Saturday, November 10, 2012

Who are these Progressives and where the Hell did they come from?

George Santayana once said, "those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it".

Conservatives are people who believe in the fundamentals of the Constitution, as written and intended by it's authors.  We are originalist and seek the tenents which provide Freedoms that originate from God.  It is our beliefs in these principles that have lead to 236 years of never before seen prosperity and advancement for humanity never achieved in the history of man.  We view Progressivism as a failing political theory which promises equality of results for everyone but lowers standards.  It doesn't encourage singular success but shared success thus dragging down those which were destined to go further.

We are now facing the end work of over a century's worth of Progressive manipulation of our society towards their goal, shared misery.  They have been able to slowly compensate all these years by using the system which they viewed as flawed, the Constitution. The Progressives have gone into every fiber of our society slowly.  We are now witnessing the final result of this ideological virus.  It has come to many of as a slap in the face but it was always there.  President Barack Hussein Obama is the current face of this ideology and he himself has said that he intends to fundamentally change this country.  But into what?

These last four years, many things have changed in our country but it did not just happen.  It has been planned and the transformation of our society from the last bastion of individual freedom is now occurring.  Future generation will only know what our freedoms were like from what we tell them but they will never know it for themselves. These things that we tell them will conflict to what is taught to them by those who represent the benevolent Government.  We had an opportunity to stop this radical change but we failed November 6, 2012.  This day will come to be known as the birth of the American Nanny-State.  We did not see how far the cancer of Progressivism had spread in the body of the United States and are on the same road that similar versions of this Leftist political theory has taken all the other nations of the Earth.

We have seen similar systems such as Communism, National Socialism and Socialism, cause ruination to all other countries on earth.  All of these political and economical systems have ended badly in one form or another everywhere that it has been practiced.  The complexity of these failures are too numerous to name but the underlying factor is that older established society have been changed, but not to something better then was promised, but into societies that have always made matters worse.  There has never been or will ever be any nation on Earth that can even equal all that has been accomplished by the Freedoms of free-market capitalism which was guaranteed by our Constitution.  This is America.

The Constitution does not give us equality to succeed.  It provides the template which gives us all an equal start by providing for us freedoms that are given to all of us from God.  We are then given the opportunity to try to succeed depending on our abilities and drive that the Lord has given to each of us.  The chances at success are numerous but that chance exist, but so are the chances of failure.  The difference is that you can learn from yours or others mistake and attempt a successful venture.  This has never been afforded to humanity before or after.  We are each motivated to act on our individual needs and wants.  We all have our own goals.  We have been able to take humanity from a slowly developmental sequence to what we have become in a couple of centuries.  The only limits that we had were our imaginations.  It hasn't been perfect but without that chance we would not be where we are today. Take away that chance and we will collapse.

In order to understand what has happened to us we must understand what it is that we face and where it came from.  I linked to a great summary of what and who the Progressives are. It is written by them and what they believe.  We need to know where they came from and what they want to do.  They believe that everything that they do is based on good intentions but they don't really seem to think what the result will be.  Conservatives have to understand the dangers that they present and we are starting at a great disadvantage because they have had a long time to prepare for this moment.  They have their believers, drones and useful idiots but they lack the one thing that we have, the Freedoms that have been given to us by God.  We can get our country back but it will take a long time now.  They were able to do it but their work is not complete.  If it were, this blog would not exist now.  We need to educate ourselves about what this system is and what they want to do.  We can then set on a course to reestablish or Freedom.

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