Sunday, February 27, 2011


President Obama asked for civility when arguing politics. But was it only for the Republicans?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Get Ready

If you thought that the last couple of years were a roller coaster ride then get ready for what is coming this year. Things are so bad that now the public sector people are beginning to scream. Imagine that after millions of private sector jobs have been lost that the Federal Government grew by 200,000 public sector jobs. Obama's mission to make the country a socialist state is now starting to cause some noticeable pain amongst his staunchest supporters. So put your ducks in order now and son't be surprise when the sh*t hits the fan.

Santelli compares budget crisis to Sept. 11

CNBC's Rick Santelli on Sunday compared the budget crises affecting state and federal balance sheets to a Sept. 11-type attack on the nation.

"If the country is ever attacked as it was on 9/11, we all respond with a sense of urgency," Santelli said in a roundtable discussion on NBC's "Meet the Press" about the Wisconsin labor protests. "What’s going on on balance sheets throughout the country is the same type of attack.”

There have been questions about the appropriateness of collective-bargaining agreements for public employees since the days of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Santelli added, and states are realizing that pension and benefit costs need to be controlled.

"This is an issue that needs to be put out into the air," Santelli said. "Many other states ultimately — they might not have the same balance sheet as Wisconsin — but collective bargaining from the federal level ... these are big issues, and these costs need to be put under control."

Friday, February 4, 2011

We are Americans

Enjoy this Superbowl weekend America. This is an old video but one that always comes to mind every Super Bowl. We are once again closer to the 'Founding Fathers' then we have been in awhile. We are Americans. God Bless.

Progressive Lies

*Lying and speaking is something that Progressives do without missing a beat. The following article illustrates how the MSM, the propaganda tool of the Progressives, feels threatened as it continues to loosen it's grip on the American populace. How can an article that is pure garbage be printed about how Republicans and Conservatives manipulating and controlling the MSM? That on itself is laughable and continued proof of the misdirection tactics that the Left enjoys to employ.

The Progressives feel threatened because Fox Cable News, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and a few other Conservative Talk Radio host, along with a handful of newspapers and magazines are out pacing sales compared to the rest of the Main Stream Media that they control. That has to be the boldest lie written yet. Joseph Goebbels the propaganda minister of Germany's National Socialist Party once said, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it".

The Progressives not only have the rest of the media; CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS almost all other printed propaganda magazines and fish wraps, but they also have us paying for it with our taxes for NPR!

NYDaily News
Republicans wrote the political dictionary: It's proof Democrats don't control the media

Joshua Greenman

Friday, February 4th 2011, 4:00 AM

t's hard to know where to begin in dismantling the Republican canard that Democrats control the media. Fox News is the most popular 24-hour news network by a whoosh and a cachung. Rush Limbaugh is the most powerful radio host, and lots of little Limbaughs line up behind him. Sarah Palin is the biggest media-political crossover star. And in an increasingly fragmented Internet, the Drudge Report continues to drives more political traffic than any other website. In italics and bold, to boot.

I don't begrudge conservatives this success. It speaks to message discipline and to feeding tasty food to a hungry audience. An audience that is right of center, which left-wingers far too often fail to acknowledge.

But on top of all this real-world evidence of right-wing media primacy is even more compelling evidence that there's no such thing as a Dominant Liberal Media Elite: You can't control the conversation if you don't control the language.

The New York Times doesn't decide what words we use, nor does CNN or NPR. Our political vocabulary comes from the mouths of crafty conservatives, and that's the ultimate proof that they steer the conversation.

Obamacare. Pity the poor congressional and White House staffers who spent hours coming up with the bromidic name "Affordable Care Act" only to see the 2,300 page bill (which Republicans complained Obama played far too passive a role in shaping) get labeled, for all eternity, "Obamacare." This of course, is an update of the equally elegant Hillarycare. It's interesting to note that both were used, from the get go, as slurs, unlike, say, "Reaganomics." (Compare this to, say, "No Child Left Behind," which has never for a second been called Bushducation - though that would have been pretty catchy.)

Using the supposedly massive megaphone of the Liberal Media, Democrats, who were sensitive - hypersensitive, in my mind - to the Obamacare implication, tried to replace it with a blander formulation emphasizing insurance regulation.

Resistance was futile; Obamacare is punchy. It's descriptive. It works.

Pro-life. The history here is too complex to recount, but suffice to say that in a debate pitting the rights of women to have abortion, on the one hand, against the rights of unborn children to be carried to term, on the other, two madeup terms have defined the opposing sides: pro-choice and pro-life. The one the Republicans coined, and which now stands on terminologically equal footing with the Democrats' chosen term, is far superior; as sure as rock beats scissors, life beats choice.

