Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Check and Mate: America is Socialist

The Divided States of America  
    November 6, 2012 to....

You have to hand it to the Progressives for a well played game.  We had an opportunity to take the country back to the Constitution but it appears that more Americans want Socialism like what is destroying Europe.  Obama has been able to 'Change' many things that made America Exceptional and has four more years to continue to do more.  We might not recognize it.

There were three voices represented tonite, Conservatives, Progressives and Apathetics.  The Progressives won and now it will be full steam ahead.  We could have given control of our economy to Romney, who would have been a better choice at fixing it.  We gave it to a 'community agitator' who has no idea how a free market economy works but is hell-bent at it's destruction.

We also have doomed future generations in many ways.  Entitlements will not only cost us more, but future generations will bear an unfair burden.  The face of the Supreme Court will also change significantly as more Progressives are appointed.  You can be certain that not one of them will be a 'Conservative in Progressives' clothing like Judge Roberts, they will all be card carrying Leftists. Our long established values will no longer be important as new ones are being shoved down our throats.  To the victors go the spoils.

The mainstream media was very successful in it destruction of our great nation.  They don't understand that like any bacteria or virus, they will also perish once the host is dead.  Their propaganda was very successful in convincing many Americans to believe in the Progressive agenda.  They either painted Republicans or Conservatives in a bad light or they omitted facts, Benghazi-Gate, Fast and furious, Solyndra, etc.  Propaganda is very influential in manipulating the masses.

America has voted that it is not ready for Conservatism and the Constitution again.  They want to move 'Forward'. They will have to dust off the old copies of the Communist Manifesto and the religion of Social Justice.  Americans will have to start preparing for an increased rate of taxation as ObamaCare takes full control.  The EPA will destroy what is left of what our energy has been.  Obama's passion of taking from the rich will only result in everyone sharing in shared misery.  We have only to see what is happening in Europe to see what will happen to this country. Collapse is our fate.

It is obvious that this nation is deeply divided and the lies of the Left have prevailed.  I don't think I will continue to spend more time trying to convince people of American Conservatism.  I feel like I have spent my entire defending a selfish people. I'm going to try to grow my small business through what has become a much harsher economical environment. I might post in the future when the dust settles.

"In a Democracy, the people get the Government they deserve." Alexis de Toqueville

God Bless and Live Free.

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