there in the MSM and including Fox News. Even our favorite conspiracy nut, Alex Jones, has this story.(You can link to it on the title bar to this post.)

But sadly, this is a propaganda piece that has been doctored, but by who?  There is more to this story then is being published by the MSM.  Kudos to Truth Stream Media for this video.  Please watch:

They clearly want us to hear what she said at the elevator. Why has this video been doctored?  What did she really say on the House Floor?

I looked at the mysterious white haired man who is clearly speaking with Diane Reidy before she quickly gets up and starts her tirade.  He looks alot like Rep. James Patrick "Jim" Moran, Jr. (D).

Keep digging people, we are being lied to and manipulated.

Dick Cheney defends the Tea Party

The Revolution within the Republican Party continues and sides are being drawn.  There are too many Progressives that have entered the Republican Party and are attempting to undermine it's Conservative principles.  This is not a new event as history shows all their attempts to quash rising Conservatives within the Republican Party, including Ronald Reagan.  The last two Presidential election failures were caused by the RINOs exclusion of Conservatives in the Republican Party and the two victories of the candidate that all of the Progressives really wanted, Barack Hussein Obama.