Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MSM Upset

The MSM is becoming upset because so many people are no longer listening to their Progressive Propaganda.  The writer of this article believes that this will cause fragmentation within our nation.  Newsflash genius, it already has.  We now have many choices and no longer have to go to the Progressive Propaganda trough any longer.

Why should I have to go to any MSM trough and hear that it's ok for gays to marry and abortion be provided as if it were a normal thing. I never believed in that.  I believe that being gay is a sexual perversion and that abortion is the killing of unborn children.  I write about it on this blog.  I'm also old enough to recall when there was a time when this was considered normal thinking.  

Progressives have tried to slowly change the view of this nation over the last one hundred years.  They now have everyone believing that the view from the Left is considered moderate or center-left.  That then makes somebody who used to really be in the center seem like they are a 'Right-winger'.  The Progressives then like to put everyone who doesn't believe in their Leftist dribbles in the 'Right-wing' column and lump them all together.  Conservatives, Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, are now the same to Progressives. It's not.

Conservatives are people who believe in the Constitution.  We believe that it is a guide or road map that provides a template for a free market capitalist society.  We believe in the freedoms that it outlines and most of us believe that these are given to us from God. This system has worked amazingly for the last 236 years and if not tampered with, it will work for the foreseeable future.

Nazis are a form of socialism, hence the name comes from 'national socialism' which was developed in Europe.  It failed there, as all other forms of socialism have and are failing.  Progressives in this country try to pin that abomination on us, when it's all theirs.

The same goes for the Ku Klux Klan which is really a Democrat terrorist group.  Senator Robert Byrd (D) was an 'exalted cyclops' in the KKK.  He, like many in the Democrat Party, were opposed to segregation and other cultural changes.  Unlike the myth that the Progressives like to state, these Democrats stayed in the 'all inclusive party' that they state they are.

So to Jeffrey Brown of PBS, no thanks.  I don't want to be a sheeple  or zombie being fed from the Progressive Propaganda trough.  I'll take my news ala-carte and make my own decisions.  If you don't agree with what I write then simply don't come on this site because I will always write what I believe and will not be a prisoner to political correctness.

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