Democrat Party. Liberals may moan and complain and repeatedly correct those who drop the "ic," but that makes them sound petty. Nobody understands why "Democrat Party" is a slur, but everyone knows that it is. That's the beauty of the Republicans continuing to use their devious little dig.

Apology tour. In 2009, President Obama visited lots of countries. On this trip, he said lots of things, the vast majority of which were explicitly intended to robustly advance American interests. P.S.: He also admitted that the United States has made some mistakes throughout its history, most recently during the two terms of George W. Bush's presidency. What was it? It was an apology tour.

Mainstream media. Try to follow the logic here: It's a bad thing to be considered outside of the political mainstream. There's certainly nothing wrong with mainstream religion, mainstream values or mainstream business. But somehow, the "mainstream media" is a slur, said with a sneer, because it's perceived to be controlled by the left. Oh, and it's not just "mainstream," which suggests playing to the broad swath of the American public; it's simultaneously "elite."

And to heap irony on top of illogic, right-wing voices malign the mainstream media from their powerful perches in the mainstream media.

Once the negative connotation stuck, it then became the "MSM" - which sounds more like an STD or an enemy Borg. To Limbaugh, it became the "drive-by media" - which is reckless and, I guess, shoots to kill. To Palin, it became "lamestream."

How'd they do it? It's brazen and amazing. Call it brazamazing, though I doubt that will stick.

Democrats have had their share of diction victories; "trickle-down economics" became part of the lexicon. So did "birthers." So did "teabaggers," a totally unfair distortion of a movement that deserves at least a modicum of respect.

But these are minor and mostly meaningless. It's a Republican language. The rest of us, we're just speaking it.

*Oh and by the way. I'm continuing to enjoy how the Liberals are using every opportunity to attack the Conservative Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. I haven't seen this type of fear for a Conservative politician since President Ronald R. Reagan.

Progressive Hate

Imagine if these Progressives were Tea Party Patriots. The MSM would have a field day. These vile people like to use the term 'Hope and Change' but for them it's really ,'Hate and Envy'. The MSM keeps this quiet, why?

UFO over Jerusalem

'UFO' Hovers Over Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock Shrine

Published February 03, 2011 The Sun

A glowing orb filmed hovering over the skyline of Jerusalem has left UFO experts dumbfounded.

The circular object was seen descending slowly over the holy city's iconic Dome of the Rock before flickering and shooting skyward like a rocket. Similar clips have been seen before and debunked as hoaxes. But this latest sighting has proved more difficult to dismiss -- as it was recorded from four different perspectives.

Some UFO enthusiasts believe the videos -- which have taken the Internet by storm -- are final proof that aliens exist, while others say the unidentified object was the Hebrew god Elohim.

Adding to the mystery is the fact that flying over the Dome of the Rock landmark -- an ancient Islamic shrine -- is forbidden.

Two witnesses at the Armon Hanatziv panoramic lookout near Mount Zion filmed the object at 1am on Saturday. A little after one minute into the clip, the object descends slowly, almost to ground level.

The craft hovers there for a short while and then flickers before shooting upwards at an incredible speed.

Former Ministry of Defense UFO investigator Nick Pope said: "If these are real, they are some of the most incredible videos ever shot.

"If they are not, then this is a very well-planned and coordinated hoax designed to eliminate elements of doubt.

"The way it shoots up into the sky suggests it is unmanned, because no living thing could survive those kinds of G-forces.

"We know the Israeli army has some very high-tech drones at its disposal. If this is one, it is one of the most advanced pieces of technology created by man."

Another set of observers also uploaded their mobile phone footage to YouTube on Saturday.

They wrote: "Have fun debunking this one." In their video, the American tourists can be heard saying: "We've seen them in Mississippi like this."

Two other clips filmed from different viewpoints were posted online. Skeptics have noted the views come from perspectives that could make nearby objects seem farther away and faster-moving. Others say the whole thing was faked and have prepared several alternative versions of the videos which they say prove they are not real.

These include stabilized versions in which the brightness and contrast have been increased, which they claim highlights a major flaw of perspective.

Another is motion-tracked, and apparently shows the UFO "bouncing around like crazy" -- which, say the sceptics, shows the makers had trouble inserting it into the scene.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

$300 Million Waste

This is what $300 million of your tax dollars are being spent on. If you pay taxes, this is the garbage that the Progressives have you paying for. The murder of countless future citizens. God forgive our nation.

Update Feb 4, 2011: The troll in the above video has been fired by Planned Parenthood. Why, because of what she did or because she got caught?
